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Chapter One


I groan and get up, out of the sweet comfort of my sleeping bag. Ever since the tracker jackers attacked us a day ago, we've all been useless. I am the only one who has woken up since... I think. I turn and look to see if Marvel and Clove still asleep. Nope, passed out cold.

I walk over to our stockpile and grab a bottle of water. I smash the empty bottle in about ten seconds after downing the water in it. Walking back to the tent, I grab my sword and begin my trek into the woods. I need some time to think.

I slash at practically everything in my way not even paying attention. I hear something growl and look up.

"Oh shit-," before the creature leaps at me and slashes at me with it's ginormous claws. The pain is like no other. The blow knocked the sword out of my hand so I'm sitting here helpless. I try to move but the bear has me pinned down. The monstrous creature- which I've determined to be an altered bear- slams me against the ground again and slashes again, hitting me three times. I feel my consciousness begin to fade.

So this is what it will end like. The great Cato, killed by a creature if the Capitol. Not glorious. Just death. No triumph. I see the bear raise it's paw for the final killing blow. I smile bitterly and right as I think I'm about to die, I see a small projectile fly through the air and hit the bear in the eye. The bear falls and thumps to the ground right next to me.

"W-what the f-.." I'm cut off by myself as I pass out into darkness just in time to see a dark blotchy shadow above me.

I barely hear a whisper. "Hey asshole... Why am I helping you?" Then my world cascades into darkness.


I saw Cato being attacked by this bear thing. I don't know what it was, I just had this feeling I needed to help him. Luckily I have the bow now so he was in good hands.

"Damn you," I heave out while picking him up. I hear him groan and I sigh. I hate feeling so weak. Why do I have to be weak. Why did I have to help him? Why couldn't I have let him die? It would have been much easier than having to go through all this trouble to save his ass. Probably while he just kills me in the end anyway. All because he was nice to me once when we were kids. I inwardly groan and begin trudging away to God knows where.

"Hang in there Cato," I say through gritted teeth. He doesn't respond so I keep walking. This is going to be a long walk.


I plop Cato down on the ground, softly, inside of a cave I found. He groans and slowly opens his eyes to find an exhausted looking me staring into his. His eyes are gorgeous. The blue is so intense it's like ice staring into my soul.

"12," he spits. I roll my eyes.

"Cato. Speaking of how I just saved your life I thought you would treat me with more respect." He scoffs.

"Really 12? You think that I would show a p-" he is cut off by me grabbing his collar and pulling his face a centimeter from mind.

"Listen here, pretty boy. I know you. You know me. Don't act like you don't, and don't treat me like a piece of shit. I'm tired of it. I just saved your life. The least you could do is remember me," I whisper painfully to him. He looks me in the eye and then looks down.

"Thank you for saving me, but we can be allied, remember?" He growls. I smile sadly at him.

"Aren't we already?" He smiles slightly at me and then chuckles.

"You always were the one to puss people off."

"Someone's gotta do it," I say, grinning. He tries to laugh and then groans and holds his side. I nod and sigh. "I'll see if I can get anything." He nods.

"Haymitch? Please?" I ask, looking out the entrance. Slowly, a little parachute falls into the cave into my hands. "Thanks," I smile and open the canister. It's a bottle of pain pills, a disinfectant, bandages, gauze. A note was in the can:

Hey sweetheart. Be careful. You won't be getting more for a bit. Why the hell are you saving him? Be careful. Stay Alive.

I roll my eyes at his signature statement and fold the note. Walking back to Cato, I sit next to him.

"You won't be embarrassed if a person from 12 sits next to you right?" I raise an eyebrow. He shakes his head chuckling.

"No... I... I'm sorry... I should have teamed up with you to begin with," he looks down, " I just wanted to keep you safe... I'm sorry." I look at him.

"What?" He lightly does his best to push me like he did when we were kids.

"Don't make me fucking say it again. Now please help. Pwease?" He says with a puppy dog face. I roll my eyes.

"Fine. You are lucky we are friends." He smiles.

"I know."

Slowly, I take off his jacket and help him out of his shirt. I start blushing immediately when we get it off. He grins.

"Well, well, well..."

"Cocky bastard."

He winks. "Very." I take the disinfectant out.

"Want this or not?"


"Then shut up." He nods and keeps his mouth shut while I pour the alcohol on his wounds. He hisses and I wipe his face off with the towels. "This reminds me of wen we were 10 and you hurt yourself and I had to take care of you," I smile.

He nods. "Damn woods.." I laugh and keep helping him until we are done. I give him the pills and then lean back against the wall.


"Go to sleep," I say.

"Alright, I'll take first watch."

"No. Sleep," I look at him seriously, "now." He gives up and I yawn while leaning back against the wall. He does the same and tries to get comfortable but can't since he can't have his shirt on with the bandages. I roll my eyes and lay his head down in my lap.

"Thanks," he whisper after a couple minutes.

"No problem. I... I'm sorry about the tracker jackers."

"It's okay..." He smiles up at me. I begin playing with his hair and he slowly drifts off leaving me to myself and my own thoughts. Why did I save him when it could have been so easy to just let him die without any blood on my hands? Easy... He used to my best friend.

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