A/N: This is a modified version of the Movie. Not to say that I didn't like it, but I felt as if id didn't do the 1987s Turtles enough justice, I mean they mostly acted out of character all the time (except maybe Michelangelo of course).

The main plot will be the same so no worries. Just some added scenes (and characters) here and there since I can take advantage of converting it into story form.


A full moon shown brightly over the roof tops of New York City. On top of one buildings four shadowy figures were laying unconsciously on their faces and sides. They lay like that for a while before they started to stir and one by one they sat up.

"Man, what happened?" one moaned as he sat up.

"I feel like I've been hit by a pizza van, man." the other followed him

"Shredder!" the third stood up swiftly drawing two katanas from their hilts that were on his back.

"Take it easy, Leonardo. We aren't in the technodrome anymore." the fourth laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Then where do you think we're now, Donatello?" the first asked as he stood up.

"I don't know, Raphael, but one thing for sure we're on a roof top. That explosion must've teleported us here somehow." Donatello answered.

"That can't be good. If we don't find it soon Shredder and Krang might resurface with it and attack the city!"

"Well, look on the bright side Leonardo, we still have the mutagen with us, so at least we have an advantage here." Donatello took out some vials from his belt and showed them to his brothers.

"Yep, its enough we have two ugly morons to worry about! If I have to deal with more of there kind, I might fall a victim to a Major Depressive Disorder!" Raphael joked.

"You have a valid point, Donatello, but still we must find the technodrome again and stop it!" Leonardo insisted.

"I hope we pass by a pizzeria. My stomach is grumbling here." the second turtle rubbed his belly.

"How can you think of food in the middle of this situation, Michelangelo?" Raphael crossed his arms.

"Dunno, I just do" Michelangelo shrugged. "Besides, its past mid-night and I haven't had dinner yet."

"Oh, You poor, poor thing. This shouldn't happen to a turtle!" Raphael said sarcastically.

"Shh, do you here that?" Donatello hushed them. "Over there!"

They looked over the roof top down below and saw a bunch of guys with weapons.

"Thugs!" Raphael whispered eyeing a huge crack on a wall on a building and spotting these crooks stealing things from there.

"Up to no good as usual" Leonardo agreed.

"Boss, we're in" A bald man with an eye-patch was talking to someone through a hologramic transceiver.

"Excellent. And the goods?" The hologram asked.

"Tons of high-tech loot. Just like you said, Boss. Just like you said."

"High-tech? This can't be good." Donatello frowned.

"We have to stop them!" Leonardo ordered, but Raphael grabbed his shoulder.

"Wait, aren't you forgetting something? Shredder?"

"I know, but Master Splinter said that if we see trouble brewing up we must stop it at all cost!"

"I don't remember him saying that?" Raphael raised an eye-ridge.

"You must've been sleeping or something. Who knows, maybe they have some connection with Shredder. Now lets go!".

"I've got a bad feeling about this." Raphael shook his head.

The four turtles jumped off the roof right into the middle of the thugs, taking them by suprise.


Purple Dragons Hideout, 8AM:

"Oh, where am I?" Leonardo's vision swam as he opened his eyes seeing blurry objects right in front of him.

"Oh, look who decided to wake up!"

Hearing a strange voice followed by low snickering Leonardo fully woke up, taking up the scenery before him. First thing he noticed was that he was in a semi-dark room, standing with his back against the wall and his wrists were held up with cuffs. In front of him were the thugs he fought earlier, smirking at him. He turned to his right to find his siblings being held beside him in the same exact way he was held captive. Michelangelo was next to him while Donatello was to the far right.

"Got any other bright plans, oh Fearless Leader?" Raphael, who was in the middle between his orange and purple clad brothers, shot a look at Leonardo that said "I told you that we should've left these goons alone!".

Leonardo's eyes widened with surprise.

"They… They beat us?!" He darted his eyes between the thugs and his brothers. "But how?! We never lost to a bunch of street thugs before!" He was in disbelief.

"Yeah, I can't believe it either- AHH!" Donatello shrieked as sharp set of teeth that belonged to a growling dog appeared in front of him. It was too eager to trounce the turtle but was only held back by a lace around his collar, which was being pulled back by one of the thugs.

"Heheh, nice puppy..." Donatello nervously gulped at the dog.

"You sure were slower and weaker than usual, Freaks! What's the matter? The 'Turtle Gene' finally kicking in?!" the dog-owner smirked at them.

"Did he say 'usual'? Have we met before?" Donatello pondered silently.

"Enough of this! I demand to speak with your leader right now!" Leonardo yelled not liking the way the thug was bullying Donatello.

"Would you like fries with that?!" Raphael rolled his eyes.

"Don't worry, you'll be seeing him soon enough, and I won't be rushing to see him if I were you." Another thug with an afro hair said with a dark tone.

"Why? Is he really that ugly looking?" Raphael gave a smug smile.

"That was a sweet score, Boss."

"Hun is here! Keep quite!" One of the thugs alerted his comrades as he heard a voice coming behind the big door that was opposite the Turtles.

" We grabbed all kinds of high-tech goodies. But the real prize the real prize is right in here. We got'em, Boss. We finally got'em."

The door opened and in came a huge muscular man. Beside him was the bald guy with the eye-patch they fought earlier, who was shorter of the two.

"Say hello to the Ninja Turtles." he said pointing to the Turtles and the room was lit instantaneously .

The 'Boss', gave a surprised look at the four beings who stood in front of him.

"You were expecting maybe somebody else?" Michelangelo smiled noticing the big guy's weird expression, who started to examine the Turtles by eyeing them one by one.

"Psst, Donatello, do we know this thug?" Raphael whispered to his purple masked brother as he narrowed his eyes at the blond, pony-tailed man.

"I don't think we ever met him, or any of these guys for that matter. Why do you ask?"

"For some reason I feel like I have a thing or two against this meat-bag and I badly want to bite his head off!"

"Maybe you're going through a Déjà vu or something."


"I don't know who these freaks are, but they're not the Turtles." The big guy declared.

"Not the Turtles?" Donatello found it very odd not to be recognized by the Big Boss, when his henchmen seemed to know them.

"If we're not the turtles, I don't know who is!" Raphael said as a matter of fact.

"We found this on'em." The bald man handed over the Turtles' weapons to the boss.

"Ninja type stuff. Right Boss?" The other with the afro-hair handed the remainder of the weapons.

He examined the stuff and a bunch of small vials grabbed his attention so he picked one.

At that moment Raphael was feeling tension building up, so he did what he usually do to relief himself.

"Hey, can't a guy make a home call?" Raphael asked jokingly while eyeing Michelangelo as if he was hinting at something.

"Yeah, like I totally know whom I'm calling?" He smirked back at him getting his catch.

"PIZZA DELIVERY!" the red and orange clad turtles yelled in unison and laughed.

Leonardo and Donatello kept quite. They knew their bros were just releasing some tension. That's how they normally dealt with tight situations, and this was no different.

The laughing was abruptly stopped by the boss, who grabbed Michelangelo's head and brought the vial to his face.

"What is this?" He gave a threatening demand .

"That's just ooze. We fight ol' bucket-breath over that stuff all the time." Michelangelo answered casually.

"Ol' bucket-breath?" He narrowed his eyes unfamiliar with the insult.

"You know, o'l frying face" Leonardo added a second insult.

"Chrome Dome" Michelangelo added a third.

"Metal Mouth" Donatello a fourth.

"Tin Teeth" and Raphael a fifth.

"What are you freaks talking about?" the big guy yelled at Raphael, while the chained dog continued to growl.

Raphael just smirked and eyed the forth wall " A mind like steel trap this one. Know what I'm saying?" he said which slightly gave the boss the creeps since he obviously knew nothing about the forth wall.

"Hello, we're talking about Shredder!" Michelangelo finally answered him.

Leonardo noticed the villain's eye widen at the name of the ninja.


"So he knows the shredder… I knew I my instinct was leading me somewhere." Leonardo thought

"We'll tell ya when I see you in a tutu, Big Guy!" Raphael taunted making the thugs have mental images and trying there best not to laugh. Bad move.

"So, you wont talk." Hun sneered, then took a laser gun from one of his underlings and, to the Turtle's horror he pointed it at Michelangelo, the gun's muzzle touching the poor turtle's face right between the eyes and his beak. "I hope you'll change your mind before I change his ugly face."

"Stop don't hurt him! I'll talk!" Donatello fearfully gave in.

The Boss smirked and turned his attention to the genius of the four.

"Talk, Freak." Hun, arrogantly ordered.

"Its just some mutagen we stop shred-head from getting his claws on."

"Mutagen?" Hun got curious as he eyed the vial.


Hun opened the cover and while looking at the container, a fly came and took a sip of the liquid.

"I'd be careful with that if I were you." Leonardo warned seriously.

Irritated by the pest, Hun swatted the fly away. When it hit the ground the thugs witnessed a shocking site. It grew to the size of a large cat! The fly monster 'roared' as it flew up in the direction of Hun. Bent on revenge it attacked him! Hun was lucky to be a physically powerful man, otherwise he wouldn't be able to punch the mutant away back to the floor, this time for good.

"This could come in handy. Especially if the Shredder is back." Hun Smirked as he eyed the vials that were still in his hand.

"What do you want us to do with these guys, Boss?" The Bald thug asked.

"I already got 'Four Turtles' to worry about." He turned to leave the prison

"Four Turtles?... Other than us? Does that mean what I think it means?" Don started to get suspicious.

"These are…. superfluous." Hun finished off as he exited the door.

Taking it as a hint to 'dispose' the Turtles the thugs smirked evilly as they raised their guns on them.

"Nice knowing ya, Superfluous."

The Turtles' eyes widened in fear knowing that there was no way out of this one.


Hun's scream was heard right outside the door, before he flew back into the prison. Apparently, somebody had thrown him inside. As he fell on his henchmen he accidentally dropped a mutagen container which opened up upon impact, spilling on the thug with the dog, who panicked and desperately cried out not wanting to have a similar or worse fate of the fly he saw earlier.

"Here comes the cavalry!" Michelangelo cheered.

The four Turtles eyed the big door to get a good look at their savior. But their anticipation was soon replaced with dropped jaws as they took a good look at who it was.

So how was it?

I'm just concerned about getting the 1987 Turtles personality right, since I'm just practicing. I'll appreciate some advice on that.