Hi Guys and welcome to my Clepsydra or Hourglass oneshots they are all based off my story ROTG: the Hourglass of Fear. They will be happening before and after the story perhaps even during it that depends on my mind.

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For now enjoy this Little one shot

The Protector

10 years after Lucia was born.

10 years had passed since the great fire, the village had been all, but abandoned by its people, sorrow filling them of the loss of one of their common children. In the spring the next year, they had returned rebuilding the village strengthening the defenses, while honoring the sacrifice of their own.

The 10 years had gone without attacks and it had prospered, everything had calmed down and one person always came with the snow. Not that they knew, all they knew was that it snowed, but over the years, they would learn something important.

Lucia watched the village calmly with the staff next to her, it was the beginning of March and she would soon have to leave, but how could she? She had been raised by the lake here just years ago. It held a special place to her heart.

"Come on come on!" a girl called as a group of 6 ran towards the lake, skates in hand. Lucia lifted her head watching them, "dad checked the Lake this morning, and it's still thick enough!"

Lucia frowned, she had seen a man on the ice earlier, but he had not gone out far. If the children ventured to long out on the ice, it would crack. She grabbed the staff gliding down, "kids, please. The ice isn't too safe, so do be fools" she said, as she walked towards them, only to be passed through. Lucia turned her head following one of the children, who had gotten his skates on before the rest.

"Ha I win!" he called, venturing out on the ice.

"No, don't!" Lucia followed him, each of her steps solidifying the ice more.

"Vladimir, don't be a fool!" a girl called, as she attempted to follow him only to fail.

The boy turned his head, "come on, Maria, don't be like that!" the boy called, and then there was a crack. Lucia froze in place stopping meters from him, "uh oh"

"Vladimir, we told you!" the girl called, as they all came within distance on the thicker ice just behind Lucia, who was looking at the boy.

"by St. Lucia, if I survive this, I'll check the ice before I head out"

"heh, some promise," Lucia said, swinging her staff, "you always say that, it isn't the first time you said something like that," she sighed, before smashing the staff into the ice, "but I'll make an exception this time"

Vladimir looked up and around feeling the wind, as it came in and helped Lucia's winter power freeze the ice, "did you hear that?" he said, Lucia looked at him, "that voice… a female voice just spoke"

"Female voice… what are you talking about?"

"You heard me," Lucia stated, the boy looked around.

"Yes, yes I did"

Lucia blinked how could he hear her, but not see her? She smiled, well it didn't matter "Listen kid, I'm the Protector of this Lake, if you don't keep your promise; I'll make sure you do alright?"

Vladimir's large grey eyes showed some fear, as he nodded, but he skated over to his friends, who were perplexed.

"Who were you talking to?"

"The protector"

"What Protector?"

"The Protector of this Lake, she saved me and I'll never go to fast out on the ice," Vladimir said.

Lucia watched the group skate off to the shore, where the ice was thicker, than where she was standing leaning in on the staff. She shook her head with a smile, the kids never learned, but over the years as the children grew up, they seemed to all learn, that there was someone out there, watching at least sometimes and always when they wanted to skate; Lucia seemed to know exactly when that would be.

Vladimir had by now, as Lucia returned from a trip to the country next to it, grown into a young man and was looking at the lake, "Ice Protector, Are you here?" he said, Lucia landed out on the ice, the wind picking at her and his hair he smiled, "thank you for always coming and watching over us I have something for you it's a small token of thanks from all of us, even if we can't see you.

Vladimir walked over to a tree hanging something in it, "it's not much, but perhaps the sound of it will alert children to the lakes insecurities, when you are around" Lucia heard a soft chime, she glided over as Vladimir left. She looked after him, before inspecting his gift, it chimed ever so softly. Lucia reached up managing to take it down, she was looking at two pieces of either Glass or Crystal, she wasn't sure, but as the wind went through them, they made a sound.

"Thank you, Vladimir" Lucia said, placing her hand with the small charm over her heart.

Vladimir returned with the children a few hours later to see the chime missing. He knew that the Protector had taken it.

As he and the children skated a soft chime was heard, but they couldn't place, where it was coming from.

Years passed by Vladimir died and the children of the village more than forgot about the Protector of the Ice as they had called Lucia, but she was always there only told by a small chime in the air.

And 300 hundred years later, the chime was still heard making children know, "with the chime comes the reason to be watchful and careful"

Over the years Lucia hadn't and wouldn't always been there.


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