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West Virgina's POV:

There were three reasons as to why I was ticked off right now.

1. Delaware was being his usual stupid self and going on about how just because his place was small, didn't mean he was weak.

2. Texas was arguing with D.C again, and being too loud for New York to stand. (Coming from New York, that's saying something.) So of course, New York started shouting for them to be quiet.

3. California was spraying WAY too much hairspray, causing everyone to cough.

Of course, this was the usual occurence during State Meetings. State Meetings were like World Meetings, but with us states. All 50 "children" of America. Most of us weren't actually related. Except North and South Dakota, who were twins.

Today, the head of the meeting was Rhode Island. Normally, it was held by D.C or sometimes New York. And by now, the room would have been quieted by either one. However, Rhode Island was a quiet guy. So his attempts at stopping arguments fell on deaf ears. This went on until Michigan got tired of the noise.

"EVERYONE, SHUT UP! OR I'LL STAB YOUR VITAL REGIONS!" he shouted. It was very effective, as the room immediately silenced. Satisfied, he said, "Good. Now let's listen to little Rhode."

Rhode Island nodded to him gratefully, and stood up. Though he was 16 in human years, he looked like he was 14. Even I gotta admit, he was a "little cutie" as Alaska would say. Short raven-black hair, innocent blue eyes, and a few freckles scattered across his pale face. But I knew from experience that the kid could be like a raging fire if angered. Luckily, it was hard to get him angry.

"Alright, I'd like the meeting to start by coming up with ideas to stop, or at least lower the number of shootings that have been going on." he said.

At that, Connecticut held onto New York and cried into her shoulder. New York awkwardly patted the other woman's back, "There, there."

D.C stood, "Yeah, we gotta do somethin' about that. All those other nations are lookin' at America and us like we're a disgrace or like we're all messed-up. It's an embarrassment!" He slammed his hands on the table.

"We all know that, idiot, but what do we do about it?" Texas asked, earning a glare from D.C, which he ignored.

"Maybe we can just confiscate all the guns in the country!" Maryland suggested, as if it were the most genius plan ever.

I gave him a look, "No, stupid." I then yanked him back into his seat. The brown-haired state whined about his elbow bruising from my harsh grab, but I blocked it out.

"Perhaps we need to put out some commercials about the devastation shootings cause. It'll put guilt on anyone who's thinking of doing it." Alaska offered.

Oregon put a hand on the woman's shoulder, "That's not really gonna do much, darling. Good idea though."

"We can use that as a plan B, though." Kentucky said.

"I've got it! What if we start more programs to bring awareness about it, that'll stop kids from thinking it's okay. Then we can organize some groups to keep everything in check." Florida said while peeling an orange. I'm gonna have to ask him where he pulls those things out of. Since he didn't have it a minute ago.

Everyone thought it over. "That could actually work." South Carolina said.

"Yeah," Pennsylvania agreed, "Good job, Flor."

Delaware sat smugly, "I could've come up with that. Maybe..."

New York plucked his forehead, "No you couldn't. We all know that."


A/N: There was chapter one! Most of these will be one-shots on different situations and such. Any ideas are welcome.

I did not intend to insult ANYONE. I'm just being humorous. Please don't take any of this seriously!

Here are the some human names and ages of states (that I've gotten to):

Delaware - Jeremy Akers. 19.

Rhode Island - Alexander (Alex) Copeland. 16.

Maryland - Devin Beishline. 20.

D.C - Mitchell Strome. 21.

New Jersey - Badden (Bade) Redstone. 22.

West Virgina - Jared Courtland. 25.

Alaska - Mackenzie Chia. 25.

Texas - Tony Colcord. 26.

Michigan - Felix Solway. 22.

New York - Madeline Greenleaf. 21.

Virgina - Rachael Thaw. 27.

California - Dahlia Kooker. 21.

Florida - Terry Malich. 18.

North Dakota - Ryan Morningstar. 21.

South Dakota - Linette Morningstar. 21.