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If someone had told Dom six months ago that he was going to be seeing only one girl that he wasn't even technically dating and definitely not having sex with, he would have laughed in their face. But here he was, going on date nights in the weekends, coming home straight after the races to chill with a few beers and a movie. Sometimes they went out to the movies by themselves, sometimes they would go with Brian and Mia. It was always relaxed, and there wasn't anything rushed about it. They still hadn't had sex-hell, they hadn't even really fooled around since she had gotten sick-but for once, he was trying to push it. There had been some make out sessions, fooling around in the kitchen or the hallway. His personal favorite had been one afternoon in the garage when everyone had gone out for lunch. Letty had gone into the office to catch up on the paper work for the cars she had finished. Dom had followed her.

He had pushed her backwards onto the table, her thighs opening to accommodate him as she was splayed out on the wooden table. He had taken a moment to stare down at her, her black tank top clinging to her taunt stomach and rounded breasts, her hair spread out over the desk, curling around her face and neck. Then she had lifted a finger and beckoned him closer. He had bent over the desk toward her, lips melding together, fingers tangling in her hair. Her tongue had twined with his, skimming over his teeth and the top of her mouth, her teeth nipping at his lower lip. She had lifted her hips off the bed and grinded them against his, her fingernails biting into his scalp. Dom had moaned into her mouth, one hand dropping to her shirt, underneath the material of her shirt and running up the side of her body. He had felt like he was going to explode, over three months of no sex but being so close to the girl that he was overwhelmingly attracted too was taking it's toll. He had been about to reach for the buttons of her jeans when the boys had all come back, yelling and laughing. When they had come out of the office, Letty's hair a mess and their cheeks flushed, the boys had known that they had been up to. They all looked as though they wanted to say something, but wisely kept their mouths shut.

They still hadn't talked about what they were, or where they were going, but that seemed to be the point.

Neither of them really knew yet, exactly what they wanted.

They were both waiting for that turning point to tell them exactly where they stood, and what they wanted from each other.

It had been a long week, and it was now Friday night. Everyone had headed home at their normal time, just past five, but Dom had stayed back. There was a lot of paper work that needed to be finished up, given their busy week, and he had told them all to go home and he would catch up soon. It was now past seven, and they hadn't heard from him. Mia looked down at her watch and sighed, getting up from her spot on the sofa next to Brian and walking into the kitchen. Letty joined her a few moments later.

"Think you could go take Dom his dinner?" Mia asked, emptying the plate that had held his lasagna. "When he gets this into work he could go hours without coming home and getting anything to eat." Letty nodded, sticking her finger into the plastic container Mia had emptied the dinner into for Dom, scooping out some of the mince.

"Sweet as," Letty grinned and accepted the container from Mia after the Cuban girl pressed on the lid. The drive to the garage was only a few minute drive from the house, but it was enough to get Letty's stomach doing somersaults. She really wasn't this kind of girl, but she guessed that it happened to everyone at some point in time. She pulled up outside the garage and had a quick look into her rear-view mirror, pursed her lips together, and grabbed the container with dinner from the passenger seat. It was a cold night, and she pulled her jacket tighter around her as she went into the garage. "Dom?" She called out from the doorway. From the other side of the garage she could see a faint light, probably coming from the office. She grinned, images of the last time they were in the office alone with each other coming back. She walked across the garage, her Vans silent on the concrete floor.

And then came to a halt when she heard a high pitched, very female laugh come from inside the office.

Letty couldn't even see anything, but she felt everything inside of her feel as though it was collapsing in on itself. Her pace slowed until she was still hidden by the shadows of the dark garage but she could see through the small window of the office, which was fully lit up. There was a girl with long blonde hair, looked as though it was bleached not natural, and she was wearing a tight silver dress. After a quick look around the garage, she noticed that there weren't any new cars in the shop, so she wasn't here because her car had broken down. Which meant she was here to hit on Dom. Which wasn't unusual, girls would find all kinds of excuses to come to the garage to see the hunk of a man, but there hadn't been any around in quite a few months. So it came as a shock to Letty.

He wasn't even really flirting back, that was probably what made it worse. Letty stood there, her body flushing hot and cold, her fingers digging into the plastic container. He was sitting on one side of the desk, papers spread out in front of him, and the blonde bimbo was sitting on the other side of the desk, leaning across, her breasts almost spilling out of her shirt. Her body language was blatant, the fluttering eyelashes, the high pitched giggle. He was smiling politely at her, there were a couple of glances toward her cleavage but nothing to over the top, and she was n't getting that panty-dropper smile that he was so well known for. For Dominic Toretto, he was being very well behaved.

But just seeing him with another girl was making her feel sick.

Letty had never felt this way before, like her insides were being twisted and as though she was going to be physically sick. Her and Dom weren't even anything official and she was feeling this way about. She reached out and dumped the plastic container on a nearby table and backed out of the garage, tripping over her feet more than once. It took her three tries to unlock her door, her fingers fumbling with the keys as she tried to jab it into the lock. Finally she got it, and fell into the car.

She had no claim over Dom, they hadn't discussed their relationship and where they stood. For all she knew, he was off seeing other girls and screwing them. She didn't think he had been, he hadn't shown any interest in anyone for the past few months, but she didn't know that for certain. She hadn't wanted to ask him, just in case the answer was the one she didn't want. If he wanted to be seeing other girls, it didn't even count as cheating because technically they weren't together.

"Fuck," Letty hissed out as tears flooded to her eyes. She swiped them away angrily, turning her car on. She saw the garage door open and Dom standing there a moment later, next to the blonde. He had a hand on the small of her back, and then his eyes fell on her car, his eyes opening in surprise.

This was not her. Letty threw her car into reverse and flew down the drive.

She did not get like this over a man.

Especially a man who was not hers.

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