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"Eska! Get up, we're going to the north pole." Korra yelled as she stormed into Eska's room.

Being reminded of the north only made Eska begin to cry again.

"C'mon! I'm going to get you out of this. I'm going to talk to the people who are making you do this. I promise you won't have to be married to someone you don't love."

Eska got up and wiped her tears away. "I guess if this is my only hope, I have to try."

"Great! Let's go."

"Wait, now?"

"Yeah, the sooner, the better."

Korra walked out to where Mako was. "Mako, Eska and I are going to the north. I don't know when I'll be back."

"Wait, now?"

"Yes. What is it with you people?"

Just then, Bolin walked out because he heard 'north' which he didn't like hearing just like Eska. He ran to Eska and hugged her. "Are you really going there?" He asked sadly.

"Yes, but Korra and I are going to talk to the royal advisors. I'm not going to get married, or be queen."

"I'm going to borrow one of Varrick's boats. Eska, I'll be back in thirty minutes. Be ready." Korra told her before going out the door.

Eska packed the things she had, then began to think of what argument she would use. She couldn't resist being queen; they needed someone to rule over them. She didn't want to queen either. She didn't want to put Desna in this situation either. It was unfair of her, if she could convince them to let Desna rule in the first place. She needed to talk to him. Maybe if he would come, he could help.

"Bolin." She tried to get his attention. "When Korra comes back, can you tell her I went to talk to Desna. Also, it was really important."

"Yeah. Are you leaving now?"

"Yes, thank yo-mmph" Bolin's lips cut her off. She kissed him back, before deciding Korra would be back before she could leave the apartment. She pulled back and smiled. "Goodbye, Bolin." She hugged him. "I love you."

"I love you, too. Goodbye." He let her go to retrieve her brother.

"Eska! I'm back! Let's go!" Korra yelled in the doorway. She looked around. She only saw Bolin sitting on the couch. "Bolin," she stepped closer, "where is Eska?"

"Oh, she told me to tell you that it was important. She's trying to get Desna come, too. She thinks it'll help. She wants you to meet her at his apartment." Bolin explained his girlfriend's absence.

At first Korra was a little upset that she left, but then she realized how much Desna could help. "Thanks, Bo." She hugged him. "I promise we'll be back as soon as we can. I'm going to say bye to Mako, then I'm leaving."

"He's on the balcony."

"Thanks!" She walked out and saw him staring at the city. She hugged him from behind.

"Are you leaving now?"

"Yep. I just hope it won't take long. I'm going to miss you too much." She hugged him tighter. He turned so he was facing her. He pulled her face to his and kissed her passionately.

"Remember me by that."

"I will. I'll be back as soon as possible." She kissed him on the cheek. "Bye."

Eska knocked on her brother's apartment door. "Desna, I need to talk to you."

He opened the door. "Yes, my dear sister. What do you need?" He let her in his apartment.

"Here, read this." She handed him the letter that caused her the most emotional pain she's ever felt.

"Oh," He said. He was speechless.

"I know that its my position, but I thought you might want to..." Eska thought for the right words to put it. She didn't want to force him into it, but wasn't it a prince's dream to rule his nation?

"Anything for my sister to stay with the one she is destined for." He didn't know much about their relationship, but he figured if Eska could stay with him for this long, then he must be the one. "I won't have to do anything. Ling is water tribe by birth. They wouldn't make me marry anyone else. I'm sure she wouldn't mind. She doesn't care for RepublicCity much, nor probending."

"You think she would want to go with you? You've known her for two days."

"You wouldn't understand, Eska. We had a connection. She felt it, too. We talked about it last night. We know now there is no life without each other."

"So can you come with Korra and I to the north to convince the royal advisors to let you rule?"

"When are you leaving?"

"Any minute. When Korra gets here."

"Okay, let me leave a note for Ling."

As soon as he finished Korra knocked on the door and Desna grabbed what he had and they left on the boat Korra borrowed from Varrick. In a couple days, they would be there, and Eska's life would be decided. Since she was the firstborn, it was unlawful for her to refuse the position. She would be put to death if she said no. She just hoped they would accept Desna as the chief. She was unsure about how she felt about this. She would be happy she could stay with Bolin, but she would be separated from her twin. The one she grew up with. The one whose side she never left. She hoped Bolin would come to love snow and would be okay with frequent trips to the water tribe. If the advisers accepted her request, that is.

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