Aomine's hand inched its way up Kagami's shirt, his lips pressed against the back of the red-head's neck. Aomine's hand stroked a chiseled, muscular chest and Kagami groaned.

"You aren't tired?" he mumbled against his pillow.

"No way, not when I'm like this," Aomine said in a low voice against Kagami's ear.

Kagami soon felt something hard up against his back, Aomine felt him twitch slightly.

"Aren't you always like that?" Kagami commented, but made no attempts at avoiding Aomine's hands caressing up and down his body.

"Very funny," one of Aomine's hands traveled down to the hem of Kagami's pants. "Come on, we haven't done it in a while."

"Of course you consider only few days 'a while'," Kagami hmphed but turned around onto his side. "You're gonna have to get me in the mood first," a mischievous smile spread across his face.

Aomine gave a light chuckle, "That'll be no problem."

Kagami reached out and put his hand around Aomine's waist and pushed himself closer so that their bodies were against each other.

"Daiki…" he said in a much different tone, an almost seductive whisper.

Aomine felt himself get even more excited, he went in to crash their lips together in a passionate kiss.


"Ow… shit…"

Aomine felt a pain in his side and noticed he was apparently on the floor. He reached over to the side and felt the edge of the couch.

"Dammit, I actually fell off…" he grabbed the seat of the couch and situated himself back on it.

Sitting back down, he noticed a little predicament going on with his lower half.

"What the…" It took him a second until the memories of the dream came rushing back to him. He cupped a hand to his mouth as he made the realization. "Why the fuck would I dream about that?"

Aomine felt his face burn as he remembered his dream vividly. "Was that… a memory?" He whispered to himself. That wasn't particularly his preferred thing to have come back to him in his dreams.

"Shit, I actually got hard too. That's so messed up…" he rubbed his face with his hands and slowly stood up. "I'll go take a shower… a cold one."

"Dai-chan, what were you up so early taking a shower for?" Momoi asked as she set down a small plate of food in front of him for breakfast.

"Just felt like it…" he mumbled and immediately started shoveling food into his mouth. "Damn, your cooking still sucks," he made a face as he forced some over-done eggs down his throat.

"I doubt you could do much better!" Momoi scolded and walked over to the front door and grabbed her purse hanging from a hook next to it. "If you would just go back with Kagamin, like you should, I'm sure you'd like the cooking much better," she said, slipping on her shoes.

"Jeeze, if you wanted me out of the house that badly you should've just said so," Aomine grumbled and took a bite of half-burnt toast.

"Dai-chan, I'm pretty sure you're the one that doesn't want to be here any longer," she straightened herself up and patted her hair in place. "Anyway, I have to get to work or else I'll be late. I'll have a talk with coach so I can come home early."

"I can't believe you're actually the assistant coach at Touou," Aomine looked over at Momoi as she stood by the door.

"What can I say? The place felt like home," she gave a meek smile, "And I'll probably be replacing Coach Harasawa when he retires; although I think he'll coach until he's on his deathbed." Momoi looked down at her phone, "Ah, I really have to go. Don't make any trouble! Bye!" She gave a quick wave and was out the door.

Aomine gave a half-wave and waited until she was out the door before standing up with his plate of food and shoveling it into the garbage.

"I need some real food…" he mumbled to himself, knowing that he was definitely missing Kagami's cooking but didn't want to admit it to himself.

He settled on getting dressed and heading down to the convenience store as Momoi had left him some spending money for the day. He didn't really know what else to do besides that and headed over to the court to shoot some hoops. He hoped he wouldn't run into Kagami there but remembered that he was probably at work so of course that wouldn't be an issue. He had to get Kagami off of his mind, but after that dream last night that was a difficult task. Why would he dream about something like that, even if it was something that his present self had actually done? It didn't really settle with him well that he really had to fight the urge to take care of his little problem too. If he was going to regain his memories via a series of wet dreams he'd prefer to have amnesia forever.

Playing basketball let off a little steam but still didn't quell the uneasiness in Aomine's gut. Not only that, but he was tired as the rest of his sleep last night was mostly restless. He took the rest of the day to get a nap in and luckily had no dreams, at least one he would remember.

"So, have you made a decision as to when you're going back to Kagamin's place?" Momoi asked from the other side of the couch as the two ate some microwave dinners (thank goodness).

"You really want me out of here, don't you?" Aomine growled and shoveled food into his mouth.

"That's not it and you know it," Momoi narrowed her eyes in Aomine's direction, "I know you miss being there and that's honestly what's best for you. You two made up, right? And trust me, Kagamin isn't like you – he won't jump you in your sleep or anything."

"Are you implying that I'd jump someone in their sleep?" Aomine shot a glare at Momoi.

"That's exactly what I'm implying," she hmphed and Aomine clicked his tongue and muttered something under his breath.

Momoi let out a short sigh and set her food down on the coffee table. "Honestly, Dai-chan, I don't mind you staying as long as you'd like. In fact, I really like that you're here," Momoi gave a faint yet warm smile.

"That's a lie," Aomine retorted.

Momoi shook her head, "No, it's true. Why wouldn't I enjoy having my best friend over?"

Aomine stopped eating his food and turned his head to face Momoi. She still had a kind smile on her face, she looked like such an adult and he still wasn't quite used to it.

"Dai-chan, no matter what you'll always be my best friend. When you started getting along with Kagamin I have to admit; I got a bit jealous," she looked down at her hands fidgeting in her lap. "But once I saw you laughing and smiling and having fun with basketball again I was so happy – and when I realized it was all because of Kagamin I was so thankful to him for that. When you came to me and told me that you were together with Kagamin I'd never seen you happier." Momoi's eyes watered a bit as her smile remained on her face.

Aomine's face dropped and he could feel a pang in his chest.

"I know it's strange to you now and I know you don't remember, but Kagamin is what makes you happy. Don't you feel like something is missing?"

Aomine looked down in thought; Momoi was right even if he didn't want to admit it. It really did feel like there was a big chunk missing that wasn't necessarily his memory. Being away from Kagami honestly sucked.

"I…" Aomine's voice croaked and he clenched his fist, "I still don't know how I feel, but…" he paused, "I know I should probably go back to his house… I mean our house… if I ever want my memories to return."

Momoi let out a relieved chuckle and wiped at her eyes.

"H-Hey, Satsuki, don't cry… You know I hate to see you cry…" Aomine was always weak to her tears, especially when it was his fault. And he knew he had his fair share of doing that in high school despite how uncaring he came off as at the time.

"I'm not crying, idiot," she reached out her hand to grasp his, "I'm just happy. You can take your time going back but I'm just glad you've made your decision. Honestly, I hope your memories come back soon, but it's been really nostalgic talking to the sixteen-year old Dai-chan these last few days."

Aomine gave a half smile, "You haven't changed a bit though. Except now you look old."

Momoi smacked him on his shoulder, "Don't get cocky or I might change my mind about letting you stay." Aomine laughed and she stood up to throw their trash away.

"Hey, Satsuki?" Aomine called back behind him.

"What is it?"

"I'll go back tomorrow. No use putting it off."

Momoi smiled once again, "Alright."

Kagami was once again nervous about Aomine coming back home. Momoi had called him up the previous night to let him know that Aomine decided to come back to their house the next day. Kagami was relieved and glad but also felt like he had to start whatever progress they had with their relationship all over again. He occupied himself with cooking dinner; other than basketball that was the only thing that could calm his nerves, and he was hoping to get Aomine back into his good graces with food.

A knock on the door gave him a surprise but he quickly gathered himself mentally and walked over to the front entrance. He took a deep breath before opening the door.

"Hello, Kagamin! Delivery!" Momoi was standing at the doorway, a cheery smile on her face and an aloof Aomine in tow.

"Yo…" Aomine avoided eye contact and scratched the back of his neck.

"Hey," Kagami tried not to sound nervous as he greeted Aomine who let himself in.

"Smells good…" he commented. The instant the smell of Kagami's food hit his nose he realized how much he missed it and the smell was unusually comforting.

"Oh, yeah, I'm almost done making dinner. You want to join us, Momoi? I made plenty," Kagami felt a little pressure lift off of his shoulders when his plan with the food seemed to be working.

"Ah, I wish but I can't. Practice starts soon and I was just dropping off Dai-chan before I headed over there," Momoi glanced at the phone in her hand.

"Well at least take some with you? You could share it with the coach or something," before Momoi had anything to say back Kagami was off to the kitchen to grab Momoi some food.

"He's kind of a softy despite how menacing he can look," Momoi giggled a bit.

"He might as well be someone's housewife," Aomine got done kicking off his shoes.

"I think he already is," Momoi commented. Aomine just grunted in response.

"Alright, here you go. Make sure it doesn't spill," Kagami ran back to the entrance and handed a bag of food to Momoi.

"Jeeze, Kagamin you didn't have to give me so much. But thank you anyway."

"It's the least I could do for you helping us with our… situation," Kagami set his hands on his hips and glanced towards Aomine.

"It was actually nice having Dai-chan over, believe it or not," Momoi teased. "Anyway I have to get going. Bye you two!"

And with a wave and the closing of a door Aomine and Kagami were alone together again. Before the silence got too awkward Aomine made his way and shuffled towards the kitchen.

"I'm starving, Satsuki's cooking still sucks. I dunno how she can eat her own food."

Kagami held back a laugh; so far things seemed to be going alright. "Well I made plenty of food so help yourself."

Aomine walked over to a pot and lifted the lid, "You made a stew," he nearly drooled at the smell that came wafting up from the pot.

"Yeah, I was thinking about making curry but you had that last week," Kagami came up next to him and handed him a bowl.

"Curry would've been fine… but this looks good," Aomine took the bowl and ladled a generous amount into it.

The two sat down to eat in relative silence. It might've been more awkward but Aomine seemed to be scarfing down several helpings as if he didn't get anything to eat while staying at Momoi's house. Of course Kagami did the same but that's just because… he's Kagami.

"I'm glad you decided to come back, I'm still really sorry about everything," Kagami brought up the topic although it still might be somewhat sensitive. But he really wanted to assure Aomine that he had only the best intentions.

"I'm not mad about it anymore," Aomine mumbled, but there was clearly still something wrong.

"It was stupid of me to make up stories but I thought you'd get angry or upset if I told you our real relationship off the bat," Kagami pushed the stew around in his bowl.

"You're probably right. I might've punched you or something," Aomine said bluntly. "But after seeing those pictures there's really no denying it."

Kagami grumbled in frustration, "I should've told you before you found those pictures though. That was stupid of me. I'm sorry you had to find out that way…"

Aomine didn't respond right away and remained silent for a moment. "I guess I'm kind of sorry too. I mean, I think I had the right to be angry but I didn't mean some of the things I said. I don't really think you're disgusting…" Aomine had been avoiding making eye contact with Kagami the whole time but glanced up for a moment.

Kagami smiled slightly, "I knew you didn't really mean that…"

"Besides, if you're disgusting that would mean I'm disgusting too…" Aomine rested his head on his hand and paused a bit. "Um…"

"What is it?" Aomine seemed to be fidgeting a bit in his seat.

"We don't… you know… have to kiss and stuff right now… right?" He gave a nervous look towards Kagami who burst out laughing. "H-Hey, what's so funny!"

Kagami tried to stifle has laughter a bit to get out a response, "No! What makes you think that?"

"I don't know! We're a couple, right? Couples do those sorts of things, don't they?" Aomine's ears turned a bit red and Kagami couldn't help but think that his flustered face was kind of cute.

After settling down a bit and Aomine getting more flustered, Kagami had better control of his voice, "We are a couple but it's not like I'm going to jump you right off the bat with you having amnesia and everything, even if you know about our relationship now.

Aomine grumbled to himself when he remembered what Momoi said was right. "Well, good cuz I don't think I'd be ready to do that kind of stuff yet."

Kagami took a little bit of solace with the word 'yet'. He got up to take their bowls to the sink, "Right now I'm fine with us just being friends. Until your memory comes back I won't do anything to you."

Hearing that, Aomine should've felt immense relief. That was the entire reason he was so nervous about going back – having the knowledge that they were actually a couple and what that had in store for him. But for some reason, deep down, there was a burning sense of disappointment that Aomine couldn't understand why he was feeling. It was annoying.

"Good," Aomine responded, not sure what else to say.

That night when Aomine lay down to go to sleep in his room, he couldn't help but feel that the room felt lonely and unfamiliar and the bed felt empty.

End of Chapter.

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