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A/N: For the Drabble Tag at Pokémon Fanfiction Challenge Forum. :) I don't know; in my headcanon, Jasmine's Skarmory has a bit of a vain, prideful personality to counterbalance Jasmine's modesty... And Skarmory is not a big fan of Volkner. -shot-

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Prompts: Shiny, scourge, order
Universe: Game-verse
Characters/Pairings: Volkner, Flint, Jasmine, and Skarmory. No pairings.

.: Ill-Tempered Steel :.

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"Flint, you've deliberately sentenced us to death."

"Aw, quit being a drama queen, Volkner!" Flint paused before continuing. "Wait, a Draco Meteor from Cynthia's Garchomp isn't a death sentence to you?"

Volkner only glared before the door behind them forcefully jutted forward; both males pushing back with all their might and wishing the locked door would stay locked. A very determined—very angry—screech came from the other side; the source desperately trying to claw its way into the room. Volkner couldn't believe he was in this mess!

Jasmine asked them for one favor—one, tiny favor: watch her Skarmory for a moment while she took her newly hatched Mawile to the Pokémon Center for a check-up. She could've brought Skarmory with her, but apparently, the Steel-type specialist was meticulous in keeping a schedule when it came to grooming (or…polishing) her Pokémon.

…Which was another task entrusted to them.

Snapping out of his thoughts, Volkner watched as Flint pulled a Poké Ball from his belt. "You're not battling it are you?"

"Dude, if you want to get scourged by those wings, be my guest. Jasmine didn't order us not to defend ourselves if Skarmory got feisty!"

How the Electric-type specialist wanted to run a hand down his face. "It's 'feisty' because you insulted it!"

"Hey!" Flint argued among the screeching and pushing. "All I said was Skarmory's wings weren't as shiny as usual! I mean, that's the point of us polishing it right!?"

"Have you forgotten how vain Skarmory is?"

"Skarrrrr!" When the door crashed to the floor—bringing Volkner and Flint with it—Skarmory forced its way into the room, letting out a mighty cry. Soon, that particular pair of wings began glowing brightly; an indication of Skarmory's impending doom so to speak.

That's it—they were dead.


If there was a time to feel relief, it would be now. Jasmine entered the room in haste with her Mawile in tow; the Deceiver Pokémon catching a glimpse of the male Trainers' unfortunate position and snickered impishly. Volkner was beginning to loathe Steel-type Pokémon…

Jasmine frowned; disappointed. "Skarmory, you know better than to attack people like that!"

Grumbling, Skarmory held its beak up high, trotting to the far end of the room. Volkner tried pushing the door away, but Flint decided kissing Jasmine's feet was more important at the moment. "Jasmine, I love you."

The girl in question flinched; snapping out of her discontentment. Quickly falling to her knees, Jasmine lifted the door as much as she could. From what Volkner could see, her face took on a bright shade of red. "I-I'm so sorry! Skarmory is normally very tame!"

Honestly, Volkner thought Skarmory was anything but tame. Getting to his feet—Jasmine apologizing profusely to Flint—Volkner stared at the Armor Bird Pokémon. It stared back, but the male Gym Leader knew there was a mocking glint in Skarmory's sharp gaze.



Volkner narrowed his eyes with (vengeful) intent. "Remind me to teach my Pokémon Fire-type moves…"