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Even after Aang had ended the war with the Fire Nation, there were still rebels that needed to be dealt with. Unfortunately, these rebels were quite unpredictable. No matter how hard Team Avatar tried, they could never seem to locate and remove the threat. This dilemma was the reason that the Gaang was currently sitting in Firelord Zuko's war chamber, along with other generals. They needed to find a way to defeat these rebels.

"How are we supposed to defeat them if we can't even find them?" came Zuko's frustrated voice.

"If we just knew their plans, where they are, anything!" Obviously Sokka was frustrated too.

Aang, who had pretty much decided that he was not about to think of a solution to this problem, drifted off to thoughts of when Team Avatar had been hiding out in the Fire Nation.


Aang was just standing outside the place where his friends had decided to eat, as it was a meat place, and he was a vegetarian, when suddenly a very intimidating man came up to him.

"Hey,you! It's obvious that you don't belong here."

"Who, me?" Aang asked nervously.

The man glared at Aang.

"Next time you cut class, you might want to take off your school uniform."

Aang laughed, relieved that he hadn't been discovered.

"Sorry, Sir, I'm new here, and I was just looking for the school," said Aang, trying his best to play the role of an innocent kid.

The man looked at Aang closely. Deciding Aang was believable, he said, "All right, kid, I'll show you where to enroll."

"Thank you so much!" Aang sighed, pretending to be excited.

It wasn't long, however, before Aang really was excited. He was about to go to school. He would get the opportunity to be a normal kid. He would be able to forget about the war for awhile. All Aang had to do was go undercover for a few hours during school.

(End Flashback)

Undercover, Aang dwelled on the word, unsure why he did. Undercover, Aang wondered why this word seemed to stick out to him. Undercover...

"That's it!" Aang yelled. All of a sudden it had hit him. It was so obvious!

"What is it, Aang?" asked Katara.

"Katara, we need to get more information, right?"

"Um, yes..." mumbled Katara, not quite sure where Aang was going with this.

"Well, I know how we can do that. I'll just go undercover!"

Everyone in the chamber looked at him.

"Aang, no offense, but you would stick out like a sore thumb." said Sokka, referring to the to the giant blue arrow on Aang's head.

"I'll wear a hat!"

"Are you sure about this, Avatar Aang, it would be a big risk," commented one of the generals.

"Yeah, Twinkletoes, I have to say, not your best idea," it was Toph's turn to object.

"Come on, guys, I can do it! I'll go under the name Kuzon, and I'll only use firebending. I already know how to pretend to be someone I'm not. Remember when I enrolled in that Fire Nation school?"

Katara sighed, "We just want you to be safe."

"I know. I know, but it's not like we have a better idea. Besides, I know I can do this."

"I agree with you, Aang," Zuko announced his approval.

"Thank you, Sifu Hotmen," Aang smiled at his friend.

Eventually, Aang was able to gain everyone else's approval, and a week later he left. It was a sad goodbye, especially with Katara.

"I'll be back as soon as I can."

"I know, but I'll still miss you," Katara sighed. He wasn't even gone, and Katara already missed him.

"Hey, don't worry about me. I did save the world, you know," Aang tried to reassure the waterbender.

Katara laughed, "So you've let it go to your head so soon?"

Aang smiled at his girlfriend. He was really going to miss her.

They kissed, and the Avatar left, hoping he would see his girlfriend soon.

Three months later...

"So, you thought you could just walk into our headquarters and learn everything about us, did you? Well you were wrong, Avatar."

Aang, chained to two columns, glared at the man in front of him. His name was Admiral Khon, and he was a monster.

After Aang had managed to find the rebel hideout, he had been quick to join them. However, it had been harder than he had thought. He was asked to do horrible, unspeakable things. He had managed, though. Sadly, it had only gotten worse. The final straw was when he had heard the rebels' most recent plan. He had objected as soon as the plan had been announced, and it wasn't long after that before they figured out who he was.

Now, as he stood chained between two pillars, he wished he had been smarter. He wished he had sent word to Zuko as soon as he learned of the plot. He just hadn't been able to control himself.

Strangely, a sense of relief had come over Aang. He no longer had to do anything for these people. He could fight for the right side again.

"Well, Avatar, I suppose you want to know what I'm going to do with you. At first, I was going to torture you, maybe even kill you if I get bored, but then I thought about something. You've been a big help ever since you arrived here. You progressed well, especially considering your age, and I was impressed by how well you fought."

"I don't want your praise, Khon. It means nothing to me!" Aang growled.

"You see, as much as I despise you, I think you would be a good asset to me. The problem is, the wrong people freed you from that iceberg. If it had been me, I would have trained you the right way. You would be a proud Fire Nation soldier by the time I finished with you, feared by all. You would be so powerful," The admiral continued, ignoring Aang's comment.

"I am glad to have friends like Team Avatar, and I love Katara!"

"That's the problem. You dwell on things like love, when all you should care about is power."

"That's horrible!"

"Of course you think that now, but soon, you will value every word I say."

"I'll never follow you!"

"Oh, you will, with a little persuasion."

"What do you mean?" Aang asked suspiciously.

Turning to the door of the cell they were in, Khon yelled, "Come in, men! It's time!"

Walking into the cell were none other than the Dai Li. It didn't take Aang long to figure out why they were there.

"Don't even think about it!" Aang screamed.

They ignored him, and began to set up a round table. Attached to it was a bright light strung to a device that was probably used to rotate it. The light was so bright, Aang would've mistaken it for the sun if he didn't know any better. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't look away from it. He was mesmerized by it.

"Now just relax," came the soothing voice of one of the Dai Li, "Everything is okay. You are with friends."

The light began to spin. Aang tried closing his eyes, but Khon would just nod to the agent behind the airbender, who would kick Aang right in the back.

"You are on our side. You fight for the us. You do whatever we say. Admiral Khon and the other rebels are your masters. You would do anything for them."

"No, I wouldn't!" Aang tried not to listen, but he just couldn't. The voice slithered its way into his mind, permanently etching itself their.

"You want the Fire Nation to rule over all. You want Firelord Zuko dethroned. You want Team Avatar dead."


"You want the Fire Nation to rule over all. You want Firelord Zuko dethroned. You want Team Avatar dead," the Dai Li agent repeated.

"That's a lie! I love them all."

"You don't believe in love. You crave power, power for the Fire Nation."

"That's...lies..." Aang barely managed to mumble. His resolve was weakening. The words spoken by the Dai Li agent repeated themselves over and over in his mind. He was beginning to hold on to them. It was like the agent's words were law.

"You don't believe in love. You crave power, power for the Fire Nation."


"You don't believe in love. You crave power, power for the Fire Naton."

Aang's pupils widened.

"I don't believe in love. I crave power, power for the Fire Nation."

Admiral Khon smiled. The Avatar had fallen.