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"Hello Law"

"Hi Luffy-ya."

"Luffy! Why are you alone? I told you to bring your lover!"

I looked at mom and sighed. "That person couldn't come with me."

Mom pouted. "Really? How boring, well then let's go to the living room, Law, hurry up and put your phone away before I take it away from you!"

Law smiled and put his phone on the drawer. "Yes Miss Portgas."

The three of us went into the living room where my father, Sabo, Mr. Law and Mrs. Law sat around the table. My mother sat at the end of the table, I sat beside Sabo and Trafalgar sat in front of me. There was one empty seat beside me; probably for my lover, but the thing is that it's not that my lover couldn't come at all, it's that he's already here. Yes, that's right, I'm in a relationship with Trafalgar Law, Smoker's half brother.

Just after Smoker was born his father died and after seven years his mother remarried, after three more years Trafalgar was born. Smoker decided to keep his last name as a memento for his father and now my brother has the same last name…

My mother was talking nonstop about something and I used that moment to take a better look at Trafalgar's father. I saw him in the wedding, but I was too occupied and my brain didn't memorize him. He had the same kind of tanned skin, was shorter then Traffy and his eyes weren't as mysterious as the man's of my interest. He had similar kind of personality, well, all four of them have similar personalities – quiet and a little bit mysterious, but nevertheless passionate. Well at least Smoker and Traffy are, not sure about Mr. and Mrs. Law and I'm not sure I want to know if they are…

Sabo nudged me. "So where's your lover?"

I felt blush creep up my face and I turned away from him. "Couldn't come with me…"

Mom started pouring tea and silence fell, tea time is a sacred time when everyone has to stay quiet while she does everything, that's something she taught us in early age. When the tea was poured and the first sip was sipped, mom turned to Traffy; is he her new target? "So tell me Trafalgar, do you have anyone special in your life right now?"

My eyes met Law's, he smirked and looked at my mother. "I believe I do."

My mom's eyes started to shine with excitement; now he did it… "Is it she or he?"

Mrs. Law looked her son with interest in her eyes; I guess she doesn't ask questions like this herself? Traffy didn't answer the question for several seconds; probably was thinking if it's okay to do so. "A man."

I looked at his parents; I wonder what's their reaction now that they know that both of theirs sons are gay… Mr. Law wore a bored expression and Mrs. Law giggled. "Finally you found someone worth mentioning." She turned to my mother. "When I usually ask he says that it's not worth mentioning 'cause it won't last for long. It's the first time he said the gender at all."

I was so focused on Traffy's parents reactions that I almost missed the blush that appeared on his face. Almost. But I did and felt butterflies in my stomach 'cause I'm the first person Traffy has taken seriously. I felt smile appear on my face and his it with a cup of tea; I'm so happy…

It looks like my mom decided that it's enough questioning in the lover subject and the rest of the evening went on normally. When Law's family left, Sabo and me staid and helped mom to clean up.

While washing the dishes Sabo nudged me. "So tell me."

I looked at him surprised. "Tell you what?"

Sabo grinned. "Tell me why you and Trafalgar exchanged these looks, why were you grinning when he blushed and why his mood immediately lifted up when you came."

"Oh, so Traffy was happy to see me..."

Ups, I just said it out loud, didn't I… Sabo started to laugh. "Traffy? You call him Traffy? And he lets you?"

I felt traitorous blush creep up on my face; I gave myself away… "Umm, aaa, umm, please don't tell mom!"

A smirk appeared on Sabo's face. "Okay, but you will have to tell me everything about you two."

I sighed understanding my defeat and dried last dish. "Okay…"


"Our getting together wasn't something we would like to share if mom asked how we got together, Ace and Smoker are lucky that they met normally. Law's and mine 'getting together' wasn't so normal.

Kidd and me went to a bar 'cause he thought that he just broke up with his lover, we decided to get completely wasted. There we met Traffy, Kidd knows him since high school, so when he saw Law drinking alone he invited him to join us…

"Luffy, this is Law, we've been friends forever, this is Luffy, probably the most annoying person I know, but he's a great friend."

The Law person extended me his arm. "Trafalgar Law."

I shook his hand. "Nice to meet you Trafaa… Trao… Trifil… Traffy!"

Law raised an eyebrow, but said nothing as he joined us at the bar. "So why you two are here Luffy-ya?"

He asked me 'cause Kidd was too busy in drowning his sorrow in his drink. "Kidd just got into a fight with his lover, so he thinks they're going to brake up now."

"Oh, so that's why he looks so pathetic."

"So why Traffy is here?"

Law raised his glass. "No particular reason…"


Ohhh, my head, I have such a headache… I sat up and the covers fell from my naked body; wait. Why am I naked? A big wave of pain washed over my head and I remembered EVERYTHING that happened last night.

I looked at my right and my eyes met Traffy's, he smiled at me with a warm lazy smile. "I didn't know you had an element."

I smiled back. "I didn't know you had one too, so I think we're even."

He chuckled in a deep voice that I found incredibly sexy; that voice was one of many factors why this night happened; then his expression became more serious. "You could have said that I'm your first man."

I brushed my hand through my hair. "I was so wasted yesterday that I didn't think of mentioning anything. Until you came I didn't knew I swing this way at all."

A shocked expression appeared on Traffy's face. "What? You certainly didn't look like that at all, you flirted with me like natural…"

It was my turn to chuckle. "Looks like I'm just that good at it."

Law smirked and moved his fingers, I immediately found myself pinned down under him, but then hesitation appeared on his face. Is he doubting this? Does he now think that everything I did last night was 'cause I was drunk? Sure I was drunk, but even now I find him attractive and the sex we had was the best I ever had. Not that I have much experience, but I did have several girlfriends. We broke up nicely and stayed friends, but I never felt butterflies in my stomach with them as I do now – pinned down underneath Traffy.

So I used my element, wrapped my legs around his waist and brought him closer, then I stretched my neck and kissed him. "Are we going to do anything or are we going to simply lie here?"

Surprise could be seen on his face, but he smiled nevertheless, only this smile was one of those where you hope that you got what you wished for, but your brain is trying to make you believe that it's not. I don't like that smile… My hands weren't pinned down anymore so I also wrapped my hands around his neck and brought him for another kiss. "So?"

Law smirked and this time it was a smirk that sent shiver across my body. He bit my ear. "Oh, of course, there are things waiting for us."

So we sort of started dating, we never sat down and discussed our relationship, but we exchanged phone number and went on dates. When he saw my appetite he simply chuckled and ordered more food, he likes me the way I am and I like him the way he is.

But a problem arouse 'cause we never talked everything out, we started dating maybe a month before Ace's wedding and somehow he never got to know my last name. We always called each other by our names and we felt no need to know the surnames. So only at the wedding I got to know that he's Smoker's half brother and only then he was informed of my last name.

I stopped and simply stared; what? Traffy? What is he doing here? I started to walk towards him and then he noticed me too, his eyes widened. I reached the spot he was standing at and stopped in front of him. "Um, so how did you ended up here Luffy-ya?"

I looked into his eyes. "It's my older brother's wedding."

His eyes widened and shock could be clearly seen in his face. "You're the youngest Monkey, right?" I nodded and he put a hand on his eyes. "Oh how I didn't understand it earlier? Smoker described you exactly the same. Smoker is my half brother, I guess you didn't know that his mother has a different surname from his, did you?"

I shook my head as I started to understand everything. "No, she does?"

So the way we found out we actually are supposed to be acquaintances wasn't the best way it could have happened. We only had one date since then and it was slightly awkward, but we got over it. I told him about my mother's invitation, but we couldn't make our minds up if we should tell everyone or not. We decided to wait a little and understand if this will really work out before our parents stick us 'future newlyweds' tag. We don't want to get rushed and miss something important again."

Sabo had serious expression on his face, but it loosened up and he became relaxed. He leaned down on the chair and finished his coffee. "Wow, you were so serious about all of this…" He stared at me until I started to feel uncomfortable, then he started speaking again. "Well now that you explained everything I understand the way you feel. I won't tell mom and will quit teasing you two, I promise."

I smiled warmly and hugged my big brother, he patted my back. I slipped from his embrace waved to him and ran out of the café we were sitting in; I need to tell Traffy good news!

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