'Deux Ames Un Coeur' Translated: Two Souls One Heart. This is a Hermione G/Harry P pairing.

I'm not the wonderful J.K. Rowling, BUT I do thank J.K. Rowling for creating this wonderful world and the characters within it, because without you, there would be no story or stories to write! :D

Deux Ames Un Coeur
Part I

Last night had been the best night of Hermione's life. However, now that the surreal closeness and warmth of intimacy had worn off, the awkwardness of the situation fell upon them in the morning light. She awoke first to find herself tucked up against Harry with his arm draped over her. She didn't dare move in fear of waking him. For a few moments longer, she would soak up this magical time with him. She could pretend that he loved her beyond friendship until harsh reality broke the spell.

Then it happened. The spell broke. Harry stirred from his sleep. His body shifted against her and his arm slipped off her. His body retreated from hers and all that was left with was emptiness. She swallowed back the tears that threatened to escape until Harry slid off the bed and headed for the bathroom. A few tears finally fell and she brushed them away with her hands. She slowly sat up and drew her knees to her chest. Wrapping her arms about her knees, she stayed like that until he came back. Her eyes met his and he came to an abrupt stop. All the memories from last night seemed to flood her at once. He then looked down for a moment, breaking eye contact.

It was then that she knew it had been one-sided. The look of guilt that swept over his features was clear as day. The pain crippled her, making it hard to breathe. She squeezed her eyes shut. This was all her fault. He regretted sleeping with her. All that tenderness and warmth wasn't meant for her. It was meant for one woman and she couldn't ever be her.


Without looking at him, she shook her head. "Don't, Harry."


"Harry, it's fine."

She quickly found the first piece of clothing she could find and it happened to be Harry's shirt. She turned away from him and desperately tugged it on over her head. She nibbled her bottom lip as she got up from his bed. Some many thoughts and feelings were coiling within her, building up that wall within her even sturdier. She needed to get herself together. If she wasn't careful, she could lose his friendship.

Bathroom. She would be safe in the bathroom. The only problem was Harry stood between her and the bathroom. So when she walked towards him, she gave him a forced smile and tried to sneak around him. Her attempt was thwarted by Harry when he purposely blocked her way. She was literally about to breakdown and needed to find some privacy.

"Harry, there's-there's no need to get into this," she chuckled, trying once again to make a break for the bathroom.

Yet again, Harry blocked her way. "Hermione, running away from this isn't going to make it go away."

"I'm not running away from anything."

He cupped her face, forcing her to look into his eyes. "You can't just pretend that last night didn't happen. It can't just be swept underneath the rug."

"Harry, I get it. We shagged. You were drunk. It happened, okay? Let's just move on from this-"

"Hermione, I remember everything you said last night," he murmured. "And did you really think I'd forget that other night?"

Hermione froze, pressing her fingernails into the palm of her hand. Her mind was racing frantically now for a way to escape. He was so bloody drunk! He wasn't supposed to remember what she had confessed. He wasn't supposed to bring up things that needed to stay buried. She gulped, stealing a hesitant look into his emerald eyes. The truth was reflected in them. There was no way she could deny it. Harry would be able to tell right away that she was lying.

"It-It doesn't ch-change anything," she stammered, backing away.


"No, no matter what I feel, it doesn't matter," she told him sternly. She watched Harry arch an eyebrow at that in obvious disbelief. "I-I didn't confess those things to force or trap you to being with me, Harry," she gasped, starting to shake a little. "I just wanted to ease your pain even if it was only for a little while. I just wanted to-to make you feel better, because..."

Hermione trailed off, realizing she had just set herself up. Harry crossed his arms, waiting for her to continue. Her eyes widened in panic as she anxiously looked for an escape. She stammered out jumbled reasoning. The heavy look of grim disbelief deepened in Harry's expression and eyes. There was tension in his muscles. She could see it in the lines of his body. He obviously wasn't happy with her right now.

"Please, Harry," she whispered her soft plea, breaking finally into tears. Emerald eyes flicked to hers. "I've come to terms with it long ago that it's clearly one-sided. So-So you see, there's nothing to worry about, Harry. I'm fully aware that it was just a one night stand. It would've been mighty foolish to believe you'd ever..."

Harry walked straight up to her. "That I'd ever what?"

Hermione blushed and looked away.

"Hermione," he urged, lifting her chin.

"I know you were probably thinking of Ginny when you..." she trailed off as she tried to move away from him, but he wound an arm around her back. This was pure humiliation on top of heartbreak. "I'm not pretty and I'll never be stunning or beautiful or glamorous – not like Ginny. I'm not thin or fit like her either. I'm-I'm grotesquely flawed. "

She started to become painfully aware of her state of undress, feeling a wave of unease settle into her bones. She yanked at the hem of Harry's shirt that she was wearing further down over her thighs. Harry reached down, tugging her hands away from the shirt. She chewed her bottom lip as her eyes met his. There was an intensity burning deep in his eyes.

"You were drunk," she murmured, when Harry wrapped his arms around her.

"Very, but I do remember everything."

She shivered when his mouth found the sensitive spot right below her earlobe. "Harry, you don't need to do this."

She inhaled sharply when he nipped at the spot then gasped when he tentatively licked her earlobe. When he drew her earlobe into his mouth, her fingers curled into his arms. Her traitorous body rebelled against common sense, melting into him as her emotions and desires came bubbling to the surface.

"No, Harry. Please stop! You-You don't want this!" she argued as she attempted to desperately push him away. "I'm not what-"

"Hush, love." He effectively silenced her with a tender kiss. "Stop running from this."

As if he sensed her protest, he once again drew her into a passionate kiss. She was losing control of herself, her body, and her heart. The deadly combination of her body and her heart with his mouth, his hands, and his body easily overrode her mind and her reasoning why this was an awful idea. Soon she was just reacting on instinct and need. When he yanked his shirt from her body, she was too far gone to stop him or herself.

There was a series of rapid knocking coming from the front door.

"Okay, I'm coming!" Harry called out. Hermione watched his emerald eyes flick to hers and the apology reflecting in them.

"It's okay."

Harry gave her an appreciative smile before he bowed out of the kitchen. Hermione tended to the makings of scrambled eggs that Harry had abandoned. She felt a bit uneasy standing in his kitchen in nothing but his shirt. It came to a little above mid-thigh. She shuffled her feet as she watched the sizzling liquid as it was quickly forming into a solid. She still couldn't believe she was here right now. She couldn't believe what happened the night before.

She blushed, recalling those intimate moments they had shared. She was quickly broken out of her trance when she heard another series of rapid knocking that was interrupted by Harry opening the door. Her heart literally stopped when she heard the name Harry uttered in complete shock. She squeezed her eyes shut as reality swamped around. The sting of it almost shattered her into pieces when she listened to the voices in the living room of Harry's flat.

"Ginny, what're you-"

"I-I made a massive mistake," Ginny stammered. "I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe it was just a case of cold feet. I don't know, Harry, but I'm here. I'm here now – ready to take the next step."

"Ginny, it's been an entire bloody month."

"I know that-"

"You were the one that ended it-"


"A day before our wedding."

"Bloody hell, Harry! I know!" Ginny cried out in frustration. There was complete silence and Hermione waited frozen at the stove. Moments ticked away, driving Hermione crazy until she heard Ginny continue in an unfamiliar soft and vulnerable voice. "I know, Harry. I was scared. We're so young. We barely have lived. All we've known is death and war. We had to grow up fast, you know? I watched my brother's relationship crumble. And I was just so scared that we were rushing things."


"No, please," Ginny interrupted. "I need to get this out. Hermione came to see me two weeks ago. She told me that you weren't taking the break up well. She was concerned about you. I don't remember half of what she said, but there was one thing that stuck out." She paused. Hermione turned off the stove. "She said a soul mate will come into your life. They'll challenge you to feel so deeply, to be a better person, to fight harder, and to love unconditionally that it shatters you. You'll want to fight the feeling, because it just feels too perfect and too much. You'll begin to let that fear consume you. And she said that if you're not careful and let fear rule you, you might miss out on the best bloody thing in your entire life." She heard Ginny break into tears. "Harry, she told me that I'm blessed that you found a soul mate in me and that I shouldn't let that fear control what is meant to be."

Hermione inhaled sharply, feeling the last thrust of the knife slice deep into her heart. This was how it was supposed to be, she told herself, dissolving into tears. No matter how she felt about Harry, she refused to stand in his way of happiness. She would always love him and she would cherish the stolen moments that she was certain were never supposed to happen. She furiously wiped at her tears as she quickly transfigured clothes from kitchen clothes and rushed to put them on.

She quickly ran the kitchen faucet to splash water on her face. When she felt she looked decent, she started to head out of the kitchen.

"Harry?" Ginny asked strangely. "Are you... Are you alone?"

"Um, Ginny..." Harry trailed off, pausing for a moment. "I think we need to talk-"

"Yes, you two certainly do," Hermione interrupted, flying into the living room. Ginny breathed a sigh of relief when she realized it was just her. "I'm glad you at least listened to something I said," she said, winking at Ginny. The younger girl smirked in response. She looked over at Harry, who was looking at her in surprise. "So, Harry, I'm just going to head out."

When she attempted to make it to the door, Harry caught her arm and forced her to look at him. "Hermione, what're you doing?"

Hermione looked into his beautiful eyes. She gave him a forced smile. "Cementing fate," she told him in a whisper. She leaned up and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Your soul mate is waiting, Harry. Don't keep her waiting." She glanced over at Ginny who was now watching them with narrowed and suspicious eyes. "I will always love you, Harry," she murmured into his ear when she leaned up and gave him a hug. "But it's time for me to let go."

Harry frowned at that. He opened his mouth to protest, but Hermione quickly rushed out the door. Before he could even attempt to stop her, she was already apparating away.