Chapter 1- The Reunion and the new findings

September 1, finally, it has arrived! No more Petunia, no more days without magic! Finally! Yes! 16-year-old Lily Evans thought as she rolled her self out of bed and landed on the floor with a loud, thump. "Ouch!" she exclaimed as she pushed herself up off of the floor.

She looked around her room, which consisted of two colors-sea green and a dark blue- and sighed. In a way, she always yearned for this room while she was at Hogwarts. She disregarded the feeling, and went to take a shower.

Twenty minutes later, she walked out of her bathroom in a long, black robe, her dark red hair, drenched wet, droplets of water slowly making their way down her body, and her skin smelling dimly of the ocean breeze, as it always did.

Lily walked into her wardrobe and picked out an outfit, and was about to call her mom on the intercom to see what was for breakfast, but she saw the clock that read 10:28 a.m., and she yelped.

Oh god! I'm going to be late, I'm going to be late, I'm going to be late, I'm going to be late, I'm going to be late, I'm going to be late- she chanted in her head as she put her hair in chopsticks, still dripping wet, and hastily put on her garments.


The Hogwarts Express

"Where is she?" asked Kayla Cameron, who at the moment was looking for her best friend, contemplating if she was going to miss the train.

"Where is who," a deep, male voice answered from behind the inhabitants of Kayla's compartment- mainly just her other best friend Aradriana Williams.

Kayla's body tensed and spun around to see who had voiced the question, and came face-to-face with a grinning Sirius Black.

"Actually," she said as her body relaxed. "We are looking for Lil. You haven't seen her, have you?" Sirius shook his head and said, "Can't say that we have." It was then, that Kayla and Aradriana saw that the rest of the Marauders- meaning James Potter, Remus Lupin, and regrettably, Peter Pettigrew.

"If you are looking for me," a female voice drawled from behind them. "It's too late, seeing as I have found you." Everybody whom was in that compartment, shifted their gazes towards the other door, and saw a lovely teenager with red-brown hair and emerald green standing their in black hip-huggers, a sea green turtle neck sweater on, and a long black overcoat.

"LILY!" they all shouted and launched themselves at her. Seeing as she was the only one that they hadn't seen all summer, due to the fact that her family lives in Italy and she was traveling around a lot this summer they missed her most.

"Get of! You're crushing my lungs! I can't breathe! Please! Gerof me!" yelled a gasping Lily Evans from the bottom of the dog pile. When Lily was able to stand again, she looked over all of her friends for the first time in three months, and noticed the changes that they had gone through during her absence.

Sirius still looked the same with his spiked midnight black hair, eyes so dark brown that they almost looked black, although it looked as if he bulked up in the right places during the summer, it also looked as if he got a inch or two taller, leaving him to be around 6'3'' now, and that he had gotten a little tan.

Remus looked if anything, more fatigued then he had the last time that Lily had seen him, but then she remember that there had been a full moon last night. Other than that, he still had the same short sandy blond hair, and the same gray-blue eyes, but he might've grown a half an inch or so over the summer, having him around 6'1''.

Peter, well peter, he just looked corpulence than he had when she had last saw him, and his brown hair looked flaccid, and his eyes, well his eyes just looked uncanny. And he was still short. Somewhere around 5'4'' was Lily's guess.

Lily's eyes then ran over James, and they nearly shot out of their sockets. He had gotten hot over the summer! Lily thought. James's hair was still the same jet-black unmanageable hair, but his eyes had gotten a darker blue, almost like the color of the ocean at night, he had gotten taller too, he now stood somewhere close to Sirius's height, if not a tiny bit taller. He had also gotten more muscles. God how hot does he look?! Her mind screamed out. Lily took one last appreciative glance at him before she turned her head towards Aradriana.

Aria as we all call her, had certainly gotten more beautiful during these last three months. She had cut her hair to where it just got past her shoulders, which fitted her better than when she had her hair long. Her baby blue eyes now shimmered with happiness, and she had gotten taller. At least about two, three inches taller. She looked magnificent now.

Lily then looked at Kayla, her best friend. She still looked exactly the same, with her long, curly, black hair, and her eyes that looked like a fire just put out within the smoky orbs. She still hadn't grown an inch either; she still stood tall at 5'9''.

"I take it," Lily said as she concluded the changes on her friends. "That I was missed." The last said with a smirk. Everybody took it how it was meant, and laughed, except for Peter, who didn't get it, and said, "Actually, no, you weren't." I looked at him and raised an eyebrow. The little worm had never like me. Lily said in her head.

Why, that little fucker! James thought to himself. James looked at Lily again, and his body started to tense and grow hard. She sure had grown up over the summer. Her red hair, which was dark enough to be confused as brown, had been cut by the looks of it, seeing as hardly any of it spilled out of the chopsticks that she had stuck in it. Her emerald green eyes sparkled with excitement, and her lean, tall body was shaped with hard earned muscles. She looked like a sea goddess. A mermaid even. She could grab any male teenagers, that had hormones, attention faster than you could say I'll be your slave for the rest of my life if you'd just give me one night! Which is most likely the reason she was known to be such a exceptional lay for those few who could get to her. It was said that she didn't sleep around much, and that she was really fastidious about who she slept with. I wonder if she would ever give me the chance. James started to speculate.

The rest of the train ride went off without a quandary, unless you counted Snape and his morons coming into their compartment and harassing the lady's, who call themselves the Elements, and getting blasted with a combination of a water proof fireball, a tsunami, and a tornado all at once.

It was now time to change into our robes, and the girls had gone to the bathrooms to change. As they still had about ten minutes left, the girls only came back with undershirts on. (Lily's being dark blue, Kayla's being gray, and Aria's being white.) The three boys' mouths, in synchronization, dropped open and touched the floor. It was a rare sight to be able to see the shape of a females' body at Hogwarts due to the modesty of the uniforms that they had to ware. After the guys got over their initial shock, they noticed something else.

"YOU HAVE TATTOO'S?!" they shouted in unison.

The girls looked at each other, then the boys with sheepish grins. "Yes." They answered together. If it was possible, the boys' mouths dropped wider when they heard Aradriana reply also, for they hadn't seen a indication of a tattoo on her. "Do you have any other's besides those ones on your arms?" Sirius directed to Lily and Kayla at the same moment Remus asked Aradriana "Where?"

The girls grinned at each other before Kayla lifted up the hem of her shirt, and showed the boys the dragon that was around her belly button and the belly button ring also. Then she turned around so that her back was facing them, and Lily lifted down the back of her shirt to expose the two wands that were crossed in the middle, sparks escaping out of the tips, with the fire background.

Lily then turned around and Aradriana pulled down the back of her shirt to show the boys her tattoo of the two wands crossed exactly like Kayla's, only that the wands were encompassed by water. She then turned around to show them the tattoo that was around her belly button. It was a tattoo of one fairy on the top and bottom of her belly button, with blue ribbons and stars twirling towards each other.

Aradriana then turned around so that Lily could pull down her the side of her shirt so that her tattoo of the wands but this time with the markings of the wind, could be exposed to the boys. She then turned back around and lifted the hem of her shirt slightly to expose the swirls around her belly button, which at the moment like Lily's didn't have a ring in it. "H-h-how long-"Remus stuttered.

"Have you had those?" asked James and Sirius with awed expressions on their faces. "Longer than you have been in possession of yours." Lily said, remembering that James had his name tattooed on his right arm, a cross with swirls inside of it on his left arm, and two swords joined together with water all around them on his right shoulder blade. Sirius with the name "Padfoot" on his arm, a cross that had fire within it on the opposite arm, and the same tattoo of the swords, only with fire snaking the blades of the swords. And Remus with the same sword tattoo also, only with wind movements behind it.

"And we're just seeing these?" whined Sirius. The girls laughed at his "hurt" expression. "Please note that we are two minutes away from Hogsmeade Station. Please sit down, and when the train comes to a complete stop, make your exit out of the closest door. Your luggage will be escorted to the castle within a few minutes. Thank you." The girls then decided to put the rest of their uniform on.

As they were walking out of the door, Kayla and Lily still doing up their Ravenclaw ties, Aria asked, "Have any of you seen Tiffany? She wasn't on the train with us, was she?" Kayla and Lily stopped what they were doing so that they could think. Was she on the train with us?

You see, to them Tiffany was like what Peter was to the Marauders, someone who followed them around for refuge and illustriousness. "I don't recall even seeing her." Lily said as they all got into a carriage, not concerned that you weren't allowed more than five to a carriage. So Lily sat on James's lap, while Kayla sat on the adjacent lap to the door, which to her luck was Sirius'. Actually, after a long pause in conversation, four other, "I haven't seen her" s was said.