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Bolin felt the inertia as Varrick's boat raced into full speed. The look he'd seen on Eska's, his now ex-girlfriend's, face was all too terrifying.

After about an hour, Bolin decided it was safe and headed to his bunk. He was nearing the corner to the final hallway where he would reach his room. Right as he was about to turn the corner, he saw the face that had been treating him as a slave (and if he was honest, scared him to death) wearing ruined and smudged make-up (he assumed it was because she traveled through water) which added to her menacing expression.

Instantly, Bolin jumped. He would have fallen had it not been for his quick reaction to take a couple steps back. Oh, shoot.

"You think you could escape the princess of the water tribe? Are you not my betrothed?"

Bolin peeked from his arms that were acting as his shield to check if she was angry. Her face emanated with rage.

I can't let her treat me like this. I can't live this way. No matter how nice he was, and didn't want to make her upset and he knew he had to try one more time to get rid of her. He moved his arms to his side so they were no longer protecting him. He closed his eyes.

"Eska... I um... I don't like you anymore. I don't want to be married. I think it would be best if we broke up." He opened his eyes slowly.

She looked calm as if nothing had happened. "Very well. We are done. But you should know that I am staying. My father told Desna and I of his lies and how he got my uncle banished. No matter how much I dislike my uncle, it was wrong of my father and he must be taken down. Desna didn't care about the misery my father caused. He never does.." Eska turned the corner and headed toward the deck.

Bolin stood there for a good ten seconds still in shock from the sudden change in her emotion. He hoped that this was the end though he still cared too much to ask Korra to make her leave. He would just have to deal with her.

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