To the guest reviewer who posted three reviews on my story about the plot going on obviously didn't read the story from start to the current chapter: MASON is with TATIA, first of all. HAYLEY is with Logan Fell. And there IS no prequel, but there will be a sequel that is coming soon. Elijah and Amelia can have children because Amelia is a 1,000 year old witch like Esther, and knew Elijah when he was human. I'm going with canon before the S3 Mikaelson ball, but it's completely AU after that. The killing Lexi plot in S1 didn't happen, and neither did the killing Kol in S4. Everything else is exactly as it was, including the Silas plot.

Previously, in "Out of the Darkness," Kol and Hannah have an argument over Isaac, the boy that she fancies and Lexi encourages him to let Hannah make her own choices.

Chapter 51: Out of the Darkness …and into the Sun

New Orleans – That Same Moment

Stella-Luna closed the book with a soft slam, letting out a frustrated sigh. "There's nothing in here," she mumbles to herself.

Evelyn looked up from the book she was reading. "That makes two of us, because I can't seem to find anything in her either." Her disappointment turned into determination. "But, we can't give up. We have to look harder. Maybe we will find something. We just have to keep looking."

"Easy for you to say," Stella-Luna said. "I've read these damn books from cover to cover at least twenty times, and nothing!"

"Dear cousins, please stop fighting," Gwen came into the room and said, giving them both a stern look. The other two females – one a hybrid and the other a witch – immediately shut up. Once she had her cousin's attention, Gwen picked up a discarded book from the floor. "Now that we've gotten that settled, I believe that we have a solution to the Silas problem to find." She gave them another stern look. "And I don't want any more fighting. Is that understood?"

Evelyn nodded. "Yes, Gwen, we understand."

"Good. Now, let's move onto the Silas problem. According to this book in my hands, the only way that we can defeat him is if we bury him underground like Quetesiyah did before," Gwen said, pointing to the passage after placing the open book out on top of the others.

Stella-Luna raised a skeptical eyebrow at that. "That's easier said than done, Gwen. Silas isn't stupid, you know. He'll see right through our plan and try to outsmart us."

"Between us two Original witches as well as you, the vampire-werewolf hybrid that has Fell AND Marshall blood, Stella-Luna, I highly doubt that he could defeat us," Gwen reminds her.

Stella-Luna nodded at what her cousin said. "That's right, I almost forgot that. I guess I need reminds every now and then. Thank you, Gwen."

"You're welcome," Gwen said. "What are cousins for?"

Stella-Luna smiles at the redhead. "What do you say we go see what Hope and Ana are up to?"

Evelyn giggled. "Knowing them, they're probably pestering Liam. The poor thing can't get a moment's peace with them always following him around. I know he wants to tell them to shove off, but he knows that if he does, he'll get a reprimand." She sighed. "What makes it worse is that they follow him when he goes to see Constance."

"How is Constance doing these days?" Stella-Luna asked. "I hardly get to see her since she's either in class or working at Rousseau's."

Evelyn smiled. "Oh, she's doing very well. I've seen her a few times at Rousseau's, and she can definitely hold her own against those idiots who try to hit on her when she serves them. That's probably why Liam fancies her, among other things."

Gwen giggled at that. "Yeah, Liam is a lovesick fool when it comes to Constance. Then again, Uncle Niklaus was the same way when he met Aunt Caroline."

"I think it has something to do with that impossible-to-resist Mikaelson charm," Stella-Luna said as the three of them made their way out of the Mikaelson manor in the heart of the New Orleans Bayou to head toward the city.

Meanwhile, at Rousseau's, Constance Salvatore was mixing drinks behind the bar. It was Thursday night, the night she usually worked at the popular New Orleans hangout. Even though she really didn't have to, considering the fact that she was rich thanks to her father's fame as a member of the Founding families of Mystic Falls, she wanted to anyway. It was while she was mixing drinks that she sensed a familiar presence, a presence she knew all too well: Liam Mikaelson, the hybrid that carried an enormous torch for her. She closed the blue eyes she inherited from her father and tried to keep her temper in check. "Liam, I thought I told you not to bother me at work."

Liam smirked at her reaction. "Bother you? What makes you think I'm here to do that, love?"

"For one thing, you always come here on the nights that I work," Constance said. "I know that you 'fancy' me, as you say, but I'll have you know that it's not going to be easy to win me over."

"That's why I like you," Liam said. "You present me with a challenge, and we Mikalsons love challenges."

Constance opened her eyes and turned around, meeting his gaze. She had to admit, he was hot, with the same slightly curly, short dark blonde hair that he got from his father and the same blue eyes from his mother. She licked her lips, trying to resist the urge to kiss him. As if reading her mind, he said, "You want to kiss me, don't you, Connie?"

Constance shook her head. "Don't call me that. You know I hate that nickname."

Liam chuckled and before she could stop him, he gently grabbed her arms and pulled her to him, kissing her softly. Constance reluctantly returned his kiss, moaning as it deepened slightly. She knew she shouldn't be enjoying this, but she was and damn, it felt good to kiss him. "You have a nasty temper, Connie, but it will never work on me," he murmurs after pulling back from the kiss then, when Constance opened her eyes, he was gone.

"Damn him and his charm," she mumbles to herself.

"Let me guess, Liam was here?"

The familiar voice in front of her caused Constance to forget her frustration and turned to see Anastasia and Hope sitting there. She smiled at the girls and then shook her head. "Yes, he was. I tell you, Ana, that brother of yours has no idea how frustrated he makes me. I don't see why he bothers with me when he can have any girl in New Orleans, being the Prince of the Quarter."

"He doesn't want any of them," Hope, Liam & Ana's half-sister, said. "He wants you. You two are destined for each other, Constance. You may want to deny it, but it's the truth."

"Okay, so what if it is? It doesn't mean that he shouldn't have at least one woman on his arm before I make up my mind," Constance said.

Ana shook her head. "Silly Constance, don't you see? Even if he had another on his arm, he wouldn't love her the way he loves you. You're the only one for him. You make him happy. He doesn't draw those new drawings for just anyone, you know."

"What drawings? What are you talking about?" Constance asked.

"Some of the drawings that he doesn't want anyone to see," Ana replies; her shoulders lifting and lowering in a brief shrug.

Constance then searched around until she found a piece of paper under the cash register. "This wouldn't happen to be one of them, would it? I found it last week when Liam left. It had my name on it and I kept it hidden from prying eyes."

Ana took the paper from her and looked at it. "Yep, that's one of them. Though, I must say, he's drawn you very tastefully. Our father did the same when he drew pictures of our mother."

Constance shook her head. "I don't get why he sees me that way," she said, grumbling.

Hope smiled. "Isn't it obvious? Liam knows real beauty when he sees it. And, since you're part Petrova, your beauty is beyond compare. You shouldn't be ashamed of it, Constance. If I were you, I'd embrace it."

Constance sighs. But, before she can answer, a huge commotion is heard from outside and the three girls hurry to see what was going on. When they got outside, Constance gasped at what she saw. "What the hell is going on? The streets weren't like this when I came into work."

"I think I know what's going on," Ana said. "An enemy from the past has decided to make trouble again."

"Silas," the other girls said in unison.

Constance looked at Ana. "But, how did he return? My parents got rid of him for good."

"Actually, my dear, my shadow self's brother THOUGHT he got rid of me," Silas said before Ana could answer. "But, he was wrong." He smiled at her. "You've become quite a beauty, Constance. I wouldn't be surprised if your father is getting anxious because you're turning heads."

Both girls turn to see Silas in the form of Diego, one of Marcel's guards. Ana growled at him, flashing her fangs. "I don't know what you want here, Silas, but you're not going to hurt those I care about, ESPECIALLY not Constance."

"On the contrary, I have no desire to hurt anyone. I just want you to fulfill a task for me," Diego/Silas said with a smirk.

Ana stood her ground as she replied, "I don't believe you. How do I know you won't change your mind if we agree? I may have been little at the time, but I do remember how you disguised yourself as my grandmother and tried to attack my mother."

"Ah yes, how is the lovely Caroline?" Diego/Silas asked with a smirk.

"Not that it's any of your business," Ana spat out, "but she's doing fine."

"And that brother of yours, is he still trying to win Constance's affections?"

Before Ana could answer his next question, Evelyn arrived, along with Gwen. She saw what was happening and growled at Diego/Silas. "I might have known you'd show up, you vile bastard. Whatever you're planning, you won't succeed."

"And what is that you think that I'm planning, Miss Mikaelson?" Diego/Silas asked with a smirk.

"I don't really give a damn, but you're not going to do it under my watch, do you understand me?" Evelyn growled.

"You are not the first to think that they can force me back into the darkness of where I came from. Many have tried and failed," Diego/Silas said.

Evelyn smirked. "That's because they didn't have the Spencer family magic. I do, and I intend to be the first one to succeed at sending you back to where you came from."

"Yes, the Spencer family," Diego/Silas said. "I know all about them. They possessed a magic that was said to be more powerful, twice as powerful as any other magic in the known world. In fact, your maternal grandmother, Johanna, was rumored to be more powerful than your paternal grandmother, Esther."

"Why are you telling me things that I already know?" Evelyn growled.

Diego/Silas smiled at her. "No reason, really. Just wanted to make conversation."

Evelyn raised an eyebrow at him, mentally chanting a spell to herself and placing one hand behind her back while an energy ball formed. Once it was strong enough, she threw it at him. Diego/Silas chuckled, catching it and squashing it. "Nice try, Spencer-Mikaelson witch. Your spells won't work on me."

"They will one day," Evelyn said before throwing a pouch onto the ground, smoke blocking Diego/Silas' vision so that he didn't see the girls when it finally cleared.

Evelyn brought the girls back to Klaus and Caroline's mansion after she diverted their enemy's attention with the smoke and was about to knock when Liam answered, having sensed that someone was there. He saw his sisters and cousins, as well as Constance, obviously curious about why they were all there. "What the bloody hell happened?"

Evelyn shook her head. "Not now, Liam. Are Aunt Caroline and Uncle Niklaus home?"

"Don't change the subject on me, Evelyn," he replied, letting her and the girls in. "I asked you a question and damn it, I demand an answer!"

Before Evelyn could say anything else, Gwen said, "Silas. He's taken the form of Marcel's right hand man. None of us were harmed, thank God, but something tells me that this is just the calm before the storm."

"SILAS!? Silas is back and you decided to keep this from you know how much trouble you're going to be in!?" Liam demanded.

"DON'T YOU SHOUT AT ME, LIAM NIKLAUS MIKAELSON!" Evelyn yelled, pushing him hard enough that he fell onto the floor. "I know how much trouble I'm going to be in, but you seem to forget that I'm a witch hybrid, with triple the power of my mother and grandmothers!"

Liam growled at her and before he could say anything, Caroline was seen coming into the parlor. "What's all the shouting about in here?" She looked down at her son, who was still on the floor. "Liam, get up off the floor."

"I have some rather bad news, Aunt Caroline," Evelyn said, she now calm enough to speak. "Silas is back. We ran into him in the Quarter, outside of Rousseau's."

"I guess that explains why Constance is here. I'll have to tell Damon and Katherine so that they won't worry," Caroline said. "So, what is that evil man's game this time? Still looking for a way to reunite with his true love on the other side?"

"That's what he's claiming, and he wants our help doing it," Evelyn replied.

Caroline scoffed. "Yeah, like we're going to agree to that. After what he did to our family, there's no way in hell he's getting help from us."

"I agree with Mother," Liam said, getting up off the floor. "That nut case has another thing coming to him if he thinks we're going to help him commit suicide. Besides, there's no guarantee that his 'true love' will still love him even if he did succeed. She might even reject him, if she was smart."

"I have no plans to help him," Evelyn declared. She looks at her cousins and Constance. "What about you, cousins? Are we going to help Silas?"

"No!" the chorus of Hope, Stella-Luna and Constance replied.

"Count me in, Evelyn," Caroline said. "I have a score to settle with that monster."

Liam looked at his mother. "Are you sure, Mother?"

"Positive," Caroline said. "And I'll tell your father too. He'll want to know."

Author's Note: This is just the beginning of the next generation of supernatural creatures fighting to bring down Silas. Who will emerge the hero/heroine? Find out soon in the next saga of "Out of the Darkness"!