I'm sorry if this sparked your excitement for an update. There probably won't be an update in March, because I still have 5 exams to write, plus my birthday is coming up! Also, in all this time my writing style will surely have changed and I can't promise further chapters will provide you with the same experience.

Now that that is out of the way, I'm not up to date with Fairy Tail at all. The only point up to which I remember is the Deliora arc, so I will have to catch up a lot (I'm also thinking if I should read the manga online somewhere because it contains more information, but then catching up will take even longer).

There will be updates, and I will continue this story, and I thank everyone for showing me even after all this time that there are many people who appreciate this! Thanks for your support! If you have anything concerning this story (also things you would like to see) message me or write it in a review.

We'll definitely hear from each other again!