AN: TRIGGER WARNING: child abuse, attempted suicide, self harm, torture, death, etc. Part of it are rather dark, parts of it are humorous. This is going to be quite long, and is also going to be made into a YouTube video/play. Filming will start sometime in 2016. Reviews are welcomed!


A small girl, pale to almost a sickly degree, had wedged herself between a bookshelf and a wall. It wasn't a very concealing hiding place, but it was the best she could come up with in her current panicky state. A muffled sob escaped her throat; she knew all too well what would happen if he found her.

Heavy footsteps approached, undoubtedly following the sob that she had tried so hard to hold back. His face appeared, red with rage. His eyes, two black pools of hatred, bore into hers. His breath stank of alcohol, and he raised the empty bottle above her. Time seemed to slow, the bottle staying suspended in the air with the fearful eyes of the child fixed upon it, until it came crashing down on her head.

This is what happens when he finds her. Father.

Father dragged her out of her unsuccessful hiding place, his shouts slurred.

"Useless Alice! Stupid, ungrateful child!" He slapped her hard across the face. "You took it! You took my moonshine!"

"Father- no- I didn't take it, I swear- you drank it-" Alice protested helplessly.

"Liar! Don't talk back to me!" He raised his fist, then everything dissolved into calm, peaceful blackness.

Alice, innocent little Alice, hated Father.

11 years later

"Emo girl."

"She's such a freak."

"Go cut yourself!"

Their taunts surrounded Alice as she got off the school bus, stumbling from that one kid who always tried to trip her. The bullies didn't bother her as much as you'd think they would; in fact, she almost pitied them for being so spoiled, arrogant, and impossibly stupid. They could never hurt her as much as what lurked inside her house.

She eased the front door open silently, hoping Father wouldn't notice her if she was quiet enough, but her method was useless. He was already at the top of the staircase, waiting for her. She went up to him, knowing he would be angrier if she walked the other direction.

"Where have you been all day?" he asked, eying her the way one would eye moldy cabbage. "Have you become a prostitute, finally, so you can help pay the bills? I always knew you were a slut."

"I was at school, Father-"

"Don't talk back!"

"I was just answering the question-"

Father, tired of her mouth, pushed her down the stairs to shut her up. She landed in a heap at the bottom, trying not to think about what was happening. Swallowing the fear and ignoring the pain from the quickly forming bruises, she forced herself onto her feet only to be knocked down again.

Next door, the neighbors blocked out the sounds of china smashing and a drunk man shouting. After all, it was really none of their business- or at least that's what they told themselves.

Later, safely alone in her room, Alice pondered over the insults that the school kids flung at her. She supposed that they were, to some extent, accurate. Emo girl. Scars covered her usually concealed wrists from the times battles had been lost against drew a rusty razor across her wrist, the pain sweet because she was controlling it, not her father. All the sorrow seemed to seep out of her through the slashes on her skin, leaving her with a clear head. Weakling. In her opinion, she was weak; far too pathetic to be able to handle this any longer.

Outside, the strangest of cats was perched in a tree, admiring the sunset. His fur was deep purple with turquoise stripes, and he wore the most ridiculous grin. Alice didn't notice him as she climbed the tree, a rope clutched in her hand. The smile slid from the cat's face when he realized what was happening; one end of the rope was being tied to a branch, the other was around Alice's neck.

Alice took a deep breath and jumped, hanging herself, it seemed to the ever-watching neighbors. However, Alice was not dead, or even dying; she was falling down a rabbit hole.

The cat examined the rope dangling from the tree. The human child was no longer within its grasp, thanks to him.

"Odd. I was successful in my attempt to send her to Wonderland." The cat strung the passageway- a small, silver key- back onto its chain. Keys were used in Wonderland to go from one world to another, but couldn't be used to travel within Wonderland itself. A key would transport someone back to the place the key departed from, which would mean... the human would be in the Club Kingdom, since that was where the smiling cat and last used the key. How extremely unfortunate; it was too risky to attempt to rescue her at the moment. The cat shrugged, then disappeared into thin air just as the neighbors rushed out. Not that they'd be able to see him- humans couldn't see creatures from Wonderland- or go there for that matter.

"Where did she go?"

"We saw her jump."

"Was she trying to kill herself? If she would've succeeded I would've felt so guilty…"

And yet the neighbors had known this might happen, eventually. They were, indeed, very much at fault.