I guess starting at the beginning is always the best way to start any story. My name is Athena, my story is full of betrayal, love, friends, and family. My dad left when I was thirteen and I hate him for it. But don't most kids after a parent leaves? My older brother, Apollo, left when he was eighteen, I believed he blamed our mom when dad split. It was my mother, Ares (younger brother), and I until i was fifteen. Ares was twelve when the accident happen. It was like a nightmare we couldn't wake from and one that would always haunt us. Our mother was hit by a drunk driver, she died on impact. When she died we had no one else to take care of us, Apollo couldn't be found and our father had no rights to us. So when two strangers showed up to take us in we were a little uneasy about it. However, seven years later, me being twenty-two and Ares nineteen, we came to know them as our family and with them the Sons of Anarchy.

I walked into the dinner to pick up the guys lunch, Ares behind me to help. As the new prospect he had to do all the grunt work. Bobby being his sponsor and him being known as family, he pretty much had it made but still had to do the stupid shit.

"Hey, you picking up the guys order again. " Ash yelled out. I had known Ash since we first came to Charming. We were in the same class but I wouldn't call us friends. Maybe just a common understanding of each other.

"Now you know if I came here just for myself, I wouldn't get to eat a bit of it because all the guys would take what I had." I laughed out at her.

"Isn't that the truth? Any who, here you go."

"Thanks, we'll probably be back tomorrow." I gave her a small wave as we headed out the door.

Ares grabbed a couple of the bags and so did I. We pulled into the auto shop and right away I noticed a couple of new bikes, none that I had seen before.

"Hey, whose bikes are those?"

"Don't know but I'm sure we're about to find out."

I headed straight to the office to talk to Gemma. The one woman who was like a mom to us after we lost our real one, she's has always been there for us, and with a very strong hand. "Hey, mama, whose bikes are those out there?"

"You'll find out when you go in the clubhouse, come on baby girl." I smiled at her and went right in behind her. We came in and heard Clay talking.

"I'm glad that you all made it up here, we need all the help that we can get. I'm not sure what all you know but in church tonight you'll know the rest. Church is in an hour." He turned and saw as standing there.

"Hey baby." He said giving Gemma a kiss.

"What are you doing here, baby girl?"

"I brought the lunch and mama said that she could use my help." He laughed a little and kissed my forehead.

"Well come on and meet the others, your brother already did." I nodded at him and he took me underneath his arm.

"Guys this here is Athena, Ares' older shorter sister."

"Hey, I maybe shorter than most of you but I'm still tall for a girl, I'm 5'8, Papa Bear." They all laughed but then Clay turned serious for a second.

"You don't mess with her in any way. If you do every brother in here will get a hit in and don't let her looks fool you, she can punch like one of us and she'll get her licks in, too. Got it?" I saw them all nod their heads, there was only three or four news one, everyone else I knew like the back of my hand. "Okay then baby girl this is Digger, Stomp, Koz, and Happy. Guys meet the princess of the Sons." He said with a laugh as did the rest of the guys.

"I'm not a princess or the princess. It's nice to meet you all." I said extending my hand to each guy. The first two only said hey but Koz was a little friendlier.

"Well, it's really nice to meet you princess I hope we can get to know one another a little more while we're staying here." I just looked at him as he went to kiss my hand with a cheeky smile. I pulled my hand back really fast, "I doubt we'll get to know one another the way that you're thinking, sweet talk doesn't work on me and I'm not your princess or anyone's princess, so please don't call me that again." The guys laughed at the fact that his smile disappeared really quick.

"Ok ok, calm down babe, no harm done I promise." I just looked at him and then at the one called Happy. He didn't look to happy but I'm sure it's was just a nickname. He was sitting next to my all time favorite person, Tig Trager. He was my favorite because he didn't try to bullshit with me or comfort me when I came here, he told me the true and was little my best friend ever since.

"It's nice to meet you Happy. I hope you don't try to pull what he just did." Talking about Koz, Happy just nodded at me and shook my hand. Tig padded him on the back, "If she's anything, she our fire crack."

"Damn straight and don't any of you forget." I said with a smile and went to go help Gemma that had already gone back to work. Before I got too far away I yelled over my shoulder, "get back to work, we have a repo that needs done." All the guys just laughed.

Koz looked over at Jax," what's her story, man? I've never seen her or heard y'all talk about her before."

"Dude, that girl is like my sister, she's not a craw eater or a sweet butt. You don't fuck with her unless she says that you can. If she does and you hurt you have this whole club to fight with over it." Koz looked around the room and saw the men nod their heads.

"Damn she has all of you whipped doesn't she?" At that moment I came out of the office to give the guys the information on the next repo. "No, asshole, I don't have them whipped. I love them and love me. I protect them like they protect me. Their my family, I don't need to have them whipped for them to protect me and you would be wise to understand that I don't like people talking about any of them or me in the way that you are."

He turned and looked at me with that same cheeky smile. "Sorry darling…" "No you learn really quick little boy, I get tired really fast of people telling me sorry and pissing me off, I might not look it but I can punch and if you keep pissing me off your face is going to look like shit when I'm through with you. I usually don't mess with other club members because I love this club as much as all the guys involved in it but you might be the first person that I don't like and will kick the shit out of. Now someone needs to go get this repo and you are going to go with the other person to help." I pushed the papers into his chest not waiting for him to take them and turned around and stormed off back to the office. Man that guy is an asshole, stupid bastard. When I got back to the office Gemma wasn't there so I decided I might as well start filing some shit to get my mind off of the dumb ass that will be staying here for god knows how long.

"I'll tell you this boys, whoever she decides is the right guy for her, because we all know that it will be someone in the club, they will be a lucky bastard. She's knows about the club and the life that it is and she loves it. But I tell you all still if you hurt her I'll kill you and so will everyone else in this room." All the men just nodded their heads.

"Now you listen here Koz, that's my baby girl, she's been through a lot of shit that no one should have to go through but she has. I'll be damned I let you piss her off again. Learn your place, you maybe a member but she's helped this club a lot as well as the guys. She respects you that's why she didn't hit you but I will next time you decided you know who she is. You got me?" "Yes, Gem'"

With that Gemma left to go find Clay. Koz looked down at the papers and back at the other men in the room. "Holy shit, she doesn't look like the type to just blow up in people's faces." Jax spoke up then, "And that right there is why she don't like you, she hates when people judge her. If I was you, man, I wouldn't talk to her anymore. Besides if you piss her off again, Tig, will have more of a reason to hate and he'll use her as an excuse to kick your ass." "What do you mean, why will Tiggy get mad about that?" Jax just shook his head and walked out to the garage. "Aye, because Tig here is her favorite and we all know it, she's not his old lady and they don't fuck but she's still his favorite." Chibs said and walked out behind Jax. "Why in the hell would he of all people be her favorite?"

By this time I had walked out to the clubhouse again, "Because he's a perverted crazy bastard." I said walking by to find Gemma and Clay. Koz just watched me walk away, "Damn, she needs a bell." "You're not the first person to say that." Juice said with a laugh.

Koz thought that Athena was the only thing that was going to go bad here. Man did he have it wrong. None of them know what was coming next.