The day was finally coming to a close.

It had been thirty minutes since Weiss stopped yelling and twenty since Ruby stopped apologizing.

The room was finally tranquil though who knew how long that would last. Blake definitely didn't want to find out, but wanting wasn't really enough right now. The poor girl was wide awake despite all of her mental and physical exhaustion because of one simple reason: Yang Xiao Long.

How appropriate the word "simple" was for Yang. The girl was completely open. It wouldn't take more than a second for anyone to figure out what was on the blond's mind. She was like those books that Blake read a dozen times; they were great to read, but there was no mystery to them anymore. Nothing surprised her about those books or about the blond.

Nothing besides that trick. Blake just couldn't get it off her mind. It shouldn't be something that bugged her to this extent, but it did.


Blake and Yang each sat on their own bunks, and though they were very close to each other, the atmospheres surrounding each bunk was completely different. Blake gave off a cool and collected air, while she enjoyed the story in front of her.


Books, however, weren't something Yang was nearly as fond of.

The top bunk was covered in an air so filled with panic, that it was surprising there was no rain cloud hovering up there to match the mood. Blake could had a pretty good guess of the situation above her, but at the moment was too absorbed in her novel to care.

"Blake. Blake. Blake. Bla-"

"Yang, I'm right here. You don't need to call for me," was the quick response from the dark haired girl as she just held the book closer thinking it'd be easier to ignore the blond that way. Blake had no idea why she always made the mistake of trying to read around her partner. She hadn't managed to get through one book this week thanks to the constant interference.

"Geez, what's got you so grumpy?"

"You know I don't like being interrupted when I'm reading."

"But you're always reading…" Yang complained. She hung her head over the edge of bed, her long locks slipping over as well. The cascade of blond over the side of the bed blocked the already somewhat dim light from reaching where Blake sat. "How else would I get you to talk to me?"

Blake placed her book aside before giving the blond the attention she desired. Not like she had a choice with the lack of light. She was ready to snap at her inconsiderate teammate, but bit her tongue after facing Yang.

Instead of reprimanding the blond like she had prepared to, the black haired girl was stunned by the spectacle that was Yang. The sight before her would be too much for anyone.

Yang's hair hanging down shimmered beautifully and covered almost every inch of Blake's field of vision. Did the other girl really have this much hair? Blake never took the time to realize what a stunning color it was. With the light framing it and peeking through, it made the blond haired girl glisten like the sun.

The blond herself had a weird expression though. She may have been trying to pout, but it just looked silly upside-down. It was so impossible to be upset with this girl for too long.

"I knew the second you saw me you'd cheer up." Yang now wore a confident grin. This girl was very aware of the effect she could have on people and was proud of it.

"Don't flatter yourself." Blake was back to her usual blank expression. Yang didn't mind though since she had a mission to accomplish today. "So, you needed something?"

"Oh, yeah! Just wanted to say 'hi'..." Yang paused for a moment trying to gauge her partner's expression for any changes. Not having much luck, she continued, "and see if you'd answer some questions I have."

Blake closed her eyes, she could feel a headache coming along already. "You know this is why you shouldn't have started studying only a couple days before the test."

"Tch, knew you'd say that. Okay, next time I wont, just please help me this time!" Ruby was known for her adorable puppy-dog eyes, but Yang's flipped version worked in its own way. Actually the way she was looking at Blake was kind of alluring. Were those meant to be puppy-dog eyes at all?

"Go grab your notes and show me your questions." The blond quickly disappeared to do as told, while Blake motioned to put her book away, but not before placing a bookmark.

Yang swung over to plop a couple books onto Blake's bed when she noticed the cover, "The Prince and the Raven? What's that about?"

Blake perked up a bit at the question. Yang noticed she always did whenever anyone asked her about what she was reading. The blond never really cared about what the plot of those stories were, but still asked the question now and then just to see the reaction. "Well it's about a prince who had to shatter his own heart to stop a giant raven from destroying the town he lived in."

"Hmm, dark stuff. A little hard to believe, don't ya think?" It was kind of nice to talk like this. Well, getting Blake to talk at all was nice.

"This is like a tragic fairytale so I never really expected it to make sense. You know Beauty and the Beast, right? It's similar, but in this they don't all live happily ever after. I think the dark ones are actually a little more believable. " Blake took a moment to admire the cover. The book was obviously old, and it looked like it was on the brink of tearing in some places. She'd had this one for quite some time.

Yang was never happy about when Blake got like this. She seemed to be reflecting on parts of her life that weren't very favorable. However, while Yang couldn't take those memories away, she could still try to be a distraction from them.

"Can I see it?" Without waiting for a response the blond swung forward with a little too much force while still hanging upside-down.

"Yang, be carefu-Mmph!"

In Yang's energetic attempt to reach for the book she knocked into Blake who had just been about to save her from slipping. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who you asked), their lips were the first things to connect.

Neither got to dwell on it though, as gravity still had a role to play, leaving the reckless blond ramming into the ground head first. That would definitely leave a mark.

"Ugh." Yang's head was spinning. She reached up to touch where it was especially sore. Yup, there's a bump.

Upon opening her eyes, she saw bright amber ones staring back at her. Those eyes looked very confused, and also just a bit worried.

"So, was that as good for you as it was for me?" Yang asked with her trademark grin in place. That quickly vanished though when she saw Blake lifting one of her pillows. "No! Wait it was an accident! I was just kidding!"

Too late. Once again, gravity was a step ahead of the blond.

Blake initially felt a little guilty for causing more pain to the already injured blond, but it was just a pillow. Still, the blond did wonders at making her feel bad about it since it struck the bump. In the end, she offered to tutor Yang if she did poorly on the upcoming exam to make up for it.

Anyways, all that mattered now was Blake needed answers. She needed to know what that kiss meant, if anything. Was it really on purpose or was the blond still just playing games with her?

Blake immediately climbed towards the source of her problems. She leaned over the edge of Yang's bed, her feet propped on her own bed below. The dark haired girl rested her head on her arms and just stared ahead into the sleeping face of Yang.

Blake was definitely tired. If not for the firebrand in front of her, she'd be lost in some nighttime wonderland too.

It was always amusing to see how her teammate slept. Somehow that girl could always make a mess of her sheets. It was a good thing the room was kept pretty warm, otherwise Yang would've been freezing with how she slept now. Her comforter was completely kicked aside and the girl was sprawled out on her back, making full use of almost all of the space available on her mattress.

"How come you get to sleep so peacefully," Blake asked the unconscious girl, not actually expecting an answer. She poked the sleeping girl's face as some kind of mild punishment and never could have expected the reaction she received.


That was a new one. Blake lit up immediately and stood absolutely still, afraid she woken the blond. For the first time in a long time she had no idea what to do. She never thought her teammate could be so…well, that. The sound caught her completely off guard, though that didn't mean she didn't like it.

Once she was certain that she hadn't been caught, Blake hesitantly reached forward to poke the blond once more. She didn't understand why, but she really liked that reaction, and kind of wanted to see more of it.

"What are you doing?"

The cards weren't in her favor though. "W-Weiss?" Ugh, even while asleep her partner still managed to put her in bad situations.

"Of course it's me, who else would it be?" The reply was coated in the heiress's attitude. Unsurprisingly, she wasn't happy about being woken up.

Blake decided she couldn't be too offended at that since it was an unnecessary question. Yang and Ruby were pretty heavy sleepers. On some mornings Weiss and Blake needed to threaten to throw the other two girls out of bed, or bribe them with something sweet before they would finally start to rouse. She definitely shouldn't have been too worried about waking her partner up at all, but she should have been more cautious nonetheless. Weiss was the last person she wanted to have seen her like this. "Just go back to sleep. This is nothing."

"Well, it looks like something." Weiss took a moment to pause, and it seemed like her irritation subsided when she continued. "You two really have gotten close." The heiress's voice was now filled with a completely different tone, though Blake couldn't exactly pinpoint what it was. All she could tell was that the white haired girl seemed to have suddenly been distracted.

In the cloak of darkness Weiss actually took a moment to observe the sleeping girl next to her. Their fearless leader looked more like a kid than ever from the little that the heiress could see. The younger girl was already drooling, her mouth opened wide as she lightly snored. Like Yang, she was also a professional at making the mess of the bed. Weiss would definitely be scolding her tomorrow, but in that moment she was too occupied with just stroking her carefree partner's hair.

So much had happened in just one day, and Weiss was in dire need of rest. She couldn't even remember what she was talking to Blake about.

Luckily, she got a reminder.


There was noise from across the room again. Weiss just let out a breath. Honestly, would she ever be able to sleep?

Blake felt a similar misery once she realized her situation. While she distracted by the heiress, it seemed the sleeping blond had gotten hold of Blake's sleeve and pulled her onto the bed. She was now trapped in the hold of those strong arms, afraid to make any sudden moves or sounds. She even went so far as to hold her breath.

It wasn't enough though as she saw golden lashes flutter open. Yang's lilac eyes stared unfocused into Blake's and the black haired girl could see the blond becoming coherent. Blake was on Yang's bed, partially cuddled against the blond, while also slightly dangling off the edge. Without wasting a moment, Blake tried to remedy the situation.

"Yang, don't misunderstand!" Oh, who was she kidding? Nothing would work against the blond now.

"You know, if you wanted to sleep with me that badly you could've just said so."

"No, that's not it!"


The aggressive signal to hush from Weiss was more than enough to get the taller girls to be quiet. Neither was really willing to deal with the white haired girl's temper right now.

Yang was perfectly content with the silence for a change and shamelessly wrapped her arms a bit tighter around Blake, forcing the black haired girl to lie fully on the mattress. "We'll talk tomorrow. Let's just sleep before the princess has a tantrum."

The always abrupt blond fell into her dreams once more without giving Blake any chance to protest.

Meanwhile, the dark haired girl was stuck, tired and very fed up. She was uncomfortable and with no option to get out of it (and a part of her not minding that) she decided to just let everything go and finally get some much needed rest as well. The girl next to her was entirely too much for anyone to handle.

In her last moments before succumbing completely to her slumber, Blake realized she had forgotten something about those books she read repeatedly, and that was why they were worth so much of her time in the first place. It was because with each return she would find something new. The best books, like the best people, were the ones that could still amaze her no matter how much time was spent with them. Yang managed to become part of that group before Blake even realized it.

Yup, if anyone could do it, it'd be Yang.

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