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Anywhore, this story was originally going to be a One-Shot, but as I was beginning to write it (in my notebook) I decided to make it a bit longer. I'll eventually add smut, but until then, I'll keep the rating at T.

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The lights flashed brightly and the music pounded as people danced the night away in the popular club. Alfred F. Jones took another swig of his drink as he surveyed the area, thinking about how he got there.


Another Friday afternoon, another day of football practice. Alfred ran a hand through his hair tiredly as he left the locker room. He stopped and looked up at the school building, staring at the window where the student council room was. To his surprise, Arthur wasn't there.

Arthur Kirkland was the student council president at Hetalia High School. He was very hard-working, a true gentleman, and was quite intelligent. But, he wasn't very social, so few people liked him, much less talked to him. Yet, for some strange, unknown reason, Alfred couldn't help being drawn to him. Even with his unusual eyebrows, he was very attractive, with his light blonde hair, acid green eyes, and alluring British accent, yet that wasn't the only reason Alfred was so interested in him. The Brit was very mysterious, and had a strange aura about him. It was as if he had some sort of secret no one else knew about, and Alfred wanted to know what that was…

He blinked in surprise. Arthur was quite the workaholic, and could almost always be found in the student council room. "If you're looking for Angleterre (French for England), 'e left about five minutes ago." Came a familiar accented voice.

Turning around, Alfred found his three friends, the Bad Touch Trio. Even though, out of the three of them, only Gilbert, played football, the other two always met up with him and Alfred after school, unless they were busy...And yes, that's an innuendo.

"Really? That's weird…" mumbled Alfred, scratching the back of his head.

Gilbert just laughed his unusual laugh and threw and arm over Alfred's shoulder. "Don't vorry about it, man! Right now, ve need to come up vith plans for zhe veekend!"

"Si! (Spanish for Yes) We were thinking we could go to that club that recently became really popular!" Cut in Antonio, a young Spaniard currently dating a fiery Italian by the name of Lovino Vargas.

"Onhonhonhon~ Toni, are you sure your l'amour (French for Love/Lover) will be okay with zhat?" cooed the Frenchman by the name of Francis.

"Si! Mi tomate (Spanish for My tomato) said he'd go with us, as long as you and Gil stay away from him!~" he replied, his goofy smile never leaving his face.

"Kesesesese~ fine! I'll be busy vith Birdie anyvay." Gilbert replied with a smirk, thinking of his Canadian boyfriend who just happened to be Alfred's twin brother.

"Dude, don't talk about Mattie like that! I don't need those images in my head!" Alfred groaned, doing his best to banish said thoughts of his brother and the albino Prussian.

"Anyway!" cut in Francis. "We will pick you and petite (French for little) Matthieu (French version of Matthew) up in about two 'ours. Zhat should be enough time to get ready. ~" he grinned perversely, obviously thinking something dirty.

"Alright, catch you later dudes!" called Alfred, jogging to his car in order to get ready for a night of partying.

End of Flashback!

So, after getting home, changing into a blue crew neck, jeans, black and blue, checkered Vans with a matching belt, his bomber jacket, and some dog tags, he was ready to go. Though, even now, he couldn't stop thinking about Arthur and why he'd leave early, well, early for him.

He sighed, running his hand through his hair again, a nervous habit he'd picked up over the years. The others were long gone, disappearing to the dance floor, (or in Francis's case, the bedroom) and leaving Alfred sitting awkwardly at the bar.

Alfred was gay-like, REALLY gay- like, as gay as a rainbow unicorn that sparkled. So, that already lowered the playing field. Not to mention the fact that, no matter who he looked at, he couldn't find anyone he was interested in! Sighing, he rested his head on the bar. This would be a LONG night….

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