New story here I come! It is set after Into Darkness, and I am going to be trying a bit of angst along the way which is new to me so if anyone wants to give me some tips feel free they are welcome!

Chapter One: Breaking In:

"Damn it." Jim muttered as he walked swiftly down the corridor, passing members of the crew on him way the Captain spared little time to offer an acknowledging nod of his head to them or a forced smile. Stress levels were at a high once again, and his patience was wearing thin, he wanted answers and he wanted them now.

The glass door which stood between him and the Medical Bay slid open with a gentle hiss of depressurised air and allowed him admittance; dodging an assortment of nurses the Captain hastened towards his friend. The Doctor was sat behind his glass desk, apparently analysing something or other on his PADD.

"Bones, you called?" he asked, resting his hands loosely on his hips.

"Jim! God damnit man, don't sneak up on me!" Bones sighed, "You got here faster than I anticipated you would, I haven't had time to run through all the tests results yet. I'm a Doctor not a miracle worker you know?"

"Bones, Bones... Bones!" he yelled, snapping him out of his self-indulged ranting, "Where is he?" his voice betraying the concern his face had concealed.

McCoy let out a sigh and jerked his head to the left, gesturing to the half-glass, half-white-cobalt private bay, "I've had to keep him in isolation for the time being because of the delay in getting back his test results. He hasn't woken up yet but his statistics are stable as far as I can tell, there is no real reason why he shouldn't wake up."

Jim swallowed thickly as he followed his gaze and looked through the glass, "Can I go in and see him?"

"I wouldn't recommend it, not until I get the results back, Jim-" Bones trailed off and sighed, "Alright, but I will have someone watching and making sure that he doesn't start eliciting radioactive matter, alright?"

"Thanks Bones."

The blond donned a card around his neck which would permit him to see whether or not he was in danger of radioactive poisoning, if it changed colour from green he was in trouble. Then, he set his phaser on Bones's desk and followed the physician towards the isolation bay.

Jim stepped into the glass and cobalt bay, hearing the door slide shut behind him before he blew out a breath and strode towards the bed; he took to the only chair in the room and moved it to the bedside. Leaning forward, he rested his arms on the bed sheets and sighed as he looked him over, "Oh Spock, you trying to give me a coronary?"

"We are experiencing a little turbulence Captain," Chekov informed him as the young man's voice was echoed by a loud rumbling which shook the ship.

"Yes, thank you Chekov, I had noticed." Kirk muttered as he staggered to his seat, "Raise shields. Uhura tell Spock to get his ass back up here and off that planet. We can't stay here any longer, it's not safe."

"Yes sir," the xinolinguist answered before she touched the transceiver in her ear and tried to contact the Vulcan.

"Scotty, how are we holding up down there?" the Captain asked as he buzzed down to engineering.

"Not great Captain, I cannae keep the engines boosted to Warp Speed for long before we have to actually use them otherwise they'll backfire and blast us out of the sky."

"Understood, do what you can and keep me informed." He sighed.

"Will do!" the Scotsman said before he cut their conversation off.

"Captain! Lieutenant Spock is ready to beam aboard!" Uhura told him, turning in her seat.

"Very good." he said, standing quickly before he headed for the elevator, "Chekov you have the con, be ready to evacuate the area."

Jim jogged along the hallways, meandering down to the transporter room to meet his First Captain. So far everything about this stupid mission had been damned, first the engines had gone into flux, requiring for them to fire up the Warp Core constantly to maintain power; and then Spock had beamed to the surface of the planet they were circling to get soil and rock samples they needed to analyse... Something, he hadn't really been listening. And then a radioactive storm cloud had shot up from the planets' surface and almost decimated them where they flew.

Shaking his head, Kirk slowed as he reached his destination and headed into the room just in time to see the first sparks of particles as Spock beamed aboard. That was when the ship rocked again and the usually golden particles turned red as the alarms began to blare and the transporter failed, Spock's figure disappearing for a moment before it reappeared and Spock crumpled on the ground unconscious.

Jim sighed and ran a hand down his face, he stood up to leave when he heard a soft indignant groan from the bed; his head snapped around and a smile formed on his face as he watched Spock's almond shaped eyes flutter open for the first time since the accident.

"Spock?" he asked, leaning over the man and resting a hand on his shoulder as he came around, "Thank God, you sure had me worried this time my friend."

"C-Captain?" the Vulcan questioned, wincing at the lights in the bay as his mind caught up with his body, "What happened?"

"Do you remember anything at all?" Jim asked, "When we tried to beam you off planet there was a malfunction because of the storm cloud, the first transport attempt failed but rebooted and you were beamed aboard, I'm guessing it was the strain of the first failed attempt but you've been unconscious for three days."

"Three days?!" the Vulcan exclaimed in an unusually high-pitched tone.

"Calm down, we don't want you to get aggravated again," he said gently, smiling at him, "Bones has been covering your work load with some help, you just need to focus on getting better, can't have you collapsing on duty."

"I apologise for my state of disuse Captain, I-"

"Spock," he interrupted, "Just worry about getting better."

"I... Yes Captain."


Whether he was fully better or not, Jim wasn't sure, however just the next day Spock was discharged from the Medical Bay and returned to his normal duties despite McCoy's very best attempt at keeping him off sick. Regardless of his concern, it was nice to have his First Officer back at his side, Bones wasn't the same bless him.

"How are you feeling?" Jim asked as his friend came to stand beside him on the Bridge.

"I am absolutely functional, Captain, you need not be concerned."

"Well at the very least you sound more... Vulcan now." He sighed, "You were so much more innocent in your sleep." He added teasingly.

Spock frowned and looked at him, "Did you stay with me all night Captain? There was really no need..."

"You stayed."

"I'm sorry?"

"When Bones brought me back..." he paused and looked at him, "After everything with Khan... You stayed by my side the entire time I was in that coma after the radiation... You never left. Bones told me Spock... You stuck by my side. How could I not do the same for you?"

The Vulcan opened and closed his mouth, "I... Captain that was different, you had died."

"And you could have died!" he barked under his breath, looking out of the large screen at space, "I would be just as lost if you left me as you would if I left you."

"We are certainly interdependent, I will agree with that, which is amusing considering how we began." He agreed with a sigh.

"See, future you was right."

"It would appear to be that way."

The pair fell silent for a moment before the blond cleared his throat, "Have you spoken to Uhura yet?"

"Why would I have?"

"She was worried about you too..."

"Lieutenant Uhura and I are no longer together Captain, I do not desire to present her with the wrong idea but... Being out of character." He explained in a detached manner.

"Wh-What? When did that happen?" Jim spluttered in surprise, glancing at the linguist who had her back to them both.

Spock glanced at the blond before he sighed and clasped his hands behind his back, "This morning."

"Why? How? Are you dealing with it?" he fired off without really meaning to pry.

"My feelings towards her have changed over the course of the past year, at first I was uncertain what it meant however after my... Near death experience I came to the logical conclusion that I no longer feel the way I did and have little desire to continue our... Relationship. So when she visited me this morning I ended things."

Jim frowned and folded his arms, "Why... Why did you never say anything to me about this? I would have thought you'd talk to me about it..."

"Why would I talk to you about it? I am capable of making my own decisions. Captain."

Kirk paused at the way in which his friend said his rank and he looked at the Vulcan curiously, there was something different about his entire mannerism, and it was a little unnerving. He was sure it was just down to him re-establishing himself after the transporter accident; he'd settle down in a few days and return to his usual self. With this in mind he passed the Vulcan and returned to the Captain's chair, sitting down and crossing his legs as he pressed his fingertips together and watched the stars flying past.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Spock move, hesitating for a moment beside him before he disappeared to his own chair. Jim swallowed the lump which had formed in his throat and tried to set the eerie scene to the back of his mind so that he could concentrate.

They were on their way to New Vulcan with the samples Spock had collected. Bones had refreshed his mind on the mission at hand, apparently the Vulcan Ministers of the Science Academy were unhappy with the planet they had found to restart their civilisation and were reaching out for something better. Personally he didn't understand what the problem was; New Vulcan seemed perfect, even Spock had seemed at peace there.

When the communication device fitted to his chair buzzed, it almost made him jump because of how little he had expected to be disturbed so soon after settling into his seat; with a lazy sigh he pressed a button to answer the call.

"Captain Kirk speaking." He greeted in a platonic tone of voice.

"Jim, you need to come down to Medical, like right now." Bones said, his voice was panicked and worried which set Jim off.

"On my way." He muttered, cutting the call and standing up, "Spock with me, Sulu take the con."

The two men walked side by side in silence, retracing a route they had both taken many times since they had joined the Enterprise; not that it ever got boring but it would have been nice not to have to make the trip so many times that they could have walked it with their eyes shut. Once again, Kirk felt a peculiar sensation reeling from his First Officer and a glance toward him from the corner of his eye confirmed that Spock had been watching him with slightly less friendly eyes than normal.

There was something not quite right with his Vulcan companion. He was going to have to keep an eye on him in case he had a relapse after the accident.

Walking into the Medical Bay, both men froze momentarily as they encountered something similar to a bomb site; desks and shelves overturned, paperwork scattered and PADDs shattered and broken; glass had been smashed and now covered the floor like a thin sheet of ice.

"Bones!" Jim exclaimed, "What the hell happened?!"

"I have no idea!" the Doctor growled, his eyes narrowed with anger, "I just got back from my lunch break and found it like this... Someone dismissed my staff so there are no witnesses, the cameras were knocked out so there is no recordings and there are no fingerprints either... Someone completely turned this place over and... I have no idea who!"

"Logically speaking, Doctor, it had to be someone aboard the ship so that at least narrows down your list of suspects." Spock interjected.

"To what? Anything from eight to nine hundred people?!" he barked, "I'm missing half of the new results which had just come in... I haven't been able to analyse them and now they are missing... This is just..."

"Calm down Bones, we'll find out who did this. What sort of results are missing?" Jim asked.

McCoy sighed and let out a breath, turning away and sifting through what was left of his desk, "All the results pertaining to the tests I've run in the past week. Even Spock's are gone."

"Alright, well these things are tagged aren't they? So we'll trigger the alarm attached to them and find them."

"I already tried that Jim... They didn't show up as being on board the ship anymore... Looks like whoever took them did so for the purpose of concealing what was among them. I think they've probably been thrown off the ship." He sighed, throwing his hands up in defeat as he righted a chair and sat down heavily.

The Captain cursed under his breath and glanced around at the devastation, he didn't know of anyone among his crew even capable of committing such an atrocity against the Doctor; even fewer who would actually want to. Why couldn't things be normal for once?

"Try not to worry Bones, we'll get it all straightened up and functional again and then... Track down the person responsible." He said, concealing the fact that he believed it unlikely that they would find the person responsible at all.

"Yeah, whatever, you know as much as I do that without any witnesses or evidence the chance of actually finding them is nil." The man grumbled.

"Just... Try not to worry. Okay?"

Jim sighed and turned to Spock, blinking and looking around as he found the man to be gone; he opened his mouth to say something before he changed his mind and shook his head, leaving the Medical Bay as he left orders for several volunteers to head down in his place and assist with repairing the damage.

'Damnit Spock, where did you run off to this time?' he thought to himself, wondering what Spock's test results had been. He shrugged, they'd never know now.