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"Allen Walker! Please tell me why your homework is not completed!" A tall man with long blonde braided hair slapped down a book onto the unsuspecting white haired boys table. With a jolt, the boy snapped out of his daydream.

"Well Mr Howard, I didn't and still don't understand what I had to do." Allen replied picking up the book that was previously slapped own on the table. Turning it over, he found it to be his own.

"You didn't even attempt it!" The blonde man scolded.

"Well if you actually look, I attempted the first question. Also, if you would at least listen to me every lesson, I might be able to pick it up!" The young albino haired teen had risen up from his seat.

The look that was painted over the teachers face was something Allen found very amusing as he let out a small giggle. Whispers were heard from around the classroom, the twins and Tykki were gossiping at the front of the classroom where they sat and were mouthing the words ' Go Allen!' While pumping their fists into the air. The white haired teen let out another giggle, which then lead to another, then another and then another, until Allen was laughing out loud hysterically followed by everyone else in the class. Tears threatened to drop from Allen's eyes as he clutched his stomach.

"Mr Walker!" A booming voice echoed in the small maths class. Everything fell silent. It was the voice that no one could ever forget, the voice that shouted the exact same thing almost every morning.

"Mr Leverrier! Sir!" The blonde haired teacher addressed the headteacher.

"Mr Howard, please fill me in about this whole... Situation." Leverrier demanded.

"Well Sir, Allen here seems to think that handing in incomplete homework is quite hilarious, and thinks it is perfectly fine to talk back to a member of staff and raising his voice whilst doing so." Mr Howard explained.

Allen straightened himself up and stood completely straight.

"Oh, would you look at that. I would of never guessed it would be Walker starting all the commotion." Mr Leverrier spoke, voice laced with sarcasm.

Allen crossed his arms and looked away as he huffed.

"Now Mr Walker, if you would put on your blazer and take a walk with me down to inclusion where you will be for the rest of the week, come on." Leverrier walked out of the room, hands laced together behind his back while Allen grabbed his books and followed soon after.

Half way to the inclusion room, the bell signalling next lesson rang. Allen sighed as people started to walk past him to their fourth period. All quickly threw on their blazers as soon as their headteacher came into view.

'Look at them... Free as a bird, free to leave and go to their next lesson while I'm stuck with Mr Leverrier heading towards inclusion... Poor me, I wasn't the only one who didn't complete their homework, but I guess they can't help but target a helpless soul like me." Allen draped his hand across his face dramatically as he let out a long sigh.

This action did not go unnoticed by the headteacher as the man began to speak. "Mr Walker, I'm sorry if I bore you but please, stop making those idiotic faces."

"Yessir!" Allen saluted and straightened out his uniform.

"What is this kid?" Leverrier whispered to himself. "Ok, we're here, take a seat and do your homework. Someone will check on you later."

"Yessir." Allen nodded and walked into the inclusion room. When Leverrier left with a slam of the door, Allen stepped further into the room. He noticed someone in the back corner. The figure turned its head to reveal a bored looking Kanda.

Allen took in a sharp intake of breath in shock as he strolled toward the seat directly behind the raven haired teenager.

"How come you're in here, Kanda?" Eyes darted towards the white haired boy.

"I attacked my biology teacher."

Allen let out a chuckle. "Oh, Mr Lee? Thats why you don't have your katana? I can see why, can I ask what he did?"

"He was taking the register and yes that is why, I get it back at the end of the day."

"Oh... And?" Allen questioned, puzzled by the elders answer. "What's wrong with taking the register?"

Kanda huffed as he replied. "He called me by my given name."

Allen let the Kanda's answer slowly process. "Wait, isn't Kanda your given name?" A look of confusion etched itself across the white haired boys face.

"Baka Moyashi, you don't need to know anyway, so just drop it." Kanda hissed.

"Will you calm down and chill your knickers, Kanda? It was only a question. You don't have to answer if you don't want to..." Allen huffed as he turned away from Kanda.

"It's Yuu.." Kanda mumbled silently as he noticed the look of hurt across Allen's face. The younger noticed this and turned around to face Kanda once again, his face no longer contort with hurt.

"I'm what?" Allen responded, puzzled.

Kanda sighed heavily as he punctuated each word with a jabbing motion towards his own chest. "I. Am. Fucking. Yuu."

"Woah Kanda, at least take me on a date first." Allen smirked. By this time the young boy had caught on as to what Kanda was trying to say but still, Allen carried on teasing the raven haired boy.

"What the fuck Moyashi? That's not what I meant! Oh... Just forget it!" Kanda exclaimed frustrated.

"Okie dokie, calm down. I know what you mean, I caught on earlier. I was just teasing you." Allen let a giggle escape from his mouth.

'Oh dear god, this Moyashi is giving me a headache. How long left until the end of the day?' Kanda crossed his right leg over his left and folded his as he glared into Allen's eyes.

"I figured I could give you a taste of your own medicine you know, since you tease me. Calling me things like 'Baka' and 'Moyashi', I have no idea what they mean." Allen gave the older teen a soft smile. The fact that Allen had teased him thoroughly pissed Kanda off beyond belief.

"Damn Moyashi, you're the only person who gives me a worse headache from Lavi. Why don't you just use google translate or something anyway? Use the Internet, dipshit." Kanda massaged his temples as the relieve the ache that was steadily building behind his eyes.

"Oh yeah... I never really thought about that..."

"Mr Walker, I hope you have started your homework." A voice sounded from outside the door. A large shadow stood outside the room that looked quite familiar.

Allen quickly turned away from Kanda and grabbed his homework and pen as Kanda did the same thing.

The door swung open to reveal the headteacher of the school, Mr Leverrier. Eyes shot towards the white haired boy who was currently writing down random numbers on a spare sheet of paper.

"Good, I hope you keep this work up." Leverrier left the room and losed the door behind him.

"What the hell was that?" Kanda whispered, not sure if the teacher had left.

"To be honest, I don't know. I would say the headteacher, but I'm not sure exactly what species he is." Allen responded. "He's also the reason I'm in here, I'm positive he's got it out for me." Both turned to face each other once again.

"He looks like Hitler, I'm being serious."

"Kanda! You can't say that, he's our headteacher!" Allen squealed.

"Yeah ok. Anyway, how did you get in here?" Kanda questioned the you get of the two.

"Ahh, well... Because I never did my maths homework mostly, but I guess you could say it was just bad luck. You see, Mr Howard us like Leverriers little bitch and so he snitched on me for not doing my homework and this is where I ended up basically."

"Woah, everybody watch out. We have ourselves a badass." Kanda teased.

"Hey! It's not my fault I find maths difficult, I just don't get it. I need help, anyone would do! I would even pay them." Allen fake sniffled as he pretended to wipe his face of tears.

"Pay them?" Kanda pulled out the seat next to him. "Please have a seat Moyashi, let me have a look at that work for you. I'm sure we could arrange something." Kanda gestured to the seat.

Allen simply stared at the teen. "Wahh? What do you mean?"

Kanda looked at Allen. "If you pay me, I'll tutor you. I take A level maths, I'm sure I can help you with GCSE maths easily."

"Wait, seriously? You? Help me?" Allen questioned.

"Yeah, as long as you pay me. I think we can settle on £5 an hour, yes?"

"I guess so..."

"Well then today is free, think of it like a test trial. Now get over here."

"O-ok, thanks Kanda." Allen got up from his seat and sat in the Kanda ad previously pulled out from before.

"Let us begin." Kanda huffed.

After ten minutes, Kanda could feel the situation become awkward. He remembered earlier in in the day when he had shouted at the younger boy and then suddenly storming off.

'Maybe I went to far? Should I apologise? I mean its not my fault the Moyashi was beng nosy... But his is awkward... Ahh, fuck it.'

"Oi Moyashi, about that thing that happened at break." Allen looked at Kanda. "I didn't mean to shout like that, I just didn't want to really talk about that kind of stuff."

Allen smiled as he softly spoke. "Aha, it's ok. It was my fault or being nosy, I don't blame you."

"Great. I just thought I should of told you, now let's get back to problem two."

At lunch, friends brought them their food but had to leave straight away. As it neared the end of the day, Allen had breezed through his homework. He looked at the sheet of numbers as if it were magical.

"So Moyashi, am I hired?" Kanda inquired, a smirk present in his face.

"Pretty much, I'll have to tell Aunt Anita that I've found a great tutor before you start though." Allen grinned. "But Kanda, thanks for helping me."

"No problem." Kanda replied. The bell signalling the end of the day rang. Kanda's face suddenly became determined. 'Finally! I'm coming for you Mugen.' Kanda stood up and walked toward the exit. "Bye Moyashi." Kanda opened the door and left.

"Bye Kanda." Allen sighed as he picked up his belongings and headed to his locker, grabbed his bag and walked home.

'If you think about, Kanda really is a great teacher.'

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