Weeks Wonder

Ok this is a prologue and I don't own dc so don't sue.

"So it has finally come to this." Said I quite voice coming from the Silver throne.

"Yes Hera she has taken to long now all of Olympus must interfere." Zeus said as he rose from his golden throne.

Zeus makes his way across the throne room of mount Olympus and looks out at the island of Themyscrira.  "She will do as she is told…" Zeus turns his head to the other gods present. "…In fact she has no choice in the mater." 

"We will do as you say Lord Zeus, but she will not like it.  She is very stubborn." Said a woman wearing armor and carrying a spear.

"Good… it will be fun to watch.  Hermes go get Diana of the Amazons…oh and if she is with her friends bring them also I would like to see there reactions when we talk to her."

"Yes lord Zeus but if she asks why is she summoned what would u like me to tell her?"

Zeus makes his way back to his golden throne and smiles as he sits down. "Tell her it is time for her to claim her mate."