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It was completely dark when Remilia walked into the sitting room, yawning widely and rubbing one cloudy scarlet eye looking very much like the ten year old child she appeared as. The little vampire dropped next to Suika blinking lingering sleep away and fixed him with a curious gaze. Harry watched her back warily, something he couldn't help but do, an unconscious response that was beat into him by his cousin when he was calm before exploding into anger. She may have wanted him to forget her earlier scare but he couldn't if he wanted to.

They eyed each other silently. Suika, Reimu, and Marisa watched the staring contest with mixed feelings, making faces, and exchanging looks.

Remilia blinked slowly her wings fluttering before she spoke, "So you're from the Outside world? Where?"

Harry blinked too, relieving his stinging eyes, "England. Surrey, England." At her blank look he added, "It's in Europe."

"Oh, is that so? I'm from Europe as well!" She exclaimed puffing up spreading her wings, "From Romania. As a matter of fact I am the descendant of Vlad Ţepeş Dracul."

She sounded a lot like Uncle Vernon boasting about something he should know and be impressed by. His brow furrowed a little at the name, for a moment he had to think wondering where he heard it before his eyes grew wide and he gasped, "You are?!"

Remilia looked gobsmacked as did everyone else. Harry retuned the incredulous looks with his own bewildered expression. "What?"

"You- you actually believe her?!" Marisa sputtered wide-eyed.

"Um yes?"

"Why?" Reimu breathed astonished.

"My class did a project about people of history in school." Harry plucked at his sleeve a little nervous at the shocked stares he was receiving, "I remember because someone did a really long report about him and had pictures and lots of notes."

"Really?" Remilia squealed, her wings flapped happily in her excitement. "My ancestor is so famous he's gone down in history!"

Marisa jumped to her feet pointing, "Hold on, hold on! That doesn't mean you're related to him yo! We need more facts!" She spun thrusting her finger in Harry's face making him cringe back into Reimu. "Do you remember any of what that report said?"

"I remember that he was the reason everyone knows about vampires. He was the reason vampires are so famous." Remilia shot smug looks at Marisa and Reimu, who just stared stunned, Suika looked interested,"And he had another name, Vlad the Impaler. Because he punished people by using spears."

Remilia's grin was so wide it threaten to spilt her face. "And you said I was lying~." She crooned, "Ha! Who's the liar now! Ohohoho~!"

Harry blinked as Remilia broke into loud laughter, shoulders shaking with her hilarity. Reimu and Marisa exchanged blank looks, Suika was just amused.

"Huh what do ya know," She muttered a wry smile curving her lips, "Must be nice to have something you always believed in to be true. Here Remilia you deserve a drink for that!"

"Yes, yes I do!" The little vampire said cheerfully accepting the offered sake. Marisa shook her head rising to her feet stalking off muttering about starting dinner. Reimu groaned running a hand down her face.

"You just had to prove her right." She muttered.

Harry flinched a bit and curled in on himself. "S-sorry." He jumped when Reimu rubbed his head.

"Don't take it the wrong way. It's just now she'll go around telling everyone and it'll get annoying real soon."

"Oh," He murmured relaxing under her hand before peering up through his hair. "So you believe me now?"

"Yeah, you don't seem like the kind of person who would lie. Besides, Remilia is a vampire and she likes to use spears with some of her attacks so it isn't that far-fetched to believe now that you said that." The miko sighed, "Though as I said before, we'll never hear the end of this. Remilia likes to boast a lot and too much."

"It's not boasting when it's true Reimu." Remilia drawled waving a hand at her preening. She was giving off waves of pleased pleasure. Oddly enough it made her look just a tiny bit older. "You, Harry was your name, yes?" He nodded. "As my thanks you are allowed to come and go to my manor as you please. You can even sleep over if you desire."

"Oh thank you," He flushed just a little bit excited. "I'm never been in a mansion before."

"You will find that the Scarlet Devil Manor will exceed whatever expectations you have about any other manors you've heard about." Remilia preened proudly.

"Actually it's way too big and empty and dark." Reimu interjected, "It's really creepy looking and- "

"Shut up! My manor is nothing like that!" Remilia roared slamming her hands on the table. Harry jumped a foot in the air.

"It is~." Reimu drawled. "It's an overly big haunted house and not in a good way."

Remilia looked like she was seconds away from exploding when a voice came from the door way.

"Reimu, are you looking to be turned into a knife rack?" They all turned and there stood an older girl. She was a head taller than Reimu and Marisa wearing a traditional frilly maid dress colored blue and white. Her silver hair curled at her neck and she had two braids framing her face and a maid headband nestled in her locks. She eyed Reimu with cool blue-gray eyes holding several sharp silver knifes between her fingers.

Reimu sneered back at her. "Please as if you could touch me with those, I'm not like that gatekeeper you have. Besides you better not throw them in here. I don't want them ricocheting near Harry."

"Harry?" The girl repeated blankly eyes flicking around the table before landing on him. She blinked, looked him up and down, then quipped, "Training an heir already? That's a bit soon isn't it? Shouldn't you at least be married with your own child first?"

Reimu flushed and stammered, "Wh-what, it's not like that! I'm taking care of him, not trying to turn him into the next Hakurei!"

"But he's wearing-"

"That was Yukari. I said I needed clothes for him, I didn't tell her to get some that were like mine." She huffed.

"I see," The girl eyed him for a few more seconds before tucking her knifes away in her apron pocket and turning to Remilia bowing, "Excuse me for my lateness Mistress. I had to clear up a mess the Young Mistress made with Meiling in the kitchen. Also we need a new wall in the one of the halls."

Remilia choked on her sip of sake and sputtered, "What?! Why?"

"In the resulting chase to put the Young Mistress back in her room, Meiling broke the wall attempting to tackle the Young Mistress. She went through the wall making a large hole."

"But she shouldn't have been able to do that." Remilia scowled, "All the walls were reinforced by Patchy to prevent that from happening!"

"It was the section near the library that was repeatedly Master Sparked."

Remilia broke the sake dish she was holding. With a snarl she jumped to her feet and flew out the room. "MARISA!"

Reimu let her head hit the table as shrieks and cackles came from the back of the shrine. "Augh damnit." She huffed and stood patting Harry's head. "Stay here and try not to go into the hall. Suika if anything comes in here please don't let it hit him."

"Sure!" The oni chirped.

The miko grumbled stalking out gripping her gohei tightly. The maid stepped out the doorway into the room and sat next to Suika. She was looking at Harry once more. Harry stared back, he never seen an actual maid before that wasn't on TV. He jumped when Reimu yelled, "GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!" followed by loud explosions and squeals.

"You're new here, aren't you?" The maid said watching as he cringed at the explosions that seemed to be getting closer to the room.

"Um yes." Harry could see the hall being filled with bright flashing lights as the commotion got louder.

"The Outside world?"

"Uh-huh." A laughing black blur flew passed the door followed by large glowing red circles and multicolored lights.

Remilia screeched, "Get back here you black and white rat!" She tore down the hall shining red with anger. Reimu half a step behind her screaming, "OUT! GET OUT!"

"Oh sounds like something broke." Suika drawled looking entertained, "Reimu only gets like that when something of hers is destroyed."

"It may have been a wall." The maid said lightly, "You know how she gets when it's damage to the shrine."

"Mm yeah I remember when I accidentally made a hole in the floor, Reimu all but murdered me and then she made me fix it instantly after the beat down." Suika chortled. She pointed at Harry. "Make sure you never break anything in here. Hell haft no fury like an enraged Reimu when something happens to her home."

Harry nodded. Destroying his new home, accidentally or otherwise, was the farthest thing on his mind.

Reimu ended up making dinner that night grumbling under her breath and cursing Marisa as she did it. Marisa was too sore to do it as she was beaten by Remilia and Reimu for damages to their walls. She sat slumped on the table dressed in a yukata Reimu gave to her to wear after her dress was shredded next to Harry who was patting her head in an attempt to make her feel better. Across the table, Remilia sat next to her maid sniffling and pouting her dress and hair in disarray and cap nowhere to be seen. Her maid rubbed her back to calm her. Suika giggled under her breath looking between the groups.

"Haha you guys have no idea how funny you look together." She snickered gourd bouncing against her lip.

"Hm well I guess the resemblance is a bit familiar." The maid hummed. "Though I doubt that he is a butler for that rat."

"I'm sitting right here yo." The magician moaned turning her head to pout at the older girl. "And what's with calling me a rat?"

"Miss Patchouli was the one to call you that first. As apt description for a thief."

"I told her she'll get her books back when I die~."

"With the way you go about with your magic that might take a while."

"Nah not really~." Marisa pushed herself up running her fingers through Harry's hair. "Thanks for the comfort Lil'Bro." He flushed and gave her a small smile.

"You're welcome."

"I want some tea." Remilia huffed, "Sakuya get me tea."

"Yes milady." She stood smoothing out winkles in her dress and sashayed off.

"Oh right, that was my Perfect and Elegant Maid Izayoi Sakuya. If you ever come to my manor Sakuya will be the one to serve you anything you need." Remilia turned towards Harry. "Don't bother with the fairy maids, they're kinda useless."

"If they're useless why have them?" Suika asked brow raised.

"Appearances, of course." Remilia replied loftily.

"Hey hey how he gets a free pass to come over but I don't?" Marisa mumbled sulking.

"Because unlike you he won't steal or destroy anything." Remilia sneered puffing up flashing her fangs.

Marisa sniffed, "Whatever I don't care. More fun to sneak in that just walking in."

Remilia looked seconds away from launching herself at the magician when Sakuya breezed in a tea tray balanced in her hand. "Your tea, Mistress." She set the tray down picking up the cup and saucer holding them out.

Remilia turned away from Marisa smiling, "Thank you Sakuya."

"It was my pleasure milady." She demurred curtsying before sitting once more beside her.

Harry stared at the tea. Sakuya was only gone for about two minutes. He knew, having made tea for his aunt and uncle since he turned six, that it took several minutes for the water to boil and then, depending on how strong you wanted it, more minutes for the tea leaves to seep in the water. How did she make it so quickly?

"Would you like some tea as well?" He blinked looking away from Remilia joying her drink at Sakuya, who was giving him a curious look.

Harry shook his head. "How did you make the tea so fast?"

"With my ability to Manipulate Time."

He blinked and turned to Marisa. "She can control time with her magic. Sakuya can speed it up, so things can cook, grow, or move faster, or slow it down Or stop it completely." The magician answered.

"How can you stop time?" Harry asked wide eyed.

"Magic~." Marisa drawled. She blinked as Harry gave her a blank look. "Oh not good enough answer huh? Well I don't know. That's something you have to ask Sakuya."

He turned to the maid. Sakuya smiled lightly, "I would explain but I think you're a bit too young to understand the concept."

Harry couldn't stop his pout at her but perked up turning to Remilia. "I just remembered. Remilia how did you make a mist to cover Gensokyo?"

The little vampire lit up at his question. She set her tea down grinning, "Ooh~ Reimu told you about that huh? It was an ingenious plan I thought up but it was quite simple. You see you can take control of the magic in the air here. With enough of your own magic and will you can bend it to do what you please. You just need a high enough vantage point to begin. The top of my clock tower was perfect. From there I spread my magic in the air and directed it to overwhelm the magic around the manor. When I had control over that surrounding area I spread my influence over the land."

"It wasn't a magic spell?" He asked.

"Not at all, just immense magical power and control." She quipped back. Remilia raised her hands red sparks jumping between her fingers. Slowly the air began tinting red turning darker. Harry stared awed blinking furiously; it was becoming a bit hard to see. Remilia looked smug once more her wings fluttering in pleasure. A loud crash came from the back of the shrine followed by stomping.

Reimu charged into the room growling, "Stop! No more magic in my shrine!" She threw a glowing ofuda at the vampire's head. It was intercepted by a knife pinning it to the wall. The miko turned her glower onto Sakuya who glared back holding another knife.

Remilia sniffed, "Relax Reimu I was just answering a question Harry asked."

"If you were answering a question, why is my shrine red?" She hissed through grit teeth.

"I was demonstrating. I wasn't going keep it up. I have no desire for another beating and lost." Her cheeks puffed out in a pout. With a wave of her hand the red mist detracted flowing into Remilia's hand. "There all gone. Now hurry and finish cooking I'm hungry." Sakuya wasn't fast enough to stop the next ofuda that smacked Remilia's face making her topple over with a cry.

"Milady!" The silver haired maid yelped dropping her other knife to fuss over the whimpering vampire. Reimu flounced out the room with a pleased huff.

Marisa fell over laughing while Suika snorted, "You shouldn't have said that~." And Harry cringed. Remilia's face was turning a bright red from where she was hit after Sakuya peeled the paper away.

"Ooh! I'll get her back for that!" She growled flailing face crunched up.

Marisa pushed herself breathless. "Good luck with that. Reimu will be in a mood for the next week or so. But hey, when you do challenge her let me know. I gotta sale tickets to the beat down yo." She ducked as two knives flew at her head. "Didn't Reimu tell you not to do that around Harry?"

"They weren't meant to bounce," Sakuya deadpanned another knife in hand, "Besides I wasn't aiming at him, just you."

"But still, you should be careful with what you fling around him. Lil'Bro hasn't started his dodging training yet so stuff could hit him."

"Considering how you use magic, you're the last person who should to be saying something like that." The maid retorted blankly.

The magician grinned. "That's only when I'm making new spells yo."

Sakuya snorted loudly completely unlady-like lowering her knife. Harry looked between the two, wondering faintly if they were friends like how Reimu and Marisa were friends. Snarking at each other but not meaning the heat behind it. Though she looked innocuous, Sakuya seemed quite violent, if her trigger hand was anything to go by. But she was nice too, at least towards him, offering him tea when she didn't have to.

It brought up another thing to him. It was odd, being surrounded by people being nice to him. First Yukari, giving him new things, then Reimu, letting him stay in her home, Marisa, helping him with his magic, and Suika, giving him advice. And now Remilia, letting him come over to her home. No one ever invited him to their home before, she even said he could sleep over if he wanted. Harry smiled slightly.

He hoped he never left Gensokyo. Even though he has been here for one day, life here was proving to be better than life back in England.

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