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Chapter Five: Black Hole:

As the doors opened, Jim looked out and felt himself go stone still as he saw Spock stood just outside; they shared long look before the Vulcan entered the elevator along side him, the doors closing again as the pair finished the final leg of the journey to the Bridge. It seemed to take an eternity, Kirk found himself glancing at his friend a little awkwardly as recollections of their last elevator ride together played through his mind, sending a throb of heat to his loins. When he saw the Vulcan slowly look around at him, his expression one of smug superiority he felt warmth flood his face and he looked away sharply, clearing his throat and swallowing hard. His lips came ajar slightly as he lifted a hand and tugged at the collar of his jumper to give himself some relief from the abrupt rush of humidity washing over him. Eyes darting to the side again he found himself being drawn to Spock's neck and shoulders, his gaze trailing over the man as he remembered the feel the skin of his face under his finger tips.

His gaze snapped up suddenly as he saw Spock move and he faltered as they locked eyes and he shuddered as a silent tremor passed through him, "How are you Spock?" he asked a little weakly.

"I am perfectly functional." the Vulcan answered, "And... You?"

"Oh, I'm... I'm fine..." he said, shuffling on the spot and looking away, "... From the tone of your voice... I'm going to guess that you finally remember what you did to me?"

"Yes... I... Captain I do not know what came over me... I honestly do not know what I was doing, it was as though I was not in control of my actions, I feel remorseful for my actions and if you feel the necessity to file a report and a transfer for me I would understand completely." Spock said suddenly.

Jim gawped for a moment before he cleared his throat and shifted his weight from one leg to the other, "I am not going to transfer you." he stated calmly, "I'm not going to file a report either."

"Captain?" the other said uncertainly, his slanted eyebrows furrowing slightly in confusion.

"I do, however, want an explanation." he told him sternly, glancing around as the doors opened to reveal the Bridge, "You can report to my room after your shift to do so." he added before he walked out, taking over from one of the pilots on duty as he slid into the Captain's seat and began giving orders to the crew.


When Spock did arrive outside of the Captain's room later that evening, he was in full grasp of his faculties and knew that he would have to tell his Captain and his friend everything. It was going to be embarrassing, it was going to be mortifying and it might even end his career. But he was not one to shy away from responsibilities and he had a responsibility to his Captain to give him the answers he needed.

He called out to the blond, and despite hearing no reply he watched as the door opened at his touch and he went inside. The Vulcan found his friend to be sat at his desk, staring slightly blindly into space; he cleared his throat loudly and watched as the man jolted out of his daydream and got to his feet.

"Sorry Spock... Didn't hear you come in."

"I noticed Captain." he answered.

Jim hesitated for a moment before he ran a hand down his face and came to rest both hands on his hips, "I guess we should sit down-"

"I would prefer to stand." Spock interrupted, "If you are not opposed to it?"

"Not at all... Whatever makes you feel comfortable." the blond sighed and leaned against the wall, "So... What has been going on with you Spock? I know I don't have to order you not to lie because Vulcans are incapable of doing so, but I do want the full truth."

The Vulcan hesitated and clasped his hands behind his back as he let out a sigh and wondered where to begin, "You recall my plant?"

"Yeah, the aphrodisiac and tranquiliser thing?"

"Indeed, the reality of having two opposing forces trapped within one formation, one the one side the tranquiliser which calms and relaxes the user while the aphrodisiac excites and arouses..." he trailed off and moistened his lips with a swipe of his tongue, "Split personalities so to speak."

"What has this got to do with... Oh... Oh I see," Jim straightened up slowly, "You believe you are suffering the same problem? You think you have a dual personality issue?"

"I am almost certain of it Captain, I had been analysing the things you have said to me and the things others have told me about my own behaviour. Apparently, I have been highly irregular with my attitude and almost intimidating. These are qualities which are unlike my usual self. I believe the only conclusion based around the facts given is that I have a split personality which has begun to infiltrate my life and affect my... Actions."

"But McCoy found nothing on the results..."

"The results he needed were on the first set which were lost, I believe. By the time he came to take the second round of tests any abnormalities had receded. I have begun to remember sketchy details of what my other self is doing, including the incident in the elevator... With you Captain..."

The blond felt his cheeks heat up and he shuffled, "I seem... That would make sense, but usually a dual personality is formed by experiencing some traumatic, the extra self forms as a protection agent to try and shield you again the trauma you've seen. You have had no such encounter."

"I think the malfunction with the transporter is to blame. It is after that everything began." Spock suggested, "I am uncertain what can be done to supress the other side of my personality, but I know it cannot be allowed to roam freely. However a the moment, it appears that the slightest thing is causing it to come forth."

"Like when I struck you the other day... Your other self responded to my dominance and inspired to... Put me in my place so to speak." he sighed, running a hand through his hair, "At least you have begun to remember things, that might be the key to getting... You back."

"Perhaps. It is possibly that a brain scan might reveal something, I was considering referring myself to Doctor McCoy." the Vulcan said a little feebly, "If I am removed from my command then it will prevent anyone being endangered by my... Change."

"I think the alternative you would be angrier if you were removed from your command actually..." Kirk muttered, "And I am not sure I would be too pleased to experience and angry alternative you."

"What should I do Captain?"

"Try to remain in control, meditate or something. If it doesn't improve then we will consult Bones." he said, turning his back on him slowly as he considered the ramifications of what was happening to his friend.

Spock opened and closed his mouth before he frowned, "And what about... What happened Captain?"

"Forget about it Spock, it's fine." he told him with a sigh, "Didn't mean anything after all, it was just your other self putting me in my place wasn't it?"

"I..." the Vulcan fell quiet before his shoulders tensed, "Aye Captain." he agreed before he turned and left the room.

Jim let out a breath he hadn't realised he had been holding and glanced over his shoulder as he heard the door shut, "Of course..." he looked down and headed toward the replicator to grab himself a meal before his evening shift began.


The blond turned around suddenly as Spock's voice returned and he raised an eyebrow at the Vulcan stood in the doorway, "What is it Commander?" he asked as he turned away from him to finish his meal.

"You seem displeased by the association of my actions to be related to any emotional connection. Is that the case?"

"Not at all, you're imagining it." he told him blankly.

"I am not so sure that I am," he made several quick steps forward and gripped the blonds' arm, spinning him around to face him, "You never meet someone's gaze when you lie to them Captain, the bigger the lie the less you look at them. You weren't facing me; therefore I can assume it was a big lie. You are bothered by my... evaluation."

"Fine, you know what? Yes I am bothered by the fact that it didn't mean anything. And do you know why? Because your damned alter ego was pestering me for weeks! Showing interest in me and making flirtatious glances in my direction and I was preening under that attention and then you... I guess I've never been on the end of someone's disinterest. Don't worry about it Spock, it wasn't your fault. I should be taking it out on you and- Mpff!" he broke off suddenly as their mouths met and he gasped slightly, his eyes slipping closed after a moment as they shared a flurry of kisses, both feather light and heatedly heavy.

He felt Spock's arm slide around his waist and he was pulled closer against the man, the heat rose in his body just as it had done in the elevator; he found himself arching against him and snaking his own arms around his neck, pulling him in close and throwing caution to the wind as he fought for dominance against the Vulcan. This time, not stunned by the suddenness of it all, he revelled in the taste of his First Officer as they kissed: mint and vanilla essence. It spurred him on and left him wanting more as Spock pulled back and began running wet pecks down his neck.

Despite knowing he probably should have been paying attention to the fact that Spock was once again acting differently, but right there and then he really didn't give a damn. All he cared about was the fact that heat was blossoming from the other's touch and he was enjoying it. A moan escaped him as Spock's strangely skilful lips found a sensitive patch on his throat, close to his jugular; he swallowed hard as the other pulled back and their eyes met amidst the flourishing desire between them.

Spock reached up and slowly trailed his fingers down the side of Jim's face, his dark eyes searching the other's blue ones before he leaned in and claimed his mouth again, their lips meeting hungrily and eagerly as their tongues entwined and they staggered away from the replicator and the counter and towards the centre of the room, bodies pressing closely and hearts thumping madly as their passions spiralled and contorted.

Jim let out a gasp into the other's mouth as the backs of his legs connected with the edge of his bed and he felt himself falling back, hitting the mattress before Spock appeared over him; the blond reached up and cupped his face in his hands before he pulled him down into another kiss, his hands sliding downwards slowly before he grasped the bottom of the Vulcan's jumpers and pulled them up, revealing his taut torso in one movement. It wasn't long before his own jumpers joined Spock's on the floor.

"Is this you or him?" the Captain breathed as Spock leaned down again; he looked up at him with an unreadable expression as the Vulcan stopped in his tracks.

"A mixture of both perhaps." he answered after a moment, "While Spock is not in control I am certainly not experiencing any desires for you which he does not share."

Jim absorbed the information before he leaned up and crushed their lips together again, deciding either way, he didn't particularly care at that moment in time. He knew what he wanted and as long as that was reciprocated he didn't care. Spock was still Spock. Right?