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"Allen! Sweetie! Come here!" A beautiful woman with long brown hair shouted. Her hair was tied back into a ponytail that rested between her shoulder blades, she wore a deep red dress that complimented her pale complexion along with stunning black heels not every woman could pull off.

"Coming Aunt Anita!" A voice called followed by a sudden rumbling as a boy with white hair came flying down the stairs. " Is it time for you to go now?" The young white haired boy named Allen questioned.

"Yes it is, I hope you behave yourself and please try not to make any trouble for your sitter." Allen frowned at the mention of his 'Sitter' he was supposed to be having for the night.

"Aunt, do I really have to have a sitter? I'm already 15, I can looked after myself now. I promise to behave, please?" Allen pleaded with his puppy dog eyes.

"Allen, we've been over this many times before. Me and your uncle won't be able to stop worrying you, knowing you're in the house alone, we won't be back till late either." Anita explained with a sigh.

"But I'm not alone! I have Timcampy!" Allen reasoned pointing to his kitten.

Anita shook her head.

"Fine." Allen sighed, defeated.

"Who is this 'babysitter' " The boy used his fingers to gesture quote marks " anyway? I hope they're not some old, boring person that just lazes around" Anita chuckled at the boys comment.

"Don't worry Allen, he's 17 and I'm sure you will get along with him just fine. I've known his mother for quite a while now and he's looking for some extra money because he's living on his own now, he doesn't want any help from his parents either. I thought I could help him so I told him I would pay him if he were to look after you for a while."

'Oh great.' Allen thought 'A boy.'

"Anyway, Aunt Anita... Where is Uncle cross?" Allen asked.

"Oh don't worry, Marion just went out to greet our guest. I just hope he isn't mean to the poor boy." Anita mumbled the last part.

Knock knock

"Anita! That Japanese boy is here!" The entrance door swung open to reveal a large man with long red hair.

"Wonderful, please invite him in." Anita responded as Cross turned to go back outside.

'Cool, I've never seen a Japanese person in England before...' The young boy thought.

"Good evening Mrs. Cross." A voice was heard as a figure stepped through the door.

The boy looked tall for his age. He wore a plain black t-shirt and a pair of denim jeans. His long raven hair had a hint of blue to it and was tied back into a high pony.

"Haha, good evening Kanda, please call me Anita. You make me feel old calling me that." Anita giggled.

'He looks like a girl' Allen pondered at the thought. The boy named Kanda turned towards him. 'No... His face is too masculine and defined to be a girl.'

"Hello Allen." A smooth but deep voice dragged the boy out of this thoughts.

"Hello to you too... Kanda, right?" The raven haired boy nodded.

"Well, we should be on our way. There is food in the fridge you can help yourself to." The brunette woman gestured towards the kitchen.

"Anita! The car is here!" Cross called out as he came through the door once again. "Oi, idiot nephew. Don't forget to lock all the windows and door." Cross reminded the younger boy.

"Yes Uncle." Allen responded.

As the two adults said their goodbyes and shut the door behind them, the two boys looked at each other.

"So Moyashi, what is there to do in this house?" Kanda broke the silence.

Allen stayed silent for a little while."Well, I guess there's video games, TV, books and music... What's a Moyashi?" Allen questioned.

"I've never really played video games before." Allen frowned as Kanda evaded his question and led him to his room.

"Kanda... What's a Moyashi? Tell me." The white haired boy whined at Kanda. The raven haired boy looked him straight in the eye.

"No." Was his answer.

"Wha-what?!" Allen exclaimed.

"Tch. It's too much trouble to explain." Kanda replied.

Allen reached his room and went inside, Kanda followed.

Allen's anger started to boil inside of him as he clenched his hands and teeth together.

"And what is so troublesome about explaining? Does it exhaust you to do such a little task such as speaking? I'm sorry princess, would you like to lie down?" The young boy spoke with a smile on his face while his words were laced with sarcasm.

"What did you just call me shortstack?" The other glared at Allen.

"What's wrong? Is princess tired?" Allen sneered.

Allen gasped as Kanda grabbed him by the collar and pulled him up to his face. "Listen up shortie" Kanda spoke " you don't like me and I obviously don't like you. I know we're not going to get along, so if you stay out of my way, I'll stay out of yours."

"Likewise , I guess we have ourselves a little deal then." Allen responded as the raven haired boy let go of his collar "... Hey! I'm not short either! You're older than me and tall for your age anyway!"

Kanda just smirked as he walked about of allen's room and to the left.

"Stairs are to the right!" Allen shouted to the elder boy.

Not long after Kanda walked past his door and offered a nod as thanks.

"God..." Allen moaned " Could this day get any worse?"

Suddenly there was a crash followed by a string of curses. "Holy fucking shit!" Allen heard Kanda shout. " Moyashi, get down here!"

"Well, I guess it always could." Allen sighed as he face palmed.

After Allen had cleaned up the broken vase and told Kanda about is pet cat Timcampy, he decided it was time for bed as it was nearing twelve o'clock.

With a yawn, Allen pulled the covers over his head and closed his eyes.

Just as Allen was about to drift off, his bedroom door swung open to reveal a very sleepy Kanda. Allen just looked at the elder as he started to take off his clothes.

"Woah! Wait Kanda! What are you doing?!" Allen exclaimed as he shot out of bed.

Kanda had already taken his jeans and t-shirt off and was left in just his navy blue boxers.

"Uhhh... Moyashi, I'm tired. Come here" Kanda slurred.

'Wait' Allen thought 'is he drunk?'

Kanda had his arms open and walked towards Allen for a hug.

"Wahh! Kanda! Get off me!" Allen squealed as he landed on his bed in Kanda's vice grip.

'Yeah, his breath smells like beer.' The white haired boy confirmed.

Suddenly there was a light snoring. Allen looked down to see that Kanda was asleep.

'Wow, he's well away. Who knew Kanda was the clingy type of drunk?' Allen laughed to himself. Allen took another glance at the raven haired teen and took the time to notice that his permanent scowl was missing. 'Why does he always wear that scowl. I bet he scares everyone away, no wonder he acts like he has a pole shoved up his arse, he's got no friends.'

Allen tried to move Kanda off but he wouldn't budge, so... Allen slept with Kanda on his chest till morning.

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