Day 3: Emolument

"Gumshoe! Get over here now, Scruffy! So I can give you a lesson," Franziska shouted at the detective's retreating back.

He stopped but did not turn to look at her. She started walking slowly toward him. Each step the slow prowl of a jungle cat. Each clack of her heeled boots were like the loud ticking of a clock.

"You foolish fool," Franziska said as she raised her whip, "Don't ever attempt to take me with such foolishness again.




"Sorry sir!"


"It wont—"





Franziska snapped the whip over her head triumphantly, "You're lucky Edgeworth isn't here!"

"Please don't tell Mister Edgeworth, sir!" Gumshoe said.

"I wont," Franziska said, "Unless you continue your foolish ways!"

Gumshoe swallowed, his fate was sealed. The detective was distraught, he was having a salary review for the quarter and he had to report to Mister Edgeworth later. He hoped Franziska wouldn't say anything… Eating cold ramen with no water was a crunchy mess and he'd been hoping for a little raise.

Gumshoe left orders with the men he still had working the crime scene and jumped in his beat up Crown Vic. He drove to the prosecutor's building—might as well get this over with.

"Ah… Detective Gumshoe," Edgeworth said after he'd opened the door, "You're here for your quarterly salary review, I take it?"

"Yes sir!" Gumshoe said with a salute.

"Please detective, you're welcome to stand in front of my desk," Edgeworth said already turning to go back to said desk.

Gumshoe stood where he'd been told.

"I've been very impressed with your work this quarter, and the board and I have decided that whatever emolument you are receiving is not quite enough. You're a senior detective, you're expected to look presentable and provide the example for others to follow."

Gumshoe nodded solemnly, he wasn't completely sure what Mister Edgeworth was telling him, but it sounded like bad news.

"Detective," Edgeworth said, "Your recompense will be increased by ten percent for the next quarter. I trust you'll be able to buy a nicer coat with compensation like that."

A feeling of great hope and gratitude welled up inside Gumshoe. He felt like hugging Mister Edgeworth—but then, Edgeworth would probably dock his pay for that…

The telephone rang, interrupting Gumshoe's thoughts.

"Excuse me," Edgeworth said, "I have to take this call."

Gumshoe busied himself with thoughts of how he would spend his new-found wealth. He could treat himself to pizza tonight—or even steak! His mouth watered slightly.

"Detective!" Edgeworth had put his phone down.

"Yes, sir?"

"That was Prosecutor Von Karma," Edgeworth said.

"Oh," Gumshoe frowned.

"Do you know what she told me about?"

"Y-yes…" Gumshoe could see his steak disappear.

"I'm sorry but that was serious," Edgeworth leaned back in his chair and wrote on a form, "I'm going to have to take five percent for that."

That's still a five percent raise, Gumshoe thought while doing the math in his head.

"I'm taking three percent because you look like a simpleton today."

That's still two percent. Gumshoe was scared but hopeful.

"And I'm taking another three percent because your coat stinks," Edgeworth said before handing the form to Gumshoe.

Gumshoe looked hurt, he just got a one percent decrease in pay. More dry ramen for him.

"You're dismissed," Edgeworth said, "I have work to do, detective."

"Yes sir," Gumshoe said and he walked morosely toward the door.


e·mol·u·ment [ih-mol-yuh-muhnt] n. Profit, salary, or fees from office or employment; compensation for services: Tips are an emolument in addition to wages. Synonyms: earnings, pay, recompense, stipend, honorarium.

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