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Chapter 37 - Forever yours

After the laughter wound down, Lily and James set out looking for their parents together, while Kayla and Sirius went to look for the Blacks, and Remus and Aria went to look for their parents.

"You know," James told Lily as he began to unlace his robes to show the white oxford shirt underneath with the top two buttons undone, and his black pants. "I thought that I'd feel different when I graduated, but I don't."

"Why'd you think that you'd feel different?" Lily asked as she twined her arm through his.

"I don't really know." He allowed with a shrug. "Hey, there's your mom." James pointed to the right of them, and there she was, Alexandra Evans, looking beautiful as ever in her dark blue dress.

Lily let go of James and unsophisticatedly ran across the lawn towards her Mother. "Mama!" she cried as she launched herself into her Mother's arms. "I missed you Mama."

"I missed you too, baby." Mrs. Evans choked out, hugging her daughter harder. "I missed you so much. The house was lonely without your Dad there to keep me company. And while Petunia did come and visit, I just found that that girl is simply horrible! She always had something bad to say about someone . . . depressing if you ask me," Mrs. Evans told her daughter as she wiped away her tears. "Ahh, James, cutie. How have you been dear?" she asked as James joined them.

"Perfect Alex." James told her with a charming grin. Mrs. Evans smiled at his manner and asked, "And how have you been treating my Daughter?"

"Mama!" Lily hissed. "It's none of your business!" Alexandra looked at her daughter and raised an eyebrow. "Really now? So something did happen?" Lily groaned. "Mama!" Lily whispered frantically. Alexandra smiled and patted her Daughter's head. "Okay dear, I won't say ask anything more on the matter." 'For now that is.' Alexandra silently promised to herself.

"Thank you, Mama." Lily sighed with relief. "James and I are going to look for his parents now, okay?" Alexandra nodded her head. "I'm going to talk to the Blacks, I'll see you in a little bit, okay, honey?" Her mother asked.

"'Kay!" Lily shouted over her shoulder, causing many people too look at her with disapproving looks as she walked by.

James looked at his girlfriend, slung his right arm over her shoulders and smiled. 'No one will ever be as unique as my Lily.' He thought. "Lils," he said out loud, "Haven't you ever heard of the word quiet?" Lily looked at James. "Ummm . . . " she thought. "Quiet? Does that mean in a small voice? If so, no, I haven't." she joked. James laughed. "I love you, Lily."

"Well then, that's good, considering I love you, too." Lily told him with a smile on her face. "And I just found your parents. They're walking towards us." She told him.

Lily slipped her left arm around his waist and waited for the Potter's to make their way around the Longbottoms and Davies'.

"That prank was brilliant!" Michael Potter boasted to his son as he and his wife stopped in front of the young couple. "How'd you pull it off?" he asked before his wife nudged him in the ribs. "Err . . . Right. Sorry about that dear." Mr. Potter grinned at his wife, making Tiffany Potter roll her eyes. "You'll never change when it comes to pranks Mike, dear." She informed him with a twinkle in her eyes. "Of course not, dear. After all, that is why you love me, is it not?" Mr. Potter told her cheekily. James and Lily looked at each other laughed.

'It's uncanny how much James is like his father.' Lily thought for the twenty millionth time in her life.

"Anyways dears," Tiffany Potter said, returning her attention to James and Lily. "We just came over to say congratulations on your Graduation, and that we will see you all in Hogsmeade after the party that is being held, okay?" James and Lily nodded their heads.

"'Bye Mom, Bye Dad." James told them as they began to walk away. "'Bye Mr. and Mrs. Potter!" Lily yelled once again over her shoulder as James and she walked through the crowds of graduates and their families. The couple stopped and chatted with the Black's, Lupin's, and William's and some of their other friends' and their families before walking towards the party area.

By that time, Aria and Kayla had already taken off their robes to show off the dresses underneath them. As predicted, the dresses were smashing hits with Remus and Sirius. Kayla's especially. Sirius just stood in his spot, gaping at his fiancée, still holding up her robe as if she was still in it.

"When-Where-My God!" Sirius finally managed to exclaim with a gulp as his eyes devoured Kayla. Kayla rolled her eyes, and even though it was hard to see, she blushed prettily at Sirius' lack of words, and began to walk away, leaving Sirius there to run and follow her.

Remus' reaction however, was different. While his eyes got wide at the sight of his girlfriend in an outfit as low as that one, he just smiled widely and held out his arm to her. "Shall we, beautiful?" he drawled. Aria giggled slightly and laced her arm through his. "Yes, we shall," she replied to him happily.

"I'm going to miss this place." Lily told James as they walked hand in hand in the wake of their friends' towards a table. Lily finally slipped off her robe and sat it on a chair vacant chair at the table that Sirius, Kayla, Remus and Aria had already abandoned for the dance floor.

James gasped at the dress that she wore underneath the robes. It was made of the purest white material with a silky white bottom layer and knitted white layer over it, the straps hugged her neck and tied in the back, and left a wonderful view of her nice, tan legs to be seen. "Lily!" James whined. "You're trying really hard to test my self-control, aren't you?" he groaned, after all of his blood flow rushed beneath his belt. Lily smirked knowingly. "Let's go and dance." She said while grabbing his hand and dragging him along with her to the dance floor. James decided to be smart - or in his point of view, and stayed behind her for the tantalizing view of her ass.

Lily stopped on the edge of the dance floor and turned herself into his arms. She wrapped her arms securely around his neck, and sighed with satisfaction when his arms wrapped protectively around her waist. The music was a fast beat, but neither of them paid any attention to it, and just swayed to the music that was playing in their heads. "You know, this is the first time that we have ever danced as a couple?" James mused.

Lily laughed and thought about it. It was true, and she said so. "Yeah, I know. It's weird, I mean we've danced hundreds of dances together, but none of them had ever felt as good as this one does," She told him.


Across the ballroom, a lone figure stood in the shadows watching Lily Evans with a gaping mouth, and the only thoughts going through his mind was, 'Would she be willing to take that dress off for me?'


Five minutes later, "Lils?"

"Hmm?" came the sleepily voice.

"Come with me please. There's something I want to show you." James requested nervously.

Lily yawned and nodded her head. Threading her fingers through James', they walked towards the Lake and sat down on a bench that was situated on top of a hill that over looked the lake.

"Lily. So much has changed since I asked you to marry me over eight and a half months ago. But one thing hasn't. I love you so very much." James told her as he moved so that he could look into her eyes. "And that will never change. When I asked you this question last time, all I could talk about was making you mine, making sure that you'd be mine for the rest of my life." Lily gasped. 'He's going to ask me to marry him!' her mind screamed excitedly. And this time, this time she was going to give him the right answer.

James moved off of the bench and kneeled before Lily's crossed legs. He dug into his pants pocket and pulled out a deep blue jewelers box. "Lily, not a day goes by that I don't think about you, that I need you. And I'm not just talking about the sex. I need you to lift my spirits when they're down; I need you there for me to make me laugh, to make me human. Because that's exactly what I am without you. Lifeless. You are what makes my life worth living.

"I want children Lily. Lot's of them. But only with you. I want that serenity that our parents seem to have with their marriage, but only with you. But I also want you to want that too. So what I'm asking you is, Lillian Evans, will you marry me, will you mother my children, and will you love me for the rest of our days?" James asked as he opened the box to reveal the princess cut sapphire and diamond ring.

Lily gasped. The ring was beautiful. "Yes!" she cried as she knelt down besides James and kissed him. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" she kept crying as James picked her up and twirled her around. "What's this?" James asked as he wiped away the tears that were flowing down her cheeks. "What are you crying for?"

"I love you so much James. These are the only way it seems to express my happiness." She told him as she laid her head on his chest. James kissed the crown of her head, picked up her hand, and slowly slid the rind over her knuckles. "It fits." Lily mused as she held her hand in front of her face. "And it's beautiful. How'd you know what kind of stones to get me?" she asked as she turned her attention back to him.

James grinned. "Easy. You're a water mage. Your tattoos say it all. And plus, you love the water." He reasoned.

Lily laughed. "True. Now, what do you say that we go back down there and enjoy the rest of the party?"

James wrinkled his nose. "I'd rather enjoy my fiancée for the rest of the party." He told her with a wink and hopeful eyes.

Lily giggled and wagged her finger at him. "Now, now, Mr. Potter, you behave."

James stuck his tongue out at her playfully at the same time he held his arm out for hers. Lily in turn stuck her tongue out at him and looped her arm through his.

By the end of that party, every seventh year had known that Lily Evans and James Potter were engaged. Partly because as soon as they returned to the ballroom, Kayla and Sirius' eyes latched onto the sight of Lily's ring and cried out excitedly, "You're engaged!" Lily and James smiled the rest of the night and merrily accepted congratulations from various friends and acquaintances.

And throughout the whole party, one Severus Snape couldn't take his eyes off of Lily's dress, and totally missed the announcement and commotion. "I wish I could see through clothes." He muttered angrily as he watched Lily dance and sway to the music, wrapped in the arms of James, or Sirius, or Remus.

Lily and James couldn't wait to tell their parents, so when they walked into the Three Broom Sticks later that night to meet with their parents, they just stopped in the doorway and James yelled. "I'm engaged to marry Lily Evans."

Michael Potter stood up and yelled, "That's a boy!" while Alexandra and Tiffany stood up, ran towards their baby's, and cried all over them. "Welcome to this crazy family," Tiffany Potter whispered into Lily's ear as she hugged her future daughter-in-law.


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