Don't Call Me A Charity Case:

A Tam (?) One-Shot (Tina and Sam)

Got bit with that inspiration bug after Thursday's episode, and I wondered what would of happened if it went a bit differently.

Everyone's POV:

"So Tina, we did this because we know how lonely you've been lately. So we're offering our prom services to you. As corsage buyer, dinner before prom, and anything else that might arise. You can pick anyone of us, except Jake, because he's taken." Blaine told Tina

"Thanks guys, that really means a lot to me." Tina said with her eyes filling up with tears. "But I'm not a charity case!" Tina told everyone as she ran out of the auditorium.

Everyone was confused. The boys didn't mean it like that when they told her about prom, didn't they?

"Okay, so I think Tina misunderstood why we did this for her… I should go talk to her." Blaine said while taking off his guitar.

"No Blaine, you're the one who said everything. And I also think she's still reeling after falling for you. I should go talk to her." Sam said while taking off his guitar.

He was met with questioning looks but no one disagreed with him. What he said was true, her being bitter was kind of Blaine's fault.

As Sam was running through the halls, he was wondering where Tina would go. It was a tie between the room for the club 'Too Young To Be Bitter' and the choir room. He went on a hunch for the 'Too Young To Be Bitter' room, and that hunch was correct.

"Hey, Tina, you okay?" Sam asked timidly as Tina's head snapped up.

"Sam, what are you doing here?" Tina asked, eyes red rimmed from all the crying.

Sam didn't know exactly what to say, so her went with the straight approach.

"Tina, we know you're not a charity case. I know exactly how you feel, I can totally, well not totally empathize with you." At this, Sam's gaze was met with a questioning look. "When people came to me after my family lost everything, they treated me like a porcelain doll. Even though I wasn't. But, they only treated me like this because they didn't know how I wanted to be treated. Or how to treat me other wise."

"Thank you Sam, really, for that heart whelming speech, but I have no idea what you just told me." Tina told Sam, trying to get around him.

"What I'm saying is, we all love you. Even Quinn, Satana, and Kitty. We all care, and we just hate seeing you so unhappy and bitter. You know the club you made?" At this Tina nods. "Well, the name is totally true. You are too young to be bitter. You, Blaine, and me. Best friends, though I catch myself hoping more and more, for me and you to be more than that. I know, its crazy, and you probably don't feel the same way. Hell, I know you don't feel the same wa—"

Tina cuts him off at this, with her lips on his. It takes a moment, but he responds back, pushing her against the closed door.

After they finally stop, Sam asked Tina a question.

"What is this? Does this mean you like me back?"

At this, Tina laughs. "Yes Sam! I've liked you since the beginning of the school year!"

This sentence was met with a questioning look. "I thought you liked Blaine."

"I think I just put my feelings for you, and maybe Mike, onto him. I mean, I was just happy a guy actually cared about me, and wasn't afraid to show it. Our relationship was almost exactly like Mercedes and Kurt's, I guess, huh."

"Yeah, except, now we have each other. We make our own story. And I promise I try everything in my power to make you know that we don't think you're a charity case." Sam told Tina with a loving gaze.

"Thank you Sam. If you feel like a charity case, anytime, just talk to me" Tina said before she inichiated a very heated make-out session.

And that's how the New Directions found them.