I am posting this for those of you that have followed this story, likely in hopes of seeing parts 2 and 3+. Forgive me for not mentioning that these parts will all be posted separately. But for you beautiful people, I will include the links to parts 2 and 3 that are now posted. Part 4 is on the way. Eventually. Thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoy. [:

Part 2: www . fanfiction [dotnet] /s/9730804/1/Through-The-Good

Part 3: www . fanfiction [dotnet] /s/9730807/1/In-Sickness

I realize it may be easier to just go to my profile and find the fics there than play with these "links," but I thought I owed you all the courtesy anyway. Part 2 is called "Through the Good" and part 3 is "In Sickness."

Again, thank you all for reading! x3