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He craned his neck to look at the sky. Allen used to love watching the clouds, giving them special shapes and forms. He used to like the white innocence they symbolised and the calm feeling the emitted. Now he only remembered them tainted red. It doesn't matter. The exorcist's eyes open and he could see the familiar ceiling of the Fairy Tail guild. Slowly he moved his gaze downwards to the counter. It still looked the same as always. Strangely, this was the only thing that was a reliable constant. Fairy Tail's members were in constant motion and ever changing and so was the building, mainly due to the repairs that were needed. But since Allen had arrived, this counter had not been moved. The wood itself seemed to be quite old as well, compared to the several benches and tables scattered around the hall. He traced the lines of the wood, steadily following his hand's movements. So far only Natsu and his friends had initiated contact with him voluntarily. Other guild members seemed to be more friendly towards him, but they kept their distance. They were wary of him. Not that he minded that much. Even at his old home, he had only had a few friends. A few of the exorcists and one Finder that stuck with him. To other persons he kept his distance, though more on an emotional level.

A warm hand on his shoulder jerked him from his thoughts. These past few days, this hand had become very familiar with him. Every morning he was greeted by its presence. Allen glanced to his side and sure enough, he saw who he was expecting. Pink hair unruly as ever, the Dragonslayer barely stifled a yawn as he squeezed his shoulder. The white-haired gave a small smile in return but didn't bother to turn his head to his acquaintance. As usual, Natsu began complaining about the time and Allen began wondering when he had come to expect the male to act this way. It hadn't been that long since he met the bright-hearted youth. Yet, there was already a routine set between them. It should probably bother him more, that he was already so used to the other's company. After all, it was nothing that would last. Natsu would leave him too. Be it whether he'd get bored with him, or because he'd be appalled when he learned more about the exorcist. Although there was a small bud of hope seated in his heart that the Dragonslayer would turn out to be as loyal as Lucy described him to be. She was a really animated talker. When the pink-haired male wasn't around, she spoke much more kindly of him. The mage would go on and on about everything she liked and valued about him, and in the end ask him with an embarrassed smile to keep everything she told him between the two of them. Gray, the bad-mouthed ice mage, was similar to her in that aspect. Despite fighting fiercely with Natsu, when he and Allen were alone, he told him not only many stories about his and Natsu's shared past, but also what he valued about his comrade. He wasn't as passionate about it as Lucy, but the exorcist could still see the adoration and love in the male's eyes. It was nice to see the bonds holding the group together. They all have woven their individual threads with each other, but there were certain things tying all of them together. Just like he used to be tied to his friends, but cruelty and death were snickering as they cut one thread after the other and he was left with nothing.