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Fate - Stay Night: Fate Take-Over Route

Chapter 1: Prelude to Avarice

All the evils of the world

shall be consummated by one man.

But one being dared to take it upon himself for his sake

And therefore, he transcended what no being can ever achieve.

She is so abominable…

She is a heresy to our organization…

How can she perfect in years what our other leaders have mastered in their lifetime?

She must be excommunicated…

Yes, she must be put out of her misery so that she can no longer commit any sin.

Those are what the leaders and colleagues of an ancient secret organization have been mumbling about this woman. She just committed a treacherous crime that transcends all other crimes, by copying other techniques of her leaders in a span of few years, thanks to excruciating body modifications. She did it only because she wanted recognition from her colleagues, and to prove her zealousness for the organization. Instead, she is given the look of hatred and disgust.

This unnamed person did not go down as one of the candidates for the selection as one of the leaders. Instead, she is outcasted for her so – called "sins".

She ran far away, as far as the desert winds can take her, and lived in the mountain crags, until the day of her death.

But as she floated down the endless void, she is summoned by an inviting voice to take her place at the Throne of Heroes for her deeds. He also recalled that many of her colleagues have also coveted for that artifact but they never succeeded, and that she is the only one capable of it. The voice told her that the artifact can grant any wish they desired, even revenge on her old colleagues. There is just one thing that the voice did not expect.

The moment the voice told her about revenge, her straight expression turned into one of zealous anger upon realizing what the artifact really does, vowing that she will destroy the abomination that misled many of her colleagues.

With that resolve, she retained herself in the Throne of Heroes, waiting for a Master to summon her. If that Master will summon her, then it will be the time to kill that greedy Master and to destroy the Grail with her remaining life force on the earth.

Little did she know that the one who will summon the strongest Servant will have the same thoughts as her.

Let yourself fall into a deep slumber, and your wish will soon be granted.

She fell asleep once again, after she made another contract with that light shining upon her beaten – up body from numerous battles.

Ah, so once again, I will have the opportunity to grant my wish. To undo what I did in the past, to be erased from history…

To never become…

a King…

Little did she know that the one who will summon her will have a surname similar to the one who betrayed her wish.

It seems that I will need the help of someone. A mysterious old man mused to himself as he traversed parallel worlds once again. He found a magical city brimming with prana from every guild situated there.

And so, with that notion, he wrote something on a piece of paper, then opening the portal with the help of his staff with a jewel on it that shined like a prism in the sun, he let it fly through the cities, hoping that someone will pick it up. And the words that are written on the lower right edge of the paper are:

To Fairy Tail Guild

Now, let's see how will that story go. He chuckled as he messes up again with the parallel worlds, looking for a satisfying ending.

It is a magical day in Magnolia Town, and mission posts are distributed once again in the wooden bulletin board of every guild, including Fairy Tail. One of them is a Grade S Mission, regarding a wish – granting device, and someone took notice of it.

"OHH YEEEAAAHHHHHHHH! This will be perfect for me!" A man with a salmon pink hair is looking on that poster with enthusiasm as this will be his chance to beat up heroes from every age and era. A woman with blonde hair sighed at his antics, not imagining what will become of this mission.

"Natsu, that is not the mission for you and you know that better than everyone else." She explained to the pink – haired man named Natsu. "Do you want to replicate what happened in Galuna Island again?"

"Relax, Lucy." Natsu retorted. "Besides, we saved that village."

"Thanks to Erza." A man with dark blue hair who is wearing nothing but shorts replied. He is just leaning on the wooden pillar, but his existence is enough for Natsu to be annoyed of him.

"Shut it, Gray." Natsu fumed, literally. His fists are now on fire as he threateningly lifted it up to the man named Gray. "Wanna have another fight with me?"

"You bet I am. I'm really itching for one after so many years!" His Ice Make magic is now permeating to the wooden floor, freezing almost everyone's feet, thanks to Ultear's magic of unlocking their second vessels that will double their magic abilities. But then a red – haired woman had enough of them and proceeded to punch the living daylights out of the two with just a single punch for each offender.

"Thank you very much, Erza." The two beaten – up guys politely replied as they tried to bow down in obedience to the S – Class Mage aptly named "Titania". She flipped her hair in a fixing manner as she replied.

"I thought you two are now cooperating together." She said in an authoritative manner. "What happened to that truce?"

"Let them be, Erza." A woman with white hair and blue eyes cheerfully replied as she served drinks to a woman who is obviously drunk after she chugged a barrel – full of beer. "You know that they are just children."

"The only problem is that they are now adults. As an older sister to your two other siblings, you know that more than anyone else, Mirajane." She retorted to the one now named Mirajane.

"There, there." Mirajane appeased "Your hotheadedness will bring down the whole guild house again."

Erza thought about it for a few seconds while Natsu and Gray are about to wet themselves in their pants in fear. They felt relieved when she released them from that dreaded mood of hers, for now.

"Alright. Now let's see what are the requirements for that mission. Natsu blabbered about beating ancient heroes from every era, so it must be related to a war." Erza became curious of that mission since Natsu is talking non – stop about it for days.

"Not just any war…" A little old man interrupted their scuffle. They looked around to see Master Makarov also curious about what the posted mission says. He thought twice about posting that mission, but seeing as they can handle it, he just posted it, not knowing fully the implications.

"Master. Do you know about this?" Mirajane inquired as she also looked at that poster graded S – class. For a mission to be rated S – class, it must be a very dangerous mission, possibly related to reconnaissance on enemy lines or something that could cost the ones doing the mission their lives.

"Maybe, but it says that it will require a parallel world traveller for this one." Makarov replied as he looked closely on that mysterious poster. "It says that to do the mission, he or she must go to Fuyuki City right after receiving the Command Seals and Summoning a Servant." Obviously they don't have a city that is named Fuyuki, based on what he gathered from the townsfolk of Magnolia.

"Just like Jellal from Edolas…" a child with long blue hair replied as she also peeked on that bulletin board together with her white cat.

"It seems that it will not just be like any other war that we witnessed." The white cat analyzed as she also has doubts on that poster from nowhere.

"Why is that, Charle?" Lucy butted in the conversation as she is also curious of that poster. At first, Charle hesitated, but as they went through more adventures worse than this, she replied with a straight face.

"Seven Masters, Seven Servants, all of them will be fighting for that one Grail, or that's what the poster said. You can form alliances, although it will be only for a short time, as they will kill each other later. This looks more and more to me like a blood bath rather than an actual war." Even Charle herself shuddered at the implications of betrayal of trust. "This poster is too detailed for me, as if the poster of this mission knows what will happen to us if we ever get to do that mission."

It seems to her that the more information that they get, the weirder the situation that they are in. Parallel – world traveller? Servants? Masters? But then again, this is Fairy Tail, so any mission that is strange or difficult, they handled it with ease. She will not faint from that now. But one thing about this poster worries her…

"Bloodbath, huh?" Her stomach contents are almost rising up to her throat, but she held it in. Lucy wonders if the other guys next to her were not as weak as her, but they are just as appalled as she is, although they didn't want to show it. Natsu just stood there, after learning from Charle of the consequences of doing that mission. Erza mumbled along the lines of "that's too horrible." and "who is that sick guy who treats this like a game?" Mirajane closed her eyes and looked away at that poster, Wendy and Charle walked away, not wanting to see that poster again, and Makarov mumbled along the lines of "I don't want my children to be hurt again like that last time." They all walked away, except for Lucy and Natsu, still appalled at that poster, and Makarov.

Makarov is about to remove the poster when he heard a scream.

"That's Mirajane!" Lucy exclaimed as she came to her senses. Natsu and Gray went faster than her to her location. They saw Mirajane curled up like a ball on the floor, clutching her left hand in pain. As the searing pain subsided, Mirajane looked at her left hand, and she found something of an intricate design etched on her hand. She panted from the exhaustion of excruciating pain. Although it only lasted for a few seconds, her perception seemed like it was hours.

"Nee-san! Are you alright?" A woman with short hair and a man with white spiky hair attended to their sister more quickly than the whole Fairy Tail Guild have responded. Mirajane weakly stood up as she replied.

"I'm fine, Elfman, Lisanna." She replied as she reassured her two siblings and tried to comprehend what are those markings. Suddenly, behind Elfman's back, there is an old man clothed in a simple collared robe who chuckled as he replied.

"Those are the Command Seals, my dear. And you are chosen for the Holy Grail War." The old man replied as the whole Fairy Tail Guild replied in both shock and surprise at their faces at the sudden appearance of the uninvited guest. Face faults are not enough to describe their surprise at the new old man who just came in to Fairy Tail without any warning.



Taiga: HELLO MINNA! It's me, Fujimura Taiga! (speaks sultrily in English language) PLEASED TO MEET YOU. (almost kisses camera when one little girl butts in)

Student # 1: (hand waves) And I'm Illyasviel von Einzbern! (flips her hair) Also called the (in English) GREAT STUDENT NUMBER- (receives a smack in the head courtesy of Taiga's Tora – Shinai)What is that for?

T: (ignoring her student) Wow, where are we? (looks around their new dojo room consisting of Mirajane model pictures. The wooden title board exclaims "Mirajane" in katakana letters written in an ancient writing style.)

S#1: I think we're in a crossover room, Sensei.

T: That's right, we're in a cross – over- WAIT A MINUTE! (grabs the camera in front of them) This is not what it is supposed to happen! (quarrels with the camera and tries to smash it)

S#1: Sensei, you know that this is not our show, right? (she gives her teacher a look with a raised eyebrow.)

T: (exclaims in English language) I DON'T CARE! (smashes the camera and the mushroom appears from nowhere.) kinoko – san?

Mushroom: Ah, what am I doing here? I'm supposed to play games in my Neverland.

T: Sorry, but you, sir, are not in your Neverland Overdrive. It seems that someone just made fun of our plight and put us in here! (bites handkerchief.)

S#1: (sighs) you know that you are too old for that, Sensei… (she smirks as she knew the crossover author's power to let her get back at her sensei.)

T: I will get to the bottom of this! Just you wait, formless being, for I, the Tiger of Fuyuki, will smash you to bits with my weapon! (shakes her weapon threateningly)

(Somewhere, a man happily typing away at his fanfic chapter sneezed.)

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Kinoko – san – mushroom in Japanese. Apparently also the name of the one who wrote the light novel Kara no Kyoukai and the popular series Fate/stay night.

Neverland Overdrive – Reality Marble of Kinoko Nasu

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