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Jamie knew she was dreaming, but she couldn't shake herself from her surreal surroundings. Everything was so bright she had to shield her eyes to be able to see. There was a sweet smell coming from all around her but she couldn't place what it was that she was smelling.

"Jamie?" someone called. Jamie turned around and there was a beautiful woman standing before her with Landon next to her.

"Landon?" she asked, she moved forward to touch him, but her hand went through his face. She gasped and Landon smiled.

"Jamie, I'm not really Landon. You're dreaming, sweetheart," he told her. He looked at the woman.

"Darling, we're angels. This young man was in your family before you were born," the woman explained. Jamie couldn't help but admire the beautiful features of this seemingly glowing woman.

"I'm your distant cousin. I look like this way for your comfort," her cousin said. "My name is Tony."

"And Jamie, I'm your mother," the woman revealed. Jamie's eyes grew big and she tried hugging her mom but ended up going through her. "You must realize dear, we're angels, and humans cannot come in contact with us."

"Angels?" Jamie repeated, looking around. Was she dead?

"No," Tony laughed, looking to the woman. "You're not dead."

How did he know what she was thinking? Jamie was overwhelmed and wanted to sit down. Suddenly, a chair appeared behind her. And then a mahogony table was in front of her and two other chairs for Tony and Jamie's mother. Both angels looked up and said thank you and Jamie's heart skipped a beat. She sat down and awaited an explanation.

"Sweetie, God has been very pleased with your life to date," her mother told her. Jamie smiled at this. "Yes, you should be very proud of that."

"There is a reason you never knew me, Jamie. I would have been 16 when you were born. But I died of leukemia when I was only 14," Tony said. Then he smiled real big. "The bone marrow match you're going to recieve is from me and your mother. We worked it out with Him, and sent you the cure."

All of a sudden Jamie was crying and Landon was next to her. But her mother was gone. And she was back in the hospital room.

"Jamie, Jamie, it's okay," Landon was saying, brushing her hair out of her face. "You were just dreaming."

"Tony?" she whispered looking Landon in the eyes. Landon looked at her funny and she realized it was really her husband staring back at her.

"Should I get Dr. Hansen?" Landon asked, looking at the door. Jamie put her hand on his arm and smiled.

"No, I'm fine," she said. "I just, I had the best dream." Then she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Landon pulling him into a passionate kiss.

"Okay, now I know something's up," he teased kissing her back.

"Well, you are my husband," she said. "And I'm a young woman full of life."

"Thank God," Landon said.

"And my mother and Tony," Jamie whispered.