The green leaf patterned cup stopped just inches from her lips. Hakurei Reimu, the Shrine Maiden of Paradise, felt a kind of buzzing in the back of her head causing her to rub the area frowning. Something passed through the border and right into her home. She sighed placing the cup of tea to the side and stood grabbing her gohei stepping into the shrine making a quick right.

Reimu stared, sitting on her table was a little boy wearing a gray dirt covered shirt several sizes too big and large dirty white shorts with holes. His eyes were wide and a very vivid green, hidden partly behind the largest pair of glasses she had ever seen. His black hair stuck up in places and fell in a chaotic mess on his head covering his forehead in a way that reminded her of a ruffled bird. They eyed each other, Reimu with a blank expression, the boy with growing horror. Reimu's eyes flicked down the ground seeing her other tea cup broken in pieces beside the table. She sighed again pinching the bridge of her nose and yelled.

"Yukari! Take him back now!" The boy jumped almost falling off the table and stuttered. Reimu frowned; she couldn't understand the words he uttered.

"Oh my who's this little thing?" A voice drawled from overhead. Reimu glared upward, the boy gawked, at a blond woman the upper half of her body hanging out the ceiling. "Dirty isn't he?"

"Who cares," Reimu jabbed her gohei at him, causing him to flinch, and snapped, "Send him back home Yukari, I have no time to be a baby-sitter." Yukari tipped her head.

"Really~? It's not like you're doing anything at the moment Reimu."

The girl buried her face in her free hand and growled. "You seriously cannot be expecting me to take care of this kid."

"Why not? Don't you think he's interesting~?"

"No." Reimu deadpanned. Yukari tutted and disappeared into the ceiling, she reappeared at Reimu's side floating in midair.

"Reimu, remember the thing you wanted me to do to the barrier? You got tired of the people from the other side coming through into your shrine, so you had me increase the defense around here so they can't get through."

Reimu blinked and gave the woman an incredulous look, "Wait you actually did it?"

Yukari pouted and sniffed, "Well you left me with little choice. It was either tweak the border or never get any sleep at all."

"Oh I see." Reimu looked slightly smug; Yukari's pout became more pronounced. The boy atop the table blinked and hesitantly said something. They stared before exchanging looks. "So do you know what he's saying?"

"Nope," Yukari smiled, "But a quick little adjustment and he'll be speaking our language."

Harry Potter was having a really bad week. Having been suspended from school after he somehow transported himself atop the school's roof, running from his cousin and his gang, he spent the days away cleaning his relative's house from top to bottom, tending to his aunt's garden, washing his uncle's car, and curled up in his cupboard almost delirious with hunger.

The one time he actually had some time to himself without his aunt hovering over his shoulder giving him more things to do his cousin Dudley decided he wanted to finish the hunt that began at school during recess. Harry was chased from the front yard of the house halfway to the park; he managed to stay ahead but was growing tired. He barely ate anything this day, his aunt gave him only bread to eat for breakfast nothing more, and he worked that little bit of energy off by working around the house polishing the floors. Harry wanted to cry, his eyes tearing, he wrapped an arm around his middle gasping.

He wished he could leave his horrible family, if they could be called that, behind. He wished he could go somewhere where he'll never have to see them again. He wished he could be somewhere far, far away. Out of Little Whinging, out of Surrey, even out of England! Harry closed his eyes, blocking out Dudley's jeering and his gang's sneering, and something inside him shifted.

He fell.

Harry's heart nearly gave out as his feet left the ground. He was falling forward so suddenly he screamed breathless in surprise. Harry threw his hands forward hoping to catch himself before hitting the ground-

But he kept falling.

It took a few seconds for him to open his eyes. Harry cracked them open warily and gasped, his vision filled with stars. Twinkling bright blue and white stars, they winked and sparkled in all kinds of sizes. Growing bigger and brighter then fading and shrinking it had him entranced, his panic fading away. He floated downward turning in air to watch as they passed a small smile spreading over his face. It was calming; Harry could breathe easily now that he wasn't being hunted down by his large cousin.

But he wondered, after a few minutes of peaceful drifting, how long he would fall?

Harry got his answer when landed abruptly on something hard on his backside. He squeaked started and flailed in slight pain. His hand came incontact with something and it went flying.


Harry tensed heart stopping sucking in a quick breath. A second later he could hear faint stomping and a girl stepped into the room. She was dressed in a knee length red skirt and sleeveless top with a white collar a blue ribbon tied underneath. Her white sleeves themselves, Harry wondered dimly why they weren't attached to her shirt, were tied to her arms with red ribbons trailing to her wrists and flowing to the ground. Her hair was black, tinting brown in the sun light, just touching her shoulders, with two thick locks hanging over her shoulders wrapped in red ribbon-like tubes framing her face giving it a round look; a bright red bow sat atop the back of her hair. She held a stick in hand as long as her arm with white paper tied on the tip.

He watched her terrified as she stared at him her eyes narrowed some and dropped to the ground, his eyes following the movement. He winced seeing the broken brown cup. The girl's pinched her nose and yelled something he wasn't sure what, it sounded like a different language. Harry jumped a foot in the air. His heart beating fast he quietly stuttered.

"I-I'm sorry." The girl's brow furrowed. Harry blinked wide eyed, 'Did she understand me?' She didn't because she said nothing in return.

And then a voice came from the ceiling. They looked up, and Harry gaped. A woman was hanging upside down through gap. He could see eyes and something else that made shivers run up and down his spine moving in the background. She was quite pretty with her long golden blond hair that somehow defied gravity much like she was currently doing, her eyes a bright violet.

The girl snapped something at her pointing at Harry with her stick, obviously angry, Harry couldn't stop his surprised flinch at the sudden movement. The woman tutted like a grandmother and replied. This continued for a while, the woman disappearing in second then popping up beside the girl; Harry watched as she settled herself in midair as though she was sitting in a chair, she was actually sitting on that gap, he noted that the ends were tied with red ribbons, crossing her legs shifting the frilly skirt of the deep purple dress she was wearing chatting something to the brunette at her side.

Harry waited until they stopped before speaking up again. "Um can you understand me?" He was treated to mildly blank stares before they looked at each other murmuring. Then the blond smiled her eyes flashing as she turned her gaze onto him, and Harry froze. A heavy pressure weighed down on his mind lifting just as quickly as it came. He gasped.

"Wha-what did you do to me?!"

"Oh I understood that." Reimu hummed eyeing the shaking boy on her table. He looked quite scared twitching giving Yukari a mistrustful look. Yukari just smiled in response.

"Oh it was nothing really," she said loftily, "I merely turned your Border of Languages from 'not comprehending Japanese' to 'comprehending Japanese'." The boy's mouth dropped.

"I-I can understand you!" He blinked clapping a hand over his mouth shocked. "Wait did I just- "

"Oh I also made it so you can speak it as well," Yukari added, "It'd be silly if you can understand us but can't reply." An awed look crossed his face.

"How did you do that?"

"Magic~." Yukari drawled.

"Magic? But there's no such thing as magic." He said it so quickly, like it was repeated several times; Yukari's brows rose, Reimu gave him a blank look.

"Really~? Well then how are you speaking Japanese right now?" He frowned and stared at his knees peeking through the holes of his shorts thinking over what just happened to him. It was somewhat amusing watching the faces he made before he sighed and nodded.

"Okay so that was magic? Can you do anything else?" Yukari smiled at the excitement coming onto his face.

"There are a lot of things I can do, but those are stories for another time. I'm curious about you."

"Me?" He squeaked, "But I'm not special at all."

"I beg to differ," Yukari flicked her hand and a white fan appeared. Another quick flick she opened it and hid the lower half of her face behind it, "The fact you got through the Great Hakurei Barrier, after I upped the power to keep people out, shows you are quite special." He flushed, a red tint spread over his cheeks, and squirmed on the table pulling at his too large shirt.

"Did I do something like magic?"

Yukari hummed, "Yes you did. Something close to my gaps I believe. Or something similar to Reimu's ability to float." Reimu blinked and eyed the little boy curiously, someone with her ability to float, or the ability to manipulation the boundaries, that could be troublesome. He blinked back.

"Is-is that good?"

"Maybe, maybe not." Yukari shrugged, "It all depends on how your magic develops. You'll need to get stronger in order for us to see." She closed her fan with a snap and turned to the miko next to her. "Reimu, I'll leave that up to you." She promptly disappeared, really her gap swallowed her so fast it was like she disappeared.

It took a few seconds for Reimu to register what happen and what was said; she then exploded.


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