The sun hung low over Striaton City, casting the land in a soft orange glow. Alice Grey moved leisurely through the streets toward the west side of the city. She took the time to reflect on her past several weeks in Unova.

A criminal organization, Team Plasma, had recently risen, preaching to anyone who'd listen that "people were imprisoning Pokemon". Alice had helped deal with a number of similar organizations in the past, but none of them had as radical ideas. While it was true that the occasional trainer abused their Pokemon, the vast majority loved and worked along side them, as partners.

The leader had been the worst of the bunch, using his own son as a figurehead. He filled his mind with falsehoods, convincing him from childhood that all humans mistreated their Pokemon.

There was also Touya, a headstrong, determined, and heroic boy. Alice was still impressed with him. With the help of his friends he had awoken the legendary dragon Pokemon, Zekrom, and took down Team Plasma. All at the young age of ten.

Though, Alice mused. I wasn't wasn't much older than that when I started my journey.

A small smile turned up her lips as she looked down at the small black and blue Pokemon walking beside her. Alice had caught Umbreon when he was still an Eevee. She still remembered running into the little silver fox. In their time together he continually grew stronger, becoming the formidable Dark type he was today. Out of her current team, Umbreon had been with her the longest.

Only one other had been with her longer. Alice's blue eyes tinged with sadness as she thought about him. Charizard, the Pokemon that had been with her since her original start in Kanto, had passed a little over a year prior.

Alice slowed to a stop as she reached her destination. The entrance to the Dream Yard was cast in shadow by the light of the setting sun. The dark didn't bother her, though. She had taken to Dark and Ghost types, and knew her Pokemon would love the dark, misty area.

She stepped onto the path, her surroundings growing darker with each step she took until she finally stepped out into a clearing. Alice looked up at the decrepit complex before releasing her companions from the confinement. Houndoom, Weavile, Mismagius, Froslass, and Zoroark looked back at her while Umbreon stood at her side.

"Go on, have fun. Just don't wander off, okay?" The Pokemon scattered at her words.
Zoroark and Houndoom made themselves comfortable under a tree, Weavile settling himself in the branches above them. Mismagius faded in and out of sight in the shadows of the trees, Umbreon and Froslass racing to catch her. With his greater speed, Umbreon easily pulled ahead. Until Froslass used her Ice Beam in front of his feet and he went careening into a tree.

Alice watched on affectionately. She loved to watch her Pokemon enjoying themselves.
Her attention was drawn away from her Pokemon by the sound of rustling bushes. She turned toward the noise, expecting a wild Pokemon to have been sneaking up on her. Instead of a wild Munna, Alice found herself staring into a pair of slate gray eyes.

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