The Final chapter of When the Sun Rises! One to tie up the few lose ends I left you guys with.

I am about as sad as you guys are to see this story end, if not more so! This story has been my baby from the day I posted it. And I am very humbled, and flattered to see how much positive feed back I have gotten, for both my writing style, and the overall idea of the story. That being said, if you find my writing peaking your interest, I would suggest some of my other stories. All the Difference in the World is one that I would highly recommend, and it is complete. Another I would suggest is Can't See the Forest, which is still in the very beginning stages, and only has one chapter posted, but I have a lot more planned for it as more of the story is written.

Thank you, all of you, for taking time out of your day to read my writing, and give another minute or two of your time to give your thoughts on it. It's meant a lot to me.

Twirling her out to his side, he met her eyes again, watching her grin devilishly just before she spun herself back into him, curling herself into him with her back flush against his chest, looking over her shoulder to see the excitement dilate her pupils. She stepped forward, keeping their hands clasped together while she spun back around crossed over one another, just before he pulled her back in with a gentle tug to have her slide forward with her hand back on his shoulder and his on her hip, their eyes never breaking contact.

The crowd around them applauded softly, but tuning it completely out, he kept his eyes on hers, losing himself in the dance and sparkle of the iris in the eyes of his wife of all of forty five minutes. "Not bad for a first dance." He said to her, speaking low.

He watched as her smile brightened again, and she let go of his hand to entwine her fingers behind his neck, while his other hand found her hip. "See, I told you those classes would be worth it."

He chuckled as they started to sway together to the sound of a Louis Armstrong song coming over the speakers. "Don't lie, I know you signed me up for that just to humiliate me."

She placed a hand against her chest in mock insult, "Me? I would never do that." She said, a telling smirk curling her lips. He laughed again and her smile softened. "But really, you have to admit that it was worth it."

"Yes, it was." He agreed. It was a moment before she sighed happily to herself and stepped forward, deeper into his embrace to lay her head against his shoulder, letting her eyes drift shut. He weaved his arms further around her as they continued to sway, casting his gaze out across the couples on the dance floor. "Gerald and Phoebe back together again?"

She let out a frustrated sigh, not taking her head off his shoulder, "Yes. I swear, they've been on and off more times than I can count."

"Well, it works for them I guess."

As her body started to lean heavier and heavier into his embrace with each passing minute, he looked down and saw that she had her eyes closed. Running his hand up her back, he kissed her forehead, stirring her awake, "Hey, why don't we go sit down."

Ten minutes later, they were sitting at their table with Dave and his wife, while he leaned back in his chair, his wife leaned into him from her chair being pushed up against his. Talking idle chit chat with his best man, having his bow tie untied and draped lazily around his neck, with the top button of his shirt open, feeling as if his life was now complete. "Dad!" A girls voice said, as Dave's eldest daughter of fifteen came storming up to his side. Her parents looked over to her angry expression expectantly. "Chris just stuck my fork in his mouth!" She huffed.

"So? Stick his fork in your mouth." He said. She rolled her eyes broadly, as any fifteen year old would, and crossed her arms, looking past her father and to her mother.


"Sarah, just go get another one."

"And then smack your brother upside the head." Her father added. Sarah groaned and stormed off again. Dave sighed and looked over to them. "I'll tell ya, there's no sadder day than when you go from daddy to dad."

They all shared a laugh and sat for a moment, waiting for another topic to come up. As Arnold continued to trace light patterns on his wife's arm, while she did the same against his leg, they heard Nancy speak up. "So Helga, are you excited about your book release?"

"Honestly, at this point, I just want it to be over with." She replied, reaching forward for her champagne.

"Me too. I can't wait to brag to everybody that my wife is a published author." He added mischievously.

Smacking him lightly on the chest, while Dave and Nancy laughed lightly, Helga cut it. "But really, I can't thank you enough for what you did for me, Nancy."

"It wasn't me, Helga. I told you before, I have no say in who gets published and who doesn't. My boss was very impressed when I showed him your work, just as anyone else is whenever they read your work."

"I am dreading having to watch as every guy who comes to one of your book signings throw themselves at you." Arnold said with a joking smile, earning a slightly pointed look from her.

"Well I'll just have to tell them that I'm a married woman." She said softly. He sent her a smile and leaned down to capture her lips in a soft kiss which lasted a bit too long when they heard Dave clear his throat. Arnold looked over to him and saw him staring at him with a deadpan expression.

"Oh, Honey, they're newlyweds, give them a break." Nancy said next to him. "Besides, that was nothing compared to the kiss you two shared at the alter."

He smiled to himself as memories of their ceremony drifted into his mind. The way he saw her walk down the isle with her bouquet in her hands, while two white flowers sat laying on her arm, how she stopped just before she stepped up to the alter, setting the two flowers down on the two empty seats in the front row, while his eyes shot over to the two empty chairs in his side of the room, and the flowers already sitting on them, the image of his grandparents smiling at him proudly so real in his mind, they might as well have been there. And he was sure they were, in a sense, just as Helga's parents were. And being the writer that she is, they had decided to write their own vows, and while he felt his weren't nearly as good as hers, seeing her smile after he finished was worth all the time he spent pacing across the living room of their apartment, reciting them to himself, making sure they sounded right.

But the moment he will remember forever, that he will relish till the day he dies was the moment when he didn't even let the preacher finish telling him that he could kiss her. He just pulled her forward, dipped her off to the side, as she yelped in surprised, only to be silenced by their first kiss shared as husband and wife.

"So, where are you two going for your honeymoon again?" Nancy asked, snapping him out of his memories. "Paris, right?"

"Oui." Helga chirped, amusement and excitement in her voice.

"Even though I wanted to go to Costa Rica. I don't care what you say, that coin we used was rigged." He said, poking her in the shoulder. Even though he wasn't happy about their decisions of where to go for their honeymoon, he's been secretly trying to teach himself french when times at the bureau were slow.

"Helga!" Phoebe called from their side. Helga looked over to her with a smile as she stepped up to them. "Gerald and I are going to go. You two looked beautiful up there, and we love you both very much. See you later!" She said hurriedly, quickly leaning down and hugging her before stepping away and waving behind her as she ran away from them, taking Gerald's hand and rushing out the door.

"What was that about?" Helga asked him, turning around to look at him.

As he thought back, he shook his head, laughing to himself. "I didn't think he would actually do it."

"Do what?"

"Gerald kind of... let it slip at the bachelor party that he was going to propose to Phoebe. I thought he was just drunk, but..."

Sighing broadly, Helga laid her head back down onto his shoulder, letting her eyes drift shut again. "They've only been dating for eight months though."

"We only dated for two months before I proposed. And unless you plan on changing your mind, I don't see us breaking up."

She opened her eyes up again, with a soft smile, "Never. Till death do us part."

He smiled as he leaned down to capture her lips again, and spoke without removing them. "Till death do us part."

The End