He was completely broken. He had seen people reject him, his foster-father dying before his very eyes. Had endured intense torment, pain, lost his family, the Black Order, once again. Tears streamed down his cheeks, hitting his horribly deformed arm. He couldn't save them... He was too late... Once again, he had been too weak to save all he cared for. Left behind was an empty shell of who he once was. Allen Walker. Damned to forever keep walking, making new friends and in the end have to watch them fall. His gaze left the ruins of the Black Order, the dead long-buried, searching for something in the sky. Little raindrops hit his face, mixing with his tears before falling to the ground. He hadn't saved them... The image of his friends, covered in blood with limbs scattered around them, was burned in his mind. The last thing Lavi said before the light left his eyes, still there: „We'll forever be with you. Don't you ever forget that..."

If possible, he cried even more and sank to his knees. Why, just why did everything he cared for always get taken away from him? Just why?

Revenge. The Noah and the Millennium Earl already paid for their sins. Allen made sure to make their deaths quick.

„I'm not like you. I can't bear seeing people suffer, even the likes of you" , were the last words the baffled Noah heard in their life. Were the last words the bringer of pain heard before his life ended.

His arms were covered in blood. Silently he stared at nothing, not seeing the ruins he was standing in front of, before returning to the sacred place where the Asian Headquarters had once been. Fresh tears lingered in his eyes, but he held them back. He had to get out of here or he would drown in self pity. There was no use to mourn forever. He had promised them to keep walking. To keep walking was the only option. But he had nothing left in this world anymore, so he boarded the ark walking among the numerous doors. His head hung low, his clothing torn, his body covered in blood that was only partly his own. His friends had just died in front of his very eyes and he couldn't do a single damn about it! Anger boiled inside him, mostly directed at himself. His friends didn't even blame him! Maybe he could have dealt with this whole situation better if he lived with the hatred of his friends. He shook his head, temporally clearing his head of these thoughts. There was no use to them. What's done is done, and he couldn't change it.

Allen sighed and began crying once more. Usually he wasn't such a crybaby but now he just couldn't help it. Frustrated he threw a door open which lead to who-knows-where and stepped through it, aware of the tears still streaming down his face.

To say that the sight he was met with was unexpected would be an understatement. He stood in a hall with several benches and a bar, a stairway leading upstairs and many people, who seemed to have partied just seconds ago. But now it was quiet, all eyes locked on him displaying curiosity and annoyance before, upon seeing him, turning into pure confusion and shock. Allen held his head down and slowly marched forward, leaving a trail of blood behind him. Whispers erupted but he honestly could care less about that. His way led him straight to the bar and a white-haired girl cleaning mugs. She, like everyone else, looked at him but the emotion in her eyes was concern. When the exorcist reached her she immediately said something like she'll get the 'master' and he only nodded, not caring the slightest bit. Sitting on one of the bar stools he couldn't keep his mind from wandering back to the incidents that occurred not 24 hours ago. Once again he felt tears threatening to spill but he held them back. Allen could feel the other persons staring at him, or more precisely the blood and his deformed arm. Just damn it all! He clenched his hands into fists, diving his nails in his palms, making them bleed. He gritted his teeth in a desperate attempt to not start crying but it was futile.

Not even two minutes later a very small man stood before him, trying to calm him down. He was probably wondering what Allen could possibly want and who he was for god's sake. Well, Allen stopped hurting himself a few minutes later and composed himself before looking up to meet the old man's gaze. Quite a few gasps were heard upon seeing his curse, but he once again didn't care. In a soft voice the old man asked:

„What brings you here?"

Allen kept still for a couple of seconds, thinking about a response. However, none came to his mind so he simply whispered:
„I'm lost."