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Warning: There is some mild implications of a sexual nature mid-way through, nothing overly descriptive though.

Chapter Two: Twins:

The next day, Spock didn't turn up for his duties and no one could get into his room to find him and tell him. Jim put it down to the stress of the accident, although he was well aware that the chances of Spock suffering from a stress related illness was almost as small as the Vulcan becoming a court jester. It just wasn't going to happen. Ever.

Nevertheless, he allowed it to slide, and with no Spock to keep his wild side in check, he made several rash decisions and got shouted at by Uhura, who apparently blamed him for Spock breaking up with her. He had no idea how she had come to that conclusion but trying to tell her otherwise had led to a barrage of slaps and further shouting. Not a scene he wanted repeated. Ever.

He could not deny that he actually missed the man's company on the Bridge, as much as they argued and clashed they had basic and primal similarities such as dedication; strength; and desire to protect their family. They could and would argue about many things, but not those three. In those three things at least, they had an absolute understanding.

And he kind of enjoyed their spats; it was grounding to know that he had someone as strongly willed as himself by his side. He liked being challenged, and Spock did that constantly, and then to quash the opposition with his own signature brand of logic. And it was never dull.

With a sigh, Jim finally conceded to the will of his crew and went to see for himself if Spock was alright or not.

The walk through the hallways of the ship was always a repetitive one, but it was one he always enjoyed and never tired of. This was the adventure he had dreamed of as a child, he knew not all were so luck as to live their dreams.

When he came to a stop outside of his First Officer's room, he realised he had never been there before, usually when there was trouble it was his own room which was invaded by one of three people: Spock, Bones, or Scotty.

Chuckling at the thought, he knocked sharply at the door and waited several minutes, he shifted his weight from one leg to the other as he waited before he finally decided that he wasn't going to get an answer and overrode the locking mechanism with his pass code.

He lifted his gaze as the door hissed gently and opened, the room was shrouded in darkness, the lights were inactive as there was almost no sound from within, save for the gentle pattering of water in the bathroom. Spock was in the shower then? That would explain why he hadn't heard the door but not shower took half a day, so why had he not heard his other visitors?

Jim stepped inside and glanced around out of curiosity. The set up was the same as his own, merely slightly smaller, yet the curious thing was the lack of personal objects and belongings. The room looked almost clinical in its maintenance. His own room was plagued by memorabilia from his voyages, photographs of San Francisco, mostly of him and Bones at the Academy and graduation; a couple of motorcycle magazines and some vintage replica models which he kept in a glass cabinet for safety.

But Spock's room was void of any such things, the only two things which appeared out of place were a navy blue jumper folded neatly on the bed and a potted plant, half of which was blood red and the other half of which was purple.

He reached out and brushed the velvet soft leaves of that plant curiously, he had never seen one like it before.

"Gemingreen, Captain," the Vulcan said as he leaned against the doorframe of the bathroom, "Given its name for its dual personality, 'Gemin' as in Gemini the star sign of the twins. The red half provides a calming and natural sedative while the purple acts as a powerful aphrodisiac. They are common to Vulcan alone, this is the only one of its kind left."

"Yet its' very name is a contradiction of its nature... Gemingreen." Kirk proposed as he looked over his shoulder at his First Officer, blinking in surprise as he found himself looking at his pale bare torso which still glistened with the aftermath of cascading water.

"I am pleased you appreciate the irony." Spock said, his lips twitching only slightly as he walked forwards, brushing passed his Captain and heading for his wardrobe, "So, what can I do for you Captain?"

Jim opened his mouth and released a volley of gibberish before composing himself, "... You didn't show up for your duties and no one could get hold of you."

"So you came to find me yourself?" he asked, looking over his shoulder with an arched Vulcan eyebrow.

"Is that really so strange?" he asked, already knowing the answer.


Jim looked away, "I was concerned about you, after what happened yesterday I thought perhaps you might have collapsed or something..." he explained before he sniffed indignantly, "However I can see that you have not so I will leave you in peace." He said and took several steps towards the door.

"You were concerned?" Spock repeated curiously, brushing his hair down before his hand travelled to the towel around his waist.

Kirk felt shame wash over him as his eyes followed the path of the Vulcan's hand before he tore his gaze away and looked straight over his friend's head, "I think we have established that friends are allowed to be concerned for each other's wellbeing."

The blonds' back stiffened suddenly as he felt the warmth of Spock's chest pressing against his back, he swallowed and turned slowly, coming face to face with the dark eyed male.

"Of course, I apologise for doubting you, Captain." The Vulcan breathed.

"No problem Spock, I'm used to you second guessing me." He shrugged it off and tried to appear nonchalant about it.

Tipping his head the other raised an eyebrow again, "But it does bother you."

"You challenge my command, we are both very dominant personalities, I find it difficult to submit to your will. As we both found out when we were going after Nero, I couldn't let myself be ordered around, even less for someone I had very little respect for at the time."

"So you feel threatened by me? But at the same time you keep me here as your First Officer? You enjoy the challenge don't you?"

"Of course, it wouldn't be as fun if everyone simply did as they were told. You question me, make me question myself and it makes me strive to do better." He explained.

"You said that you could not submit... Why?"

"My pride, my personality. I am not the submissive kind. I've never met anyone who could make me yield. It is just the way I am Spock. I never submit to anyone."

"You'll never know unless you try it, Captain." he breathed as he shoved the blond against the wall, pinning his arms above his head in one of his hands as he pressed against him fully.

"S-Spock!" he exclaimed, his eyes widening slightly as he saw a darkly malicious look in the other's eyes.

"Yes?" the Vulcan asked, his voice dropping several pitches to a husky level.

He squirmed slightly, "Release me at once, I am not playing games Spock. It is an order!"

"You don't mean it. I can see it in your eyes, feel it in your pulse, feel it in the quiver of your heart." He whispered as he leaned in, brushing his lips along the length of the other's ear.

Jim swallowed hard, "Spock... Let go of me, now." He said, forcing steadiness into his voice as he tried not to react as his friend's teeth sank into the shell of his ear and drew blood, as well as a hiss.

"I don't want to, Captain." He purred before his free hand snuck down and suddenly grasped the front of Jim's trousers between his legs, fondling him a little roughly through his clothing and eliciting a gasp of surprise from the blond as his hips jerked forwards in response to the contact.

Kirk let out a reluctant groan as he was touched intimately, his legs turning to jelly as he lifted his gaze and found himself staring into those dark irises. Something was definitely different about the Vulcan, there was an obscurity in his eyes which had never been there before, usually his eyes betrayed him and his humanity, but currently they were predatory and they made Jim's spine melt.

A loud knocking on the door beside them saved Jim from a fate he was uncertain he was ready to face and as Spock sighed and withdrew he was left to correct himself and eradicate the flush from his face.

The Captain shoved Spock back and slid pressed the release button on the wall, watching as the door slid open to reveal Bones's face. Never before had Jim been so damned relieved for his old roommate to interrupt him when he was being manhandled.

"Bones! What can I do for you?!" he asked almost too eagerly.

"What are you doing here Jim?" the Doctor asked before he shook his head and looked at Spock, "We've been able to restore the Sick Bay so when you are ready I want to re-run the tests from yesterday and see if there is any damage we missed."

Jim was reluctant to follow them to Sick Bay, the memory of Spock's body pressed against his own lingered in his mind; he was merely thankful that his ear had stopped bleeding from the painfully hard nip it had received on the end of Spock's teeth.

A shiver ran over him, why his body continually tortured him by recalling every touch the Vulcan had pressed upon him, he was sure he did not know.

Shaking his head, he endeavoured to avoid all forms of contact with the Vulcan; he didn't want to encourage any further leching from him, especially not in front of McCoy.

He couldn't understand what had come over Spock; he had never seen him like that before. Yet he couldn't quite shake off the feeling of slight arousal which he had been partial to in the wake of having his control seized and taken from him in that heart-stopping moment when he had been pinned so forcefully against the door and groped.

Rolling his eyes as his trousers tightened slightly in response to his train of thought, Jim groaned under his breath and dared o glance sideways at his First Officer, which proved to be his mistake as he found that those dark eyes were already fixed on him. His back stiffened instantly and he opened his mouth to speak before he tore his eyes away from him and looked straight ahead, now able to feel his gaze upon him constantly the hairs on the backs of his neck were on end and he felt a tremble run over him like a bucket of cold ice had been tossed over him.

Entering the Sick Bay, Jim watched as Spock headed over to one of the beds and sat down on it; he turned to Bones and pulled him off to the side, "Bones... Something is wrong with him."

"What are you talking about Jim?" the Doctor asked as he gathered several phials and syringes that he needed.

"I am telling you that there is something wrong with him," he repeated, hissing slightly as he gripped his friend's wrist in an almost breaking hold, "Just before you knocked at the door he had me pinned against the wall with his hand between my legs, Bones, he was dominant and dark and commanding... He was not the Spock I know."

McCoy stared at the hand on his arm for a moment before he lifted his gaze and saw the concern and reality in Jim's eyes, had he not seen that he would have accused him of lying, but he could see the truth of his words, "Are you being serious?"

"Yes. I wouldn't lie about this Bones, you know that. I am... I am really worried." He told him in a hushed whisper, "He's my friend and... If I lost him it would tear me apart."

Conceding to this, Bones nodded once, "I know it would. Try not to worry Jim, I'll run these tests and depending on the results which come back we can work on what to do to help him."

"Alright... Are you going to keep him in?"

"Yeah, overnight observations I think; I'll also run a psychiatric examination to test for alterations in his personality and mental stability. Go and get some rest, everything will be fine."

The blond stepped back and watched as his oldest friend headed towards the Vulcan with the equipment he needed to run his tests; despite what he had said he was still worried. What if there was something seriously wrong with Spock? What if they couldn't help him or... Or worse what if helping made it worse? One thing was for sure and that was the fact that Spock could not be allowed to remain as he was, he wasn't sure he would survive another assault on his control.


Later that night, Jim lay asleep in bed, his torso exposed as the thin grey sheets scrunched around his waist and down his legs; a thin sheen of sweat covered his naked skin, glistening in the light of the stars which filtered through the window beside his bed.

He had long ago discovered, after his first trip into space, that he could no longer sleep without seeing the stars which had prompted the change in set up to his room. His bed had formerly been tucked out of the way around the corner, out of sight of the window and it had made his restless. But moving the bed into place beside the window had ended his sleepless nights, the stars settled him and comforted him like a blanket of safety, despite the dangers that space contained.

However, on this night for the first time in years he found himself to be restlessly fighting for sleep. When he found sleep it was plagued with flashes of his past, his childhood and teenage years - memories which were both unpleasant and nightmarish for him and when he woke he found himself to be so exhausted that he could barely keep his eyes open for more than a few seconds, yet he forced himself to do so in hopes of eradicating the thoughts of a lifestyle which he had long since escaped.

Other times he dreamt of Spock. It both concerned and embarrassed him that the Vulcan was haunting his sleep; with recollections of his firm taut body pressing hard against his own arousing and shaking him to his core. Such recollections caused further restlessness because of the reoccurring partial erections he experienced as a result.

He had considered himself to be completely straight, he had always found men to be attractive, but he had never desired to experiment. Yet Spock had ignited something within him with sent his trembling to his core, and not only that, for the first time he was anxious that he was not as dominant as he had formerly considered himself to be.

Opening his eyes slowly, Jim sighed heavily and ran a hand through his hair, sitting up in bed and giving into the fact that he couldn't get to sleep peacefully. Instead he pulled out his PADD and looked up the plant Spock kept in his room, the Gemingreen, just out of curiosity.

'The Gemingreen takes its name from the Zodiac star sign Gemini, symbol of the twins and dual personality, this plant is a rare species which is native only to the planet Vulcan because of its climacteric requirements. It needs to be kept in a hot temperature which far exceeds that of most habitable planets, and it also requires little water but plenty of tending to. It is often considered that the Gemingreen is the signature plant of Vulcan society because the two are so intermingled and it could not survive without the dedication of a Vulcan emissary to tend to it daily.

It is possible to maintain the life form off planet as long as it has a Vulcan master tending to it, as they are the only culture to truly understand its needs and requirements.

There are two different types of Gemingreen: the first being the red and purple version which depicts the use of sedation and aphrodisiac while its iconic twin, the blue and orange version is used for healing and repair to the mind. The sedation version is by far the most common [amended]: There are only two plants left in the entire universe after the destruction of Vulcan, one plant of the sedation family and one plant of the healing family; to the knowledge of biologists around the universe both of these plants remain in the care of dedicated Vulcans who are determined to prolong the existence of the Gemingreen for as long as possible.'

Kirk raised an eyebrow and tilted his head as he came to the end of the article, he had never been overly patient with plants but this one sounded pretty interesting. He found it ironic how there were two versions of the plant, considering their namesake was the patron of two personalities; it amused him further to know that there were only two of them left in the world, and that they were different versions.

Ironic how that happened. Different personalities and skills.

Scoffing slightly he put the PADD aside and laid back down, closing his eyes as weariness overrun him again and he finally settled into something of a normal sleep.