Chapter 13

A full moon hung in the sky, casting a soft glow on everything its light touched. Shadow and Alice sat on a remaining portion of the old building in the Dream Yard, hands intertwined. Neither of them spoke. They just sat, each enjoying the other's presence.

It had been a year since Alice's confession, and that first kiss, in the Gym/Restaurant, now just restaurant. Cilan, Chilli, and Cress had decided to cease being Gym Leaders, their battle with who were once the Shadow Triad ("once" because of Shadow's defection) affecting them greatly. Alice hadn't known about the battle until the triplets had announced that they were no longer acting as Gym Leaders. When she had questioned Shadow as to why he hadn't told her, the only answer she received was, "I didn't think it was important."

Alice had opened up a lot more, while she still often preferred quiet, darkness, she was more prone to openly expressing her emotions. She spoke more, she laughed more. She was, over all, a lot happier. And it was all thanks to Shadow. She believed that all the time she spent around him caused her to imprint a bit of his more outgoing personality.

With a content smile on her face, she lightly leaned her head on Shadow's shoulder. A bit of his hair brushed her cheek as a small breezed blew by. It had gotten longer, not as long as it was before he cut it, but longer.

"Hey, Shadow?"

He looked down at her with a smile of his instead of his signature grin. "Hm?"

"Thank you." She lightly squeezed the hand in hers.

Shadow blinked, slightly confused, though his smile never slipped. "For what?"

She looked up at him.. "Everything."

His confusion melted away, and he placed a light kiss on her lips. "I love you."

A light blush colored Alice's cheeks. No matter how many times they said it, it always induced a flush. "I love you, too."

The two dark type Pokémon curled up side-by-side watched their trainers, something akin to smiles on their faces.

Purrloin and Umbreon had, in that year, had a realization of their own. To think, they had thought their trainers were the ones who needed help.

The black and blue fox lightly nuzzled the purple cat at his side. "They're adorable, huh?"

Said cat made a purring sound in the back of her throat before giggling lightly. "Yeah, they are." Green eyes shined in amusement. "Never thought you'd be the one to say that, though."

His black fur obscured what would have been a blush on Umbreon's muzzle. "Oh, shut up." The affection in his yellow eyes showed that there was no bite to those words.

Purrloin giggled again and lightly nuzzled his cheek. "Oh, you know I love you."

"Yeah, yeah." He lightly nuzzled her back. "I love you, too."

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