Title: Out of the Darkness
Author: Katie (TheIrishShipperholic) and Erin (Erin Salvatore)
Disclaimer: I own nothing but this story
Show/Movie/Book: The Vampire Diaries
Couples/Category: Sage and Finn, Klaus and Caroline. AU
Rating: Mature, for language and sexual situations/scenes
Summary: Two brothers, both vampires; two women, also vampires. Are they destined to be together? AU, Sinn and Klaroline, starts between 3x13 and 3x14 [Collaboration with Erin Salvatore]
Author's Note: I was inspired to write this after I watched a music video of Sage & Finn set to the song "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri, and the muse was definitely on board for it!

Chapter One

A suitcase lay open on a brass and iron bed, clothes scattered about the room while redhead vampire Sage O'Reilly speeds around her villa in Florence, Italy, preparing to leave of the many homes she has come to know in her 900+ years of life. But now it was time to go…home. Where was home though? the redhead asked herself, pausing as she remembered a time when she and Finn had gotten separated from each other while "playing a game", plopping down onto the bed on her back as her eyes drifted shut to remember that day:

1000s A.D. – Virginia (what is Mystic Falls)

"Finn, where did you go?" Her voice holds a slightly panicky tone to it as her dark red curls fanned out around her by then pale face as she looked around frantically for her companion, squealing in surprise when he suddenly appeared in front of her, gently squeezing her waist. An anger she wasn't expecting bubbled to the surface and she turned away to stomp off out of the maze they had been playing in.

"Sage, love, you had to know that I was not intending to scare you on purpose," Finn attempted to explain to the redhead as he followed after her, knowing she was having none of it. Finally, when they had reached the edge, Finn spun her around and collided their lips together, refusing to let up on his rough but still soft, demanding kisses until he had gotten the redhead to respond, and once she did, her fingers tugged on the tunic pinned to his hard, muscled body with a leather belt until he had responded in kind by letting his hands roam her trembling body, stopping once they had lowered onto the soft silk material that covered the glorious curves of her rear end and pressing her tightly against him. The gasp that escaped her lips when she tore her mouth away from his had Finn rubbing his hardened erection against her cloth-covered feminine heat and groaning into the skin of her arched neck when he heard her voice next to his ear and he listened to her speak softly to him.

He turned his eyes until they had met hers, the green orbs glistening briefly with tears. Finn's strong, callused thumbs stroked swiftly over her fair-skinned cheeks and wiped the tears away. "Finnegan," she began to say, her breath hitching slightly with hesitation before continuing. "I will only get the opportunity to speak of this once, so here goes nothing: I have loved you since the day you knocked me over and I will keep on loving you until death parts us. So, what I am saying to you now is that I want to lie in your arms and unite us as one body, soul and mind. I want my heart to be yours and I would like to keep yours as well. Finnegan, I am asking for you to claim me as your own; right here, right now."

Finn lets out a trembling sigh. "Oh, my beautiful Irish Rose, it would be an honor to make love to you," he said with a warm smile as he let his head lower to claim her mouth in a brief caressing of lips before shifting to place one arm beneath her knees while the other remained at her back. He never once complained at how heavy she was as he began carrying her a ways toward an abandoned cabin they often had their picnics in whenever he didn't want to be interrupted by his siblings or his parents. Once they were safely tucked inside, Finn's hands lifted and deftly untied the tied-in-a-bow strings to her maroon red dress, untying them slowly. He watched as she took a step back and allowed the material of her dress drop to the floor in nothing but a soft whisper. Finn's eyes widened even more when he realized she had worn nothing beneath as her feet stepped out of the circle that was once her dress.

"You seem to be over dressed, Sir Mikaelson and I think I need to change that fact," his partner in crime said huskily while giving him a soft smile. He groaned when he saw that smile and wanted so badly to kiss the lips that contained it but he held back. Instead, Finn took her hands, lifting them to his mouth and kissed the knuckles before lowering them again and guided her hands to the belt fastened around the tan tunic. Sage pulled the buckle free, smiling when she felt his mouth kiss the area where her forehead came into contact with her hair. The belt fell to the ground and Finn lifted his arms so that Sage could lift the tunic up and over his head. Once it had joined her dress on the floor, Finn placed his hands on Sage's tiny, trembling shoulders. Then he was letting them rise to frame her face between shaking hands, lifting her eyes to meet him. He crouched down a little and kissed her softly. Sage immediately melted into his embrace and his gentle but still passionate kisses, feeling on top of the world in that very moment. Finn took a few steps back when he heard a voice from the door followed by a shriek he was sure could be heard around the village.

"Get out, Rebekah," Sage heard Finn say over her shoulder and she dared a quick look at his face for the first time since they got interrupted just a few seconds before. Her green eyes took in the sight of his strong jaw as it locked in anger toward his sister but she quickly glanced away before he could notice her intensely staring at him. The slender (and suddenly very aware of her nakedness) redhead left Finn's arms and was just leaning down to pick up her dress to put it back on when she felt his presence behind her…right behind her. "Sage, please stay…" He spoke in a husky plea and Sage turned around to look up at him, green eyes meeting brown just right before his head lowered back down to hers until his mouth hovered above hers. Sage met him halfway, hands moving up his chest and shoulders, up past the cords of his neck and finally stopping to sift into his dark brown hair. Finn smiled and wrapped his trembling hands around her waist, exploring the curves of her hips and now-naked rear end, cupping the cheeks and pulling her flush against him. Sage gasped but it was soon lost amongst the firm but still gentle thrusts of his tongue into her mouth. At first, her tongue was shy when it began to stroke his but it soon grew bolder as their kisses grew deeper and more passionate. He used gentle and somewhat bold caresses over her naked body before guiding her hands to his breeches.

Red curls that once framed the fair skin of her cheeks now fell backward against his tanned fingers as her green eyes turned a frightened gaze up to his face. "I am scared, Finn," she said so softly that he almost didn't hear her words but he knew what she was scared about. Neither of them had been intimate with someone before now, and Finn knew she was going to be hurt by his disappointment. But he wouldn't be. Pressing a soft kiss to the top of her head, Finn tilted her head back so he could look into her eyes. "What if I disappoint you?"

"You could never disappoint me, love. And you have a right to be scared," he replied before brushing his lips quickly over hers. He stepped back and laced his fingers through hers, lifting them above her head. Then he used the very tips of his fingers to move down her arms, brushing over the pulse he could feel racing faster at his whisper-soft caresses and moving down before going back up to her wild red curls. His fingers were still tender as they gently massaged her scalp after removing the tortoise-shell comb that held her hair away from her face. Once it was gone, Finn gently placed it among her dress before turning back to her. Then her hands moved to their own accord to the knot of his breeches, untying it and pushing them away to reveal lean hips, muscled legs and…a massive erection. Finn noticed that the frightened look from before had returned and he tilted her head back so green eyes latched once more onto brown. "Sage, trust that I am not going to forget that I am frightening you with the size of me but I am going to make it as pain-free as possible; because I love you, Sage. You are the queen of my heart, you and only you. And I am going to shut my mouth now before I say something I'll probably regret."

Her fear broke free and gave way to hope as she began to consider all the events that were going to happen to her and Finn within the hours still to come. Sage's lips finally broke into a soft, sweet smile before the redhead framed his face in between slender fingers and Finn obeyed her silent, urging command, his head lowering to claim her lips in a kiss that started out soft. But it soon grew to one filled with fervor and demand, his head turning at an angle until it was burrowed close to her shoulder. Their tongues mated and danced in a sinfully erotic tango while hands explored in urgent caresses. Finn then silently urged Sage onto the bare floor, rolling away from her to grab his tunic and pants, placing them beneath her. Once he'd rejoined her, Finn claimed her lips in a soft, gentle caress. Then, starting at her cheek, he began to paint a trail of kisses, fervent and sucking while her fingers sifted into his dark hair and he continued to go down further, into her neck and along her collarbone then down to her breast. Sage moaned quietly when his tongue suckled around her nipple, his teeth nipping and sending her desire skyrocketing through the roof of the cabin – and beyond that. "Finn, please," she pleaded, tugging on the strands of his brown hair until he finally looked up at her.

Moving up to kiss her softly on the lips, he whispered, "You are not ready, my Irish Rose." She whimpered slightly at the loss of his wonderful lips but was soon moaning, their softness from earlier raising in pitch and sound. Each new sensation he created within her burst free of their tiny bubble as his tongue continued to fervently suck on her breast, the short stubble on the lower half of his face wreaking havoc on her sensitive skin. Sage began to writhe beneath him, her back arching up off the floor when he still continued to tease her. Finn gave a smile and a shake of his head, mouth going down her body, stopping at her belly button to tease her further and making the skin quiver when he kissed it then nipped with his teeth before soothing the small bite with his tongue. While he did that, Sage let her two hands begin to discover ways to please the man in front of her. First, they moved over the sinewy skin of a broad, muscular back and she smiled in delight at the soft but somewhat menace-sounding growl ripped from deep inside his chest. Then they moved determinedly down the front of him, her slim fingers closing around his hardened erection before one finger began stroking him from root to tip. "Sage, love, please do not tease," he ground out from between gritted teeth and she only gave him a sly grin while watching in further delight as his hips bucked involuntarily against the soft seductive ministrations of her small but definitely not delicate hands.

Desire, pure, raw and almost animalistic, swept through Finn as he tried to hold onto the last thread of his control but it soon snapped in two. Sage barely had time to respond before he was pushing her hands away and crushing his mouth to hers while parting her thighs with one knee, hand lowering to the nub between them. At first, Sage was a little resistant but she eventually let her inhibitions, her insecurities go. Her fair-skinned and slender thighs widened, accepting the gentle caresses of his hands and moaning quietly, her lips falling open in a breathless gasp. Sage's gasps turned into more soft moans, her head tilting to the side to give Finn's mouth better access to her neck. Her slender fingers play with the hair at the nape of his neck, her other hand moving to cup the rough skin of his cheek. Finn pulled back to look into her eyes while his tongue darted out fairly quickly to moisten his suddenly dry lips. "Are you sure that this is what you truly desire, love?" His voice is slightly cracked and a little hoarse but Sage still gives him a nod.

"Yes. I am absolutely certain that this is what I truly desire, Finn." She speaks without preamble before giving him a smile that was so sweet that it turned his insides to complete mush. He returned the action then leaned to brush his lips over hers in a brief caress. His hands were gentle seconds later as he tested to see how ready she was, satisfied that she hadn't been lying about her response. Taking his member in one hand, Finn stroked himself while bracing his body above hers with the other hand. He finally rubbed his member along her tender, aching nub, driving her even wilder with desire as she held herself completely still and hoping he'd stop teasing her soon. He finally did seconds later, both hands in open fists as he kept himself above her, thrusting gently and pushing past her maidenhead, claiming her once innocent state, the only sounds inside the cabin being his ragged breaths and her soft whimpers of pain. The pain only lasted for a few breathless moments before Finn was easing out of her. Sage gave a soft whimper at the loss of him but soon gave a sound that fell between a strangled sigh and a low, keening moan when he eased back into her. His thrusts were gentle at first as he attempted to further keep control but soon lost it again as he began to thrust in a desperate tandem, finally dropping his arms until they were folding her in an embrace that she returned. Her slender fingers began playing a little more with the hair at the nape of his neck while he kissed her shoulder, moving along and spreading open-mouthed kisses up into her neck, adding his teeth and tongue to the mix.

Present Day

"SAGE VICTORIA O'REILLY, we're going to be late!" Sage shot up like a bottle rocket when her best friend's voice cut into her dream/memory. "This is always a lovely sight, seeing my best friend still mooning over her lover, whom I'm about to reunite her with." Sage glared at her with a disbelieving look and Kathleen glared back before waving her hands around the room of the villa, all of the clothes getting folded and placed into the still open suitcase. Kathleen then gestured for Sage to help her and the redhead plops onto the once-open suitcase after closing it before Kathleen was using her magic to zip it shut.

Once it was closed, Sage grinned as she jumped down from the suitcase before reaching out to pull Kathleen to her in a fierce embrace. "Thanks for agreeing to go with me, Kathleen," she said and heard the dark blonde gasp before pulling back to give Sage a wide-eyed stare, stumbling back a little in fright. "What, Kathleen? What did you see?"

Kathleen's hands quickly came up to touch her nose then gestured to the vial of vervain she wore around her neck. "Sage," she started to say before her best friend continued on. "Sage, I cannot allow you to go to Mystic Falls. If you go…you will die."

To say that Sage was shocked was to say the least. "How can that be, Kathleen?" she asked, reaching out to grip onto the railing at the end of the bed until her knuckles turned white from the tight grip.

"Esther Mikaelson is going to make sure that you never set foot in Mystic Falls again, Sage. I will protect you to the best of my abilities but it will not be an easy task. Lorene and some of our coven will have to come with us," Kathleen replied.

Lorene Coventry took Sage in right after she became a vampire, and had been the one to make sure Sage had a daylight ring so she could walk around in the sun and not get burned. The older redhead also considered Kathleen and Sage to be like her daughters, and watched out for them individually, as well as a duo. When Sage's three children with Finn were old enough, Lorene had been there for Sage as she turned them into vampires then pushed three letters into the younger redhead's hands so that she could give them to Finn when the time was right.

A Little While Later

"Yes, Esther Mikaelson is NOT a mother, woman OR witch to be tampered with," Lorene said to Kathleen and Sage with a nod, her firm lips settling into a thin line and her red hair barely moving out of place as her head bobbed up and down in another brief nod. "Eleanor, come in here!"

The soft footfalls soon came and a head of blonde hair appeared around the revolving door between the kitchen and dining room, lips curling into a soft, sweet smile. "Yes, Lorene, what is it?"

"Darling, pack your bags; we're going to Mystic Falls," Lorene said with a smile and a wink to Kathleen and Sage. Eleanor nodded before disappearing once more into the kitchen. "Now, Eleanor will be going to see about working her way back into the good graces of the Mikaelson family, especially since she wormed her way into Mikael's bed when she believed that his "darling" Esther had cheated on him. He also had no idea that Eleanor is a werewolf or that she was even pregnant when she fled Mystic Falls' then village." She stops and takes a sip of her lemon-scented tea before setting her cup down once more. "I will also be going with you. How else can I protect my two favorite girls?" She gave them another wink and a smile.

Several Days Later – Fell's Church Ruins

Red hair stuck to a fair-skinned forehead as more beads of sweat clung to the redhead that was currently training a new recruit for the boxing studio Samuel and Kathleen were going to help operate. She was grateful for the two witches for being a part of her life, both for their friendship and for their protection. Sage was later wrapping up her brief session while Kathleen and Samuel took the new student/client back to their care when she sensed another presence nearby. Her 5'8 frame stiffened before slowly turning around to come face to face with Elijah Mikaelson. "I did not think you would object if I watched your brief session from afar," he said as he kept his distance from her.

Sage's red hair stays matted to her head as she slowly nodded her okay/permission. "It is lovely to see you, Elijah," she said with a soft, sweet smile before blurring to him and embracing him tightly. He embraced her back warmly, patting her back briefly before stepping away to smile back. "I also hear that you're to be a married man soon. I want to hear all about that. In fact, I demand of it."

Elijah chuckled then fell into step beside her. "Amelia is the one for me, Sage. I never thought I would love again after Katerina but Amelia changed that for me," he said with another smile. Amelia Spencer knew about Sage; they were friends, after all. Sage turned again when she sensed another presence and grinned big when she saw Amelia there. Then she looked behind Elijah's fiancé and noticed the smile of a person she thought she'd never see again. She glanced over at Elijah and he gave her a brief nod of confirmation to her before smiling as she blurred forward to greet her parents with fierce embraces.

Then she was turning again at the soft voice talking to her off to the side. Sage opened her arms and almost fell over when the person blurs into them but kept her balance as she stroked her eldest child's hair, giving her comfort as only a mother could. "Hush, my sweet Ruby Red, mum is here," Sage whispered in a soothing manner to calm her down.

Author's Note: I will end this here and let my co-writer decide how she wants to write the second chapter, which will feature one of HER favorites, Klaus & Caroline. ENJOY!