The Perfectionist

I can't believe what's just happened. It's just unbelievable! Hence the word!

Unbelievable: to unrealistic or improbable to be believed.

This entire thing is just too much. It's too much to take in, too much to come to terms with…too much to forget…

This has to be a nightmare, it just has to be. That's why this whole thing is just so goddamn horrifying, it has to be a nightmare.

But I'm not asleep. I'm wide awake on this train, going only God knows where. I don't care. Anywhere but…back there. I think I'd rather die than be within a thousand miles of that town ever again.

I'm just going to let this train take me wherever, and I'll go and go and go until there are no more stops, then I'll get on another train and go even further! I know a plane would be faster, and probably less expensive, but screw that! Heights are…ack, just no!

Well…I've sure got the time, so I think I'll listen to my psychiatrist's advice. She said that it would be best if I just wrote down everything that happened, every little detail, and then maybe it would finally just…ah, I don't know.

I just don't want to remember anymore, and she said it might help me forget, so here it goes.

The town of Emerose is small, with barely one hundred people to its name.

This is my home. There's not much to do, other than hang around with my five best friends.

We've all been friends since preschool, we just sort of fit together, like a puzzle. Each piece is different, but they all come together to form a picture in the end.

At least that's how I always saw it.

Apparently, I was the only one.

My name is Syo, by the way. Syo Kurusu, and boy do I have a story to tell you.

"Hey guys! Common! I got a new soccer ball, so we can play again!"

A redheaded ball of hyper that answered to the name Otoya bounced up and down in excitement.

Masato and Tokiya looked disinterested, but the remaining three rolled up their metaphorical sleeves and rose from their spot in the shade of an ancient oak tree in the park to join their friend on the field.

After an hour of playing, the four boys collapsed beneath the tree once more, but not before Natsuki tossed out the water bottles he had brought.

Ren downed nearly all of his on one gulp, whereas Otoya and Syo took their time with their sips. Natsuki, however, had been the one doing the most running, so he decided to focus on breathing first, before he took a drink.

As soon as Otoya's thirst had been adequately quenched he immediately gravitated towards Tokiya, prodding him, running his mouth a mile a minute, and literally all over him although it was blatantly obvious that the latter was annoyed.

"And did you see when I tripped? I really thought I was gonna fall! It was lucky that Ren was right there, don't you think? And I saw the prettiest butterfly out there too! It was a swallowtail! You never see those anymore!"

Tokiya sighed in frustration. "Otoya, please, stop talking."

The redhead bit his lip, but said no more.

Even Masato shook his head at Otoya's ignorance, but, sadly for him, that only drew Ren's attention.

"Ooh, you should flip your hair like that again. Makes you look even more attractive."

Masato turned to glare at the dirty-blond addressing him, but his look was reciprocated with a smirk that was more of a leer.


Masato's mouth turned down further and he looked away crossly.

"On that note." Syo interrupted before things could get out of hand. "Natsuki's place tomorrow, got it? Meet here, like usual, and we'll go from there."

Everybody rose from their spots and dispersed with the usual 'goodbye' and 'see you tomorrow'.

As Ren and Masato went in one direction and Otoya and Tokiya went the opposite, Syo and Natsuki exchanged a glance.

With a mischievous twinkle in his eye, Natsuki suddenly leapt from the ground, up into the tree they had all been sitting underneath.

Syo pouted slightly at this. "Oi! You know I can't get up there by myself!"

Syo and Natsuki loved this tree. It was where they came when they really wanted to be alone after their friends departed, and they were the only ones who had found a way to climb into the huge thing. Well, Natsuki did, anyway.

The blond smiled from his place among the foliage, the green of the leaves nicely complimenting his eyes.

"Don't worry Syo. Just give me your hand."

He held his hand down to the smaller, who took it without hesitation.

Natsuki pulled Syo up high enough to where he could manage to get a hold on the tree himself, and once he was righted he made his way over to the large branch Natsuki was luxuriating on.

The taller blond grabbed him gently around the waist and pulled Syo on top of him carefully so they wouldn't fall and Syo smiled, kissing the hand that came up to brush his bangs from his face.

"You really are stronger than you look, you know."

Natsuki chuckled lightly and kissed the top of Syo's head. "When it comes to you, I can do anything. I love you so much, Syo."

The petite blond smiled and sighed in contentment, squirming up until he was nuzzled underneath Natsuki's chin with his eyes closed.

"I love you more."


So yeah...uhm...*wrings hands* ahem. The idea for this came to me during the summer, during a time of stress and when I basically had no fucks to give about what anyone thought I was writing...At the time it seemed like a good idea, but now...not so much. Lemme know how this goes. I'm curious.

characters © you all should know I don't own Uta Pri

story © MarluxiaSutcliff116