It all started one night, when I was trying to sleep. I could feel the dream world tugging at me, and begging me to explore their gardens built on my subconscious, when...

"Jazzy, I've been thinking..." SO CLOSE! I turned to face my pegasus roommate. I still don't know how she can sleep on her back with wings. I guess that's why she shifts so much before she falls asleep.

"Yes, Chatterjoy?"

"Do I ever get annoying?" She's seriously asking me this at 11 p.m.? Crazy pegasus.

"Define 'annoying'," I say, hoping that the question will buy me enough time to fall back asleep. I forgot that, somehow, sleep deprivation makes my roommate think FASTER than she normally does.

"Well..." she starts. She took a deep breath, and I knew I wasn't going to enter the precious dream world before tomorrow.

"By 'annoying' I mean do I ever bug you, or do my actions sometimes bother you, like that one time, actually several times when I need your help with a math problem, but that's because math is gross and icky and I know you're like waayyy better at math than I am even though you say you hate it, but that's getting off topic. Do you ever want to not live with me because sometimes I know I can be annoying with my constant talking and everything, but I can't help it! I'm CHATTERJOY for Celestia's sake, it's my special talent, cutie mark and everything! So, I can understand if my constant talking is so annoying that you don't want to live with me, and if you want to move somewhere else with somepony who's quieter than I am, I totally understand that, but you know I have separation issues because I'm such a big baby, in fact I didn't want to move out of my parent's house, until I learned it was you I'd be rooming with. Well, I'm sure I could room with Golden Silence or somepony like that, but I'm sure that she'd kick me out before sunset. And I really don't want you to move out, but if you do, then I really really really really understand, but please please please please please don't move out, because if you move out then I'll be sad and you know how I can get super depressed and how worse things can happen and how you're one of the few ponies who'll listen to me when I go on and on and on and on and on about this depressing stuff, and I can see how that can get annoying sometimes. So, yeah, am I annoying?"

"Chatterjoy," I say, making sure she's done talking.

"Yes, Jazzy?"

"If I've tolerated your constant talking for this long, then why would you worry that I suddenly move out?"

"Because I was thinking about it," she said. "And when I thought about me from your point of view, I realized that I can get really annoying really fast."

"Chatterjoy?" I ask.

"Yes, Jazzy?"

"Go to bed." I say as I roll over, readjusting my covers using my magic, giving myself a little blanket cocoon. "You're thinking too much."