AN: Haha... It's been a while... Here you go

Silence, all apart from the little voices that trickled and echoed within the empty halls. A chatter of some sort? Or perhaps a light conversation?

Either way, a mature feminine voice tore the through the hallways.

"Allen! It's almost time, Mrs Kanda's son will be here any minute now! Please come down to meet him!"

My name is Allen Walker, I am 16 years old. Recently there have been a few cases of harassment in our new neighbourhood; because of this my Aunt (whom I have lived with for a good eleven years now) has taken it upon herself to hire what you would like to call a 'babysitter'. Now, I know what you're thinking. Why does a 16 year old boy have to have a babysitter? Well it's a long story; let's just say I've had a 'weak body', so to call it. However, it is not the constitution of my body that is weak. When I was 5 years old I was involved in an accident. That same accident killed my mother, and my father was deemed missing since his body could not be found. No one knew the cause of the fire, but there was one thing I knew for sure. The accident had left me with 3rd degree burns all up my left arm and stopped just above my shoulder. Now and again I feel that pain of my arm being burned, and then I blackout. That is the sole reason why Aunt Anita has taken it upon herself to hire a 'babysitter' to watch over me while her and Cross are away on a business trip. Well... Maybe that and... There was that one time where Tykki and the twins came over and tried to make muffins in our kitchen which, let me tell you, ended up with the fire brigade turning up at the house and the entire neighbourhood out watching in awe. But aaaaaaanyway, today was the day where I would be tortured by my babysitter. I've seen those films you know. I've taken a few notes from Home Alone just for reference. Ahh, other than that, let's get back to the present.

"Coming Aunt Anita!" I yelled prying myself away from my life source, the internet. All I'd done all day was watch funny cat videos and maybe the odd music video. With the click of a mouse and a slam of my laptop I sat up and made my way through my maze of a house. In truth, I wouldn't really call it a house... A manor maybe? No. Too posh. Let's just call it an abnormally large house with 6 bedroom, 4 bathrooms, a games room and kitchen. That's more like it. Ridiculous, I know.

As my feet reached the top of the staircase my aunt called out to me.

"It took you a while didn't it? I bet you've spent all your time on your laptop on that U2 thing." I shook my head at my aunt and chuckled slightly.

"Yes, I have. Also, it's called You Tube, Aunt. Not U2, that's the band who forced their album onto every IPhone." Even though my aunt has not even reached her 40s yet she still can't get a grip on today's technology, I've tried to teach her many times and tried to correct her (104 corretions and counting) but she still can't grasp it.

"Oi idiot, don't talk shit about U2, they are THE shit; take it from a man who knows his shit. That shit being U2." Ahhh, Cross. I'm pretty sure I've already mentioned him before but just in case you missed, I shall explain. Cross is Anita's husband of 7 years and my blood related uncle. Shocking, I know. I don't know how she can put up with him and his weird obsession over U2. I mean, if you're a fan then I'm all for you but U2 is just definitely not for me. You get me. Anyway.

"Oh Cross, you aren't half spouting a load of shit yourself. I'm pretty sure you've just broken the Guinnes world record of how many times you can say the same word in one sentence, but you know. I'm sure you wouldn't care an-'' I was cut short by a whack to the back of my head from Anita.

"Both of you, enough with the shit. And you, Allen, with the swearing. I though I told you. Enough is enough." Sheesh, Cross started it first.

"Ah, yes Aunt Anita. I apologise." I mutter as I rub the back of my head.

"Also, drop the Aunt. You make me feel old Allen. I'm not even 40 yet, please, just call me Anita." With a nod I look up towards Cross.

"So when will you two be back?" I ask.

"... I can't be sure, maybe around 4pm tomorrow? Couldn't really say." Since Anita and Cross co-own a business together they've always had to attend business events... But, this is the first time I've been left over night. After all, the only reason Mrs Kanda' son is coming over is because Anita and Cross (even though it may not seem like it) are always so protective of me. I'm not sure if it's because of the incident many years ago, but they always look hurt, or guilty if I have a blackout. It may be me, but it has always seemed like every time I got hurt they would become more and more protective of me. Only after I turned 16 have I been able to act a bit more freely. Coincidently, since Mrs Kanda's son has experience in looking after his younger brothers, he would be suitable to watch over me. Apparently.

Sounds of a motorbike drew closer to the house until it arrived outside our front door. With a sudden cut of the engine there was silence once again. Three knocks bounced off the hall walls followed by a rattle of a few keys.

Speak of the devil, I guess.

"Ah, that must be him. Allen, dear, get the door would you. I'm just running to change these death-traps I'm walking in." And with that Anita wobbled off and left me to get the door.