Chapter 2: A New Discovery

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Underground Rogueport, Unknown day, Approximately 6:05 P.M.

"Even though most of my life has been spent in that lab I still remember a little time before that." I eventually begin after collecting my thoughts. "It must have been almost 15 years ago when it happened-we had only celebrated my fifth birthday a few days before. Then one night a thief came in, knocked me to the ground, shot my parents, took some random crap, and left me for dead between their bodies."

Even now the memory is painfully unpleasant, but I continue to tell my tale.

"A few hours later instead of an ambulance some men in suits came and dragged me out to the back of a car before knocking me out. By the time I woke up I was strapped down to a table and was already being prodded with needles and sliced with scalpels." Definitely not the happiest moment of my life.

"Oh my God… That's…really horrible. Sorry about your parents. It must've been really difficult for you. Poor thing..." Whispers Goombella.

"You shouldn't feel too sorry for me."

"Yes I do! You didn't deserve the bad hands you got dealt with as a kid!" Snaps Goombella.

"Maybe, but it was only because of those terrible events in the past that I got this strong now. And without those fifteen years of torture I would never have ended up here." I answer calmly.

"I guess that's true..." Says Goombella.

"Let's just keep moving, ok?" I suggest.

As we walk through the underground ruins, I hear someone call out to our group of four.

"Hey! Hey, man! What's up? Who's the hottie you got there with you?"

"What the…"

We look a bit farther ahead to see who it was. It was three boys in front of us. The three of them had fangs like Goombella, but they looked like total gangsters instead. They all had brown, darker skin, and they looked a bit diverse by their appearances. While one of them looks like a generic male version of Goombella, the second one has a pair of wings on his back making him hover, and the third one has a helmet with a large spike on his head.

"Wassup, baby? Why don't you hang with us for a while? We play real nice!" Purrs the flying one.

"Man, what's a FINE-lookin' Goomba doin' with a bunch of losers like them?!" Says the spiky one. Goombella beams at that comment, much to my surprise.

"Oh, it is, like, SO sweet that you boys think I'm cute! Seriously!" Suddenly, her lips curl into a snarl. "Yeah, guys like you make me feel like TOTALLY BARFING! Now get out of our way!" Goombella snaps, causing all three of those Goomba punks to start cackling.

"Ouch! That was cold!" Says the normal one, mockingly rubbing his shoulders.

"What you're too good for us? Come off it, sister!" hollers the flying one.

"You know what REALLY hurts? You twats are gonna find out pretty damn quickly if you don't listen to the lady!" I yell. Far more quietly I warn Mario and Goombella "When I say now, cover your ears."

"Nobody zings us us like that! Nobody! Let's get 'em!"

"Bring it on, assholes!"

The flying Goomba lunges at me at a quick speed, but I react just in time and grab his neck with my left hand. I slam the guy into a wall and start punching him while the spiky Goomba charges at me from behind. I turn around and use the Paragoomba that I was punching as a shield. The spiky Goomba ends up jabbing his buddy in the back.

"YAAAAH! Watch where you're going, ya idiot!"

"Sorry, dude!"

"Nice job, dumbass." I jeer at the Spiny Goomba.

As they were arguing, I jump into the air, do a front flip, and bring down my right leg, delivering an ax kick to the normal Goomba. The guy squeezes his head, cringing from the pain. As the other two stop arguing and the normal one stop holding his head, they all look at me with pure anger. The three of them charge into me without hesitation. Perfect.

"Watch out!" Yells Goombella.

"Come and get it, you bastards..." I think with a grin on my face.

As they were about to hit me at the last second, I extended my arms and got ready to bring them together.


My voice echoes as I bring my hands together, unleashing a powerful sonic boom around the area. Thankfully, my friends were quick and had their ears held at the time. The other guys, however, suffered with a case of ringing ears. I think they learned their lesson.

"Oweeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" The three cry out in pain.

"I hope you little bitches have learned your lessons. Now, get the hell outta my sight!" I snap.

They immediately run away after seeing my frightening display of strength.

"Ha! Later on, losers! That was AWESOME!" Crows Goombella.

"Is everyone ready? There are plenty more where they came from, and they'll all have it in for us." Warns Frankly.

"Ah, don't worry so much, professor! If more of those idiots show up, I can just kick the shit out of them like before. Just leave it to me!" I say confidently.

As we venture down further, we ran into more and more enemies. Mario and Goombella managed to handle themselves pretty well without my help. After traversing the underground for a bit, we finally come across a room with two giant doors.

"Oh! Mario! Goombella! Rick!!" Exclaims the professor.

"I'm guessing that this is the door that we're looking for?" I ask.

"Yes! Yes it is! The Thousand-Year Door spoken of in legends! I can't believe it's real! So the legends are all true! There it is, big as life! Come! Let's move closer!"

I managed to get a closer look at the door and I couldn't believe my eyes. It was amazing. The door's markings looked like they truly were at least a whole millennium old.

"Hey, what's the deal with this weird pedestal, huh? What could it be, you think?" Asked Goombella.

I was going to take a good look at the pedestal, but Mario beats me to the punch by suddenly jumping onto it. Instantly, the entire area around him lights up in a circle of markings. What the hell?

"Professor! What's going on?" Asks Goombella.

Soon, the map started to glow brightly. When we could see again, I noticed a castle had appeared on the map. A massive blast of kinetic energy emits from the map, shaking the whole room. I suddenly felt some sort of strange, new power inside of my body. I felt as if my being was connected to the map.

"Holy shit...did anyone else feel that?" I ask. Professor Frankly shakes his head.

"I didn't feel anything."

"Me either. Hey, wait! Guys! The map! And what was with all of those crazy lights?" Asks Goombella.

"Hrmmm... It appears that information related to the locations of the Crystal Stars appeared... And that shining light... It looked as if a mysterious power was given to Mario and Rick... Well... One way or another... We should return to my place and study the map closely." Frankly says.

As we all nod in agreement, Mario, Frankly, and Goombella leave the large room. But, I decide to take a closer look at the door. After looking at the markings I put my hand on the door out of curiosity. I suddenly feel an intense pain in my chest and head, as well as a major chill up my spine. It felt like a dark force was behind the door- almost like something was hurting...

"Rick? Are you alright?"

Goombella's sudden appearance startles me, almost making me punch her. Thankfully I realized it was her and stop a few inches from her face.

"Oh my god! I am so sorry, Goombella! Are you alright?" I said in a very apologetic tone.

"It's fine, Rick. You didn't hit me. Why so jumpy though?" She asks.

"It's just... I put one of my hands on the door and suddenly this massive spike of pain tore through me. Whatever is behind that door… it's terrifyingly strong." I say in a nervous tone.

"Come on. Let's go catch up with the others, 'K?" Asked Goombella.

"Yeah... Ok." I replied.

Goombella held my arm and nuzzled her head into my chest. I really enjoyed her trying to comfort me, but I get the feeling that it's going to take a lot more than that to make me feel a bit less uneasy. We all finally make it back to the surface and enter the professor's house. After staring at me and Mario for what seemed like forever, he looks at Goombella.

"Hrmmm... Aha! I see!" Shouts the Professor.

"You understand it, Professor?" Asks Goombella.

"My dear, of course I do! Firstly, about that light we saw shining on Mario and Rick... It seems that they have both acquired something known as a special move." Says Frankly.

"A special move?" Goombella asks curiously.

"Yes, it... Well... Stuff like this is better explained by example rather than words. Would either of you care to try it out?" Asks Frankly.

"Nah. I think we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. What better test is there than the real thing, right?" I reply. Mario responds something of that nature as well. Frankly nods.

"Very well, then. Now let's have a look at that Magical Map and see what we can learn about the…"

Frankly, only now having looked at the map, starts.

"WOW! ASTOUNDING! This map has radar-like functions! It's showing the location of a Crystal Star!"

"Wha? Move over, old man! Lemme see that!" I exclaim and rush over to see.

He's right. The symbol of one of those Crystal Star things was on the map. It appears to be inside some kind of oddly-shaped and old medieval castle. The castle looked nothing like the ones that I had seen or read about in fantasy story books or on the internet, which made me quite curious about it.

"It looks like the first Crystal Star is to be found in a place called the Petal Meadows." Says Frankly.

"Petal Meadows?" I ask.

"Yes. The area is a vast meadow that lies far to the east of Rogueport. To tell you the truth... I've always thought that place was a tad suspicious. The name Petal Meadows did come up from time to time in my research." Frankly explained to us.

"Ok, fine. So we'll go there. Does anybody know how to get there or what?" Asks Goombella.

"Don't look at me. I'm clueless." I said, raising my arms.

"I'm fairly certain that somewhere beneath the city is a pipe to Petal Meadows. If you could just find that, you'd get there instantly. Pipe travel's very efficient!" With that advice out of the way, Frankly turns to Mario with a question.

"By the way, Mario... I'm curious. Where did you get that map, anyway?"

Mario explains how he acquired to map, and Frankly's eyes widen.

"From Princess Peach? Really? Her Highness sent this to you, Mario?

Mario nods in confirmation.

"So it IS her! Your princess came to see me the other day. She wanted to learn about the treasure... I told her about the Crystal Stars and my suspicions about Petal Meadows... It doesn't seem likely, but perhaps she tried to go to Petal Meadows on her own…"

"Y'know, Professor, there was another suspicious group asking about the same thing." Said Goombella.

"She's talking about some idiots that I clobbered. It was earlier today." I pipe up.

"Hrmm... But I can't imagine Princess Peach getting involved with THEM…"

Frankly closes his eyes in thought, then slowly shakes his head. He looks at us with a firm gaze.

"All right! It's settled! Off to Petal Meadows you three go! If Princess Peach indeed went there, your first priority must be to catch up to her. Collecting the Crystal Stars is a means to an end...and that end is Princess Peach!" Says Frankly.

"Aren't you coming with us, Professor?" I ask. He shakes his head.

"No, I'll stay in town and ask around Princess Peach and that suspicious gang. Besides, I doubt a shriveled old Goomba like me could handle the trials of the road. Of course, if anything happens and you need some advice, come see me, OK?"

"You got it, Professor! Well, we're off!" Says Goombella.

"Could we at least go tomorrow? It's getting pretty late and we've been running around all day!" I complain.

Seeing as it was nighttime, Goombella sighs.

"Alright, then. I guess we have gone through a lot today. We'll rest up for the night and set off tomorrow." Goombella relents.

"Alright. Come on, you two. I'll get us a room at the inn with the cash those three idiots left." I say. At that, Mario and Goombella turn towards me in shock.

"You stole their money?" Goombella asks in surprise of my actions.

"Eh. Fuck those guys. They're not going to miss a few coins. Besides, we kind of need a place to stay for the night." I said shrugging with little to no care about the three Goombas that we had beaten earlier.

As we left Frankly's house, we suddenly heard him yelling out.

"Wait just a moment!"

He steps outside and gives a couple of badges to Mario and I. They both said "Power Smash" on them.

"Mario, Rick, it's scary out there. Take these with you. These badges will help you greatly."

After he went inside, we wanted to look further past the east area, but some bird guy with a spear wasn't letting us through.

"Excuse me, we need to pass." I said to him.

"Whoa! Whoa! Hold up, now! If you want to pass through here, you gotta pay 10 coins." He replied.

"What? Why?"

"Look, it's simple. Either you pay, or you away." He says to me.

"But I need to get through." I say trying to pass.

He points his spear at my face.

"Last chance boyo. Pay up or get stabbed." He says to me.

"The fuck did you just call me?" I ask in a growl.

"I said, fuck o-"


"AAAAAAGH! My nether regions! Owwww..." He groans in pain after I punched him in the dick.

"Never call me 'boyo', asshole." I say to him.

He falls to the ground and keeps cringing in pain from my hit. As we looked around there wasn't much around to see, so we decided to continue to the town square and head for the inn. As we got upstairs, we talked to the lady that ran it. We had just enough money for her to give us a room for the night. She prepared a large one for us to share with a big table to eat at and three beds at the opposite end of the room. I chose the one in the corner near the window, Goombella chose the middle one and Mario chose the last one on the opposite side of the room.

"If you three want, I can have a meal brought to you shortly." Said the innkeeper as she gave us a small menu of various dishes.

They all sounded pretty good, but Goombella shakes her head.

"Actually if you don't mind I was hoping to cook something myself." If the other woman was surprised she didn't show it and just nodded.

"As you wish."

Goombella looked pretty excited and a little nervous as she got up and said "Back in a bit guys." before leaving.

Mario and I sat on our beds staring awkwardly around the room. What exactly do you talk about with a guy you only met that day,

"So…" I eventually say "any interesting stories to tell?"

Mario thought for a little bit before his eyes lit up and he talks about some tournament he was in.

(40 minutes later...)

"So wait-you, this guy in a tunic, that Peach woman you were talking about, and a dinosaur were all fighting in space; and not one of you questioned how you could breathe there?"

Mario simply shrugs, which was probably funnier than if he had tried to defend it. Wherever this place is, it is a lot stranger than anywhere on Earth.

He was about to bring up something about a woman in a power suit when the door opens up again.

"Room service." Goombella jokes, carrying in her arms a pair of large plates. "The innkeeper was really sweet-she let me borrow a few ingredients so I was able to make something for each of us." Setting the first plate down in the middle of the table there were three little bowls, two with soup and the other with…

"Spaghetti?" I ask, and in a flash Mario grabs it and a fork to start wolfing it down. Either because of that or my confused look Goombella starts laughing.

"Strange as it sounds Mario is a really big fan of pasta dishes, so it made sense to make him something special. For us I made some Spicy Soup-the perfect dish to wind down a long day like ours." It certainly looks pretty good. Out of curiosity, I grab a spoon and take a big gulp of it.

Instantly a massive feeling of warmth immerses every part of my body. The flavor is basic enough, though certainly spicy enough to earn its name, but compared to the kind of slop they served at MEGATech this might as well be a five-star meal. I can't help but keep eating some, eventually just grabbing the bowl and downing the whole thing in a few gulps.

"So good." I chuckle, but Goombella and Mario are giving me strange looks, and they were really blurry for some reason.

"Is it too hot Rick? You're crying really hard." Sure enough my face feels wet and I have to start rubbing my eyes.

"No, I just haven't had a good meal in a long time. It is really tasty Goombella-thanks a ton for making…" Without even thinking, I give a loud belch, and out of my mouth came a fireball of all things! It flew pretty fast and after hitting a nearby wall left a decent-sized burn mark there.

"Does soup here normally do that here?" I ask.

"No. There's a bit of Fire Flower in here, but not enough to make any real fire." Out of curiosity Goombella tries a spoonful too, and while she certainly sweats a little from the spice she doesn't spew a fireball. "Maybe yours had a little too much in there?" She suggested.

"Makes about as much sense as anything else I've heard." I admit. Afterwards she and Mario eat in peace, and when the two are done Goombella replaces the plate with a second one, and on this were three identical huge Mushrooms with a hearty amount of syrup on top.

Now some Maple Shrooms for dessert. I baked these in the oven for a minute, so they should be extra crispy."

"Maple Shrooms, eh? Let's see what they taste like…" I say as I tear a piece off into my mouth and start chewing.

"Hmmm…. The texture is spongy, yet the flavor is rather sweet… I like it. Toss some more my way, Goombella!" I say with some bits of them still in my mouth. Giggling she tears another piece off and I gulp it down.

"Delicious. High compliments to the chef, Goombella." I say with a grin, causing her to give a shy smile.

"Aww, thanks." She says before giving a loud yawn.

"Sounds like someone needs a rest, huh?" I ask with a laugh, already knowing her answer.

"Yeah. This day was just one bit of crazy after the other." She answers, and Mario nods his head in agreement.

"No kidding. First, I get yanked from my world by jumping into some portal machine and land in this shit-hole of a town, then I fight a bunch of assholes, and now I'm working with you guys to look for some chick that's connected to some magical map. I think the word 'crazy' is putting it lightly, Goombella." I respond to her in a joking manner before giving a light yawn myself as the reflection of today's events finally helped my body realize its exhaustion.

"Well, I'm gonna hit the hay, guys. We've got a big day tomorrow." I tell them both as I walk over to my bed and get my shirt and shoes off with only my pants and t-shirt still on. Strange as this place is I doubt either Mario or Goombella would be big fans of me stripping down to my underwear in front of them.

"Same here." Goombella yawns once more before taking off her hat and walking over to her own bed, with Mario going to his as well.

Despite the number of questions still running through my head it only took a minute or two before I could feel myself nodding off into slumber.

Rogueport, Inn, 11:35 P.M.

The night was a bit more peaceful than in the daytime. Hell, almost the whole town must've been asleep at the time. Despite that a strange sound made me wake up. While nothing in the room immediately strikes me as odd I notice that my sheets start to move on their own.

"Hnngh...hmm? Huh?" Out of curiosity I lift up my blanket.

(Lemon Warning)

I can't believe what I am seeing right now. Goombella is trying to get into my pants!

"Goombella! What are you-mmpph!" I almost yell before getting cut off.

"Shhh..." She says while covering my mouth.

She's literally on top of me, naked and in a position where I can see her entire body. Her womanhood is already soaked with anticipation right over my crotch and she looked at me with hungry, lust-filled eyes. My face starts feeling red-hot in a heartbeat.

"I told you that I going to repay you for saving me today, didn't I?" She whispers to me seductively.

"Need I remind you that Mario's still sleeping right nearby us!? He'll wake up and see us and who knows what he'll say!" I yell as quietly as possible at her.

"Don't worry about it. There was enough Sleepy Sheep mixed into his Spaghetti to knock out a Chain Chomp-nothing short of an explosion could wake him up right now." She answers while still fiddling with my pants, trying to get the button undone.

"Umm.. What are you going to do?" I ask nervously, though the answer was a bit obvious.

"Give you my virginity, of course. Who better to give my first time than the guy who saved my life." Says Goombella.

Oh, crap...

My blush must have darkened pretty badly because all of a sudden Goombella gets this very smug grin that makes me shiver.

"This is your first time too, isn't it?" She asks.

"...Yeah...But it's not like I saw any girls in the facility, anyway. The only exceptions were a couple of doctors who were a little too busy experimenting on me to strike up a conversation with." I reply.

"In that case I hope it will be pleasurable for both of us." says Goombella. Finally undoing the button she reaches up to pull the pants down but I grab her arms.

"Look, I won't lie to you: I can't say in the least that this isn't nice, but we only met all of a couple hours ago. Plus, whatever a Goomba is, I'm pretty sure it is different from a human, so it might be wrong for us to be together. I'm not trying to make you upset or anything. I just… I'm not sure if I want to just rush into something like this out of the blue. Sorry if that-"

Before I can finish talking, Goombella smashes her lips against mine and kissed me deeply. Both of our tongues battle for dominance, but hers won out and she took her time searching my mouth before pulling back and letting us both take a deep breath.

"Did that feel wrong to you?" She asks me with a loving smile.

"Not really. That was pretty nice, actually." I smiled back at her.

Whatever was holding me back before simply faded, and as we share another kiss I wrap my arms around Goombella and hold her close. I can feel the pleasure of the kiss clouding up my thoughts as we explore each other's bodies. My hands felt like they were moving by themselves and I grab her breasts.

"Aah!" She moans a bit in response.

Her light yelp just ends up arousing me even more and I started fondling and massaging them. Her breasts had the strangest sensation to them-soft but with a firmness behind them. Her moans get louder and cuter to hear each second as I grab her more and more. I soon start biting and sucking on her pink nipples. They started to get harder as I caressed them.

"Alright. Let's move on, shall we?" Said Goombella catching her breath.

She turned around and put her womanhood directly in front of my face. She started removing my pants and my underwear and she was surprised to see my 8-inch member fully erect in her face.

"Wow... You're a lot bigger than I thought!" Says Goombella.

"Really? I don't think it's much of a big deal." I say while looking away in embarrassment.

"Well, to be honest, this is actually the first time that I've seen a guy's hard-on up close." Goombella admits with a smile and half-closed eyes.

She soon starts stroking my member and I start to feel even more pleasure than before.

"Whoa... Ggh!"

Goombella surprised me a minute later as she took my whole thing in her mouth. The feeling of her mouth on it was awesome, but too quickly she removes it and turns to me with a pleading look.

"Hey... Come on... Hurry up..."

"Um… So, I just…stick my fingers in, right?" I ask cautiously, as despite an extensive amount of… personal research on the subject of pleasing a woman it was hard to say exactly what would feel good to her.

"Yeah. that and lick it a bit, too…" Goombella says to me before resuming her treatment on my dick.

I started prodding her moist hole with my fingers, trying to feel around inside of her. She looked a lot wetter than before. Guess this whole thing was starting to get her pretty excited too.

"Come on... Do it with your mouth..." She pleaded.

"Ok, ok..."

As she said that I began licking at her entrance before going for her inner walls. The juices gave her a lightly-sweet taste. It was really nice! I lapped up more of it like a man dying of thirst from walking in a desert while Goombella was doing the same as she was licking and sucking my member. A few minutes pass and soon we both feel like something is building up...

"Ohhhhh... Rick, I think... I'm gonna... cum soon!"

"Oh, man… I'm starting to feel something too..."

Before she could finish, she squirted a whole cup's worth of her juices into my face. I ended up doing the same to her with my member as I rammed it deep into her throat release a white, sticky, fluid into her mouth. She gagged for a bit and started coughing a bit, but she closed her mouth for a second and savored it.

"Sorry about that..." I said to her.

"Don't be... Mmmmm... You really taste good, Rick! And now for the main event..."

I blushed a bit from hearing that compliment. She turned herself around and aligned herself on top of me with my member still erect from earlier right underneath her.

"Are you ready?" She asks seductively.

"Yeah..." I reply.

Without hesitation, Goombella drops herself onto my member and suddenly starts wincing in pain.

"Are you okay, Goombella? We can stop if you want..."

" I... Want... This..." She whimpers while shaking.

After a full minute, she starts moving her ass up and down on top of me. I could easily feel all of the pleasure building up inside of me again. I grabbed on to her breasts and nipples and started to fondle them again adding to the pleasure.

"Ahnn! Yes, Rick! Keep going!" Pleaded Goombella.

As she wanted, I started sucking on her nipples and pinching them making her moan even more and have a pure pleasure-filled smile on her face. After 10 minutes of making each other's minds clouded, we started to reach our peak...

"Goombella... I'm... going to cum again!"

"I'm going to cum, too! I can feel it!"

She quickly pressed her lips against mine and we both climaxed at the same time. The feeling of finishing inside her like that was intense. I pull out of her with a loud pop and she falls to my bed's left side, staring me in the face.

"Thank you, Rick..." She says as she kisses me on the cheek and went back to her bed. I clean up the stains so that no one would notice and fell to sleep from exhaustion from our little "activity" together.

"Jesus… It's only been my first day and already I've gotten laid! Something tells me that my life is going to get very interesting from here on out." I think to myself.

I looked up at the ceiling, still thinking about my future in this world as I know that things will never be the same again. Then again, it already crossed that point when my parents were killed, so I guess I shouldn't have expected this to be any different. Either way, it didn't matter now. With my new friends at my side, there was no way in hell that I was going to lose it all again.

End of Chapter 2...

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