The Turtle's Lair

Splinter, Leatherhead, and five of the turtles ran straight to the kitchen in answer to the yell of the hot headed turtle.

"DUDE! CHILL OUT!" the short nunchuck wielder burst out the kitchen door.

"COME BACK YA LITTLE JERK!" Raph was hot on his tail, until Leatherhead grabbed his arms from behind.

Michelangelo used the opportunity to hide behind Splinter, Leonardo and Donatello. Just then Raphael emerged from the kitchen.

"Do I fear bugs in this dimension?!" He scratched his head at the forth wall, as he stood at the door.

"Let me at'em!" he pulled hard determined to punishing his victim.

"Calm down, Raphael. What happened in there?" Leatherhead asked.

"That pudge ball tried to trick me into eating a roach pizza!"

"What?" Don's eyes widened.

"Calm down my son." Splinter came in front of Raph and put a hand on his shoulder. "We'll sort it out. I am sure he did not mean you any harm."

Ralph unwillingly obeyed him, prompting Leatherhead to let go.

"Bro, why did you do that?" Mikey asked. turning to his 'twin' "And Bugs?! Of all creatures?!"

"Dude, like you're the one who came up with the idea of putting something so totally gross to stop them!"

"Mikey…" Raph ominously glared at Mikey

"What?! I didn't tell him anything!" the prankster pleaded

"Dude! You didn't need to. Your mind did the talking!"

"Huh?! You mean I was thinking out loud?!"

It was at this point that the four guests started to laugh. Leo smirked knowing what just happened, while Don smirked as well only guessing what happened. Raph, Splinter and Leatherhead were left puzzled.

"Well, Mikey, I believe you kinda did." Leo took this as an opportunity to finally tell everyone about their new ability after everyone stopped laughing.

After a few minutes of quick explanation from both leaders…

"Telepathy?" Leatherhead raised an eye ridge.

"I was wondering when you'd bring it up." Donatello nodded.

"Fascinating… I thought about it when you two communicated on some level back there, but I didn't want to delve into the theory since we seem to have little time on our hand." Don rubbed his 'chin'.

"So, like, Mini-me just read my mind?" Mikey asked. "So now they can learn about our darkest secrets?!" his eyes widened with fear.

"No, Mikey." Leo assured him "The only way he could've read your thought is because you wanted to share your idea with him but you couldn't say a word."

"Well I did want to share the idea but these two were in the kitchen." he pointed his thumb at the red clad turtles.

"So, unintentionally you telepathically shared your thought with him because you wanted him to help you come up with a plan." Don concluded.

"Oh, so that means we can secretly plot any schemes on any victim we wish?" Mikey rubbed his hands greedily.

"Partners-In-Crime!" Michelangelo high-fives his taller twin.

"Totally radical, Dude!" Mikey mimicked his accent.

"Ya try anything funny and I'll kick ya shells!" Raph pointed at the pranksters, who just exchanged glances and grins.

"Say, how about WE try to communicate? Maybe we'll start to understand each other and turn over a new leaf!" Raphael suggested as he stood beside his counterpart.

"Let me put it straight: Stay away from my brain!" Ralph sharply pointed his finger at him

"Testing, Testing, is there a single brain-cell over there?"

"HEY! Keep ya thoughts to ya self, Reject!" Ralph yelled as he approached him

"Oh! Great! There IS a brain after all!"

"Why you little!" he gritted his teeth

"Heheh. OUCH!" Raphael received a quick knock on the head from Splinter's stick

"Enough! If your brother does not want to share thoughts with you, then let him be!" he scolded.

"Oh you guys are no fun." Raphael folded his arms

"Now lets concentrate on the matter at hand." He turned to his genius son "Tell us Donatello, have you finished up the device you were working on?"

"About that, we just finished installing the subterranean sonar in the hauler and we're good to go."

"Finally! Can't wait to get rid of you!" Ralph smirked at Raphael

"Don't worry, I'll make sure our last minutes in this dimension are unforgettable." Raphael gave him an annoying grin.

"Enough you two." Leo pushed the sai weilders' carapace towards the Hauler's direction.

"This is going to be a long ride." Donatello sighed.



Oroko Saki received a kick to the ribs sending him flying and landing on his side.

"Let this be a warning to you not to cross me again!"

Now fully conscious and using his old robo-suit to move around, the Utrom Shredder stomped towards his human counterpart till he towered over him.

"You made a grave mistake.I usually punish the ones who betray me with slow torturous deaths. But I am making an exception since you are an alternate version of me."

He then turned to leave.

"Although an inferior, I still wont risk letting you die in case it might have undesirable consequences to my existence."

"It was your huge ego that forced me to deceive you in the first place!" The human defended as he stood up "I wanted to revive you so we can team up against our common enemy, the turtles. But it was your unwillingness to cooperate and listen to what I have to say that lead to-"

"Silence!" in a flash he half turned pointing his blades at him "No one questions the actions of the Mighty Shredder!"

Laughter rang across the metal walls of the alien war machine.

"What is it that you find so amusing?" The Utrom asked threateningly with a shaking fist.

"You call yourself the Shredder? You should be ashamed of yourself!" The human mocked his alien counterpart.

"What?! How dare you!" The alien attacked and almost thrashed his blades at his face. The tips of the sharp weapon, a few inches away from human's eyes "Do you have a death wish or are you a fool!?"

"The real Shredder would never let his guard down!" The human crossed his arms, not fazed by the alien's threat. " Yet, you fell for the deception of whom you perceive as an 'Inferior'!"

The Utrom narrowed his red glowing eyes at him.

"I admit that I'm no match for you, or that daughter of yours. But you must admit as well, that if it weren't for her interference, you would be no more than a pile of cut up sashimi!"


"Hmm… You've got a point there, Inferior." He lowered his arm.

Shredder visibly cringed at the insult, but swallowed his pride knowing that he was no match for his counterpart now that he was in his robo-suit.

"While you fail at strength, you did fool me with your lies. Your art of deception seems to surpass my own! It seems I might still have use of you after all. " He turned to leave "But I am warning you, one false move and you shall pay."

"Have no worry. We do have a common goal after all." Oroko Saki followed him.

Streets of New York - The Hauler Van

"Now, this is roomy!"

The Dons were at the front driving and doing the navigations. Two chairs were placed right behind them, which were occupied by the Raphs.

At the back of the van the chairs were facing each other, attached to the inner walls. The rest of the turtles, Splinter and Leatherhead were seated there, except for Leonardo who was standing in the middle, admiring how spacious the van was.

"Donatello, remember when I told you to modify our van so I could practice my katas?" Ha called to his bro at the front.

"I remember telling you that it wasn't possible due to multiple factors." he replied not moving his eyes from the navigation panel.

"Well, then I'll make use of this van till we find the technodrome." he pulled out his katana readying for a practice session.

"Leonardo!" Splinter, frowned at him. "Sit down, my son. You might accidentally hurt someone while the van moves."

"Yeah, somebody might lose his head!" Raphael remarked as he looked back at his bro.

"Yes, Master Splinter." he disappointedly put his sword back and bowed before retiring to his seat.

"Bro, you're bro is even MORE obsessed with training than our bro!" Mikey joked.

"Dude, you don't know the half of it!" Michelangelo replied.

"Hey I just got bored from all this driving, ok?" Leonardo replied embarrassedly.

"But, my friend, only twenty minutes have past since we started our search " Leatherhead informed him.

"Yeah but it felt like hours! I cant sit around doing nothing!" Leonardo defended.

Suddenly something materialised in front of him.

"Then, read this" Leo offered

Delighted by the present Leonardo took it "Thanks. Im glad we share that same hobbies" he said as he flipped the pages of the book.

"Always be prepared for anything."

But, he wasn't the only one who was frustrated for not finding the technodrome.

"Please tell us we're not just running in circles, Donnie" Raph finally decided to ask Don who was sitting in from of him.

"No, we're not" Don assured him "These instruments require some time before they pickup the right signal. We don't want to end up finding something irrelevant"

"Like some old dinosaur bones?" Raph asked

"Something like that" Don replied noticing the hint of sarcasm

"Well, Im starting to doubt that thingamajig of yours would even pick a wishbone!" Raphael laughed

At this point the Dons got annoyed by their red clad bros.

"Say, how about we entertain them a little?" Donatello telepathically communicated with his taller counterpart.

Don eyed him with an evil grin "Anything to get back at them."

"Don't worry, Raphael" Don started off "I recalibrate the hauler's tracking atmo-radius to seek an underground object similar to the technodrome's surface area, see?" He points at the screen on the console.

"This is what we call a subterranean sonar!" Donatello looked back with a toothy grin.

"The word "sonar" comes from the first letters of "sound navigation ranging." Don continued

"Sonar can detect and locate objects under the sea by echoes, much as porpoises and other marine animals navigate using their natural sonar systems."

"Grrr, Nerds!" The Raphs pulled their heads back regretting picking on the genius duo that went on back and forth explaining the the wonders of the subterranean sonar.


"Oh, you're still alive! How disappointing."

"Shut up, Krang!"

The Human Shredder retaliated at the ruler of Dimension X as he re-entered the computer room, where, Krang and his two henchmen were standing at the left side. On the the other side a group of foot ninja stood awaiting the orders of their masters. Right in front of the main computer stood the Utrom Shredder and the Lotus-look-a-like.

"Father, what do you suggest we do with them?" she whispered to her father.

"From what information I have gathered from them, their enemies have united with our enemies; The turtles." he whispered back. "They seem to have some form of a mutagen that could be of benefit to us. We will need their assistance in fighting them to get it."

"But father, they almost killed you!" she whispered to him.

"I know Karai. That is why I am keeping my eyes open."

He then looked up at the group from the alternate dimension beckoning them to come forward.

"We have come to an agreement." the alien started off. "The Technodrome is now at the command of the foot. You shall aid us in fighting the turtles and retrieve the mutagen they posses."

"What?! The Technodrome is my-!" the one who is known as Krang started the vocal action known as yelling, but the one known as Oroko Saki did the action known as interruption.

"We agree to your terms"

"Excellent. You are dismissed"

The group went out of the computer room and walked along a corridor.

"GRAO! This is MY battle ship! How dare he!" The one known as Krang did that which is known as complaining.

"Have no worries Krang. Once we accomplish our goals we will get back all that is ours," he then narrowed his eyes "including my dignity."

Meanwhile, the Utrom turned to his daughter "Karai, who is still at your command, beside the foot."

"Dr. Chaplin is the only one remaining."

"What about Hun?"

"The Purple Dragons broke their alliance with us after your… absence."

"And as I recall, Stockman has betrayed me and joined forces with Bishop."


"No matter. I will personally punish him for his betrayal, when we get to him. Right now contact Chaplin and let him come over here."

"As you wish, father."

She took out her transceiver to make the call.

Streets of New York - The Hauler Van

The hunt went on for almost two hours until the Dons started to pickup something.

"Look! I think we found something!" Donatello pointed out at the screen.

"What have you found?" Splinter walked to the front of the van

"According to this the technodrome is close"

With a proud smile Splinter put his hands on both Dons "Well done my Sons" his words sent a good warm feeling to their hearts.

"Finally we're getting something!" Ralph stretched as Splinter returned to his seat. He noticed his double fell asleep drooling with his head resting on the window. He rolled his eyes at him.

"Rise an shine, Reject!" He vibrated him by the shoulder which startled him awake, his head straight up and eyes wide open.

"Uh, Ground-penetrating radar (GPR for short ) is a geophysical method that uses radar pulses to image the subsurface. This nondestructive method uses electromagnetic radiation in the microwave band (UHF/VHF frequencies) of the radio spectrum, and detects the reflected signals from subsurface structures."

Awkward silence filled the van. Everyone's eyes, except for Don, were fixed on the sarcastic individual who remained in his posture for a few seconds.

He then slowly turned his head clockwise seeing Donatello, Raph, the guys at the back. All had surprised expression on their faces. He then slowly turned his head back his eyes now fixed on Donatello who blinked at him.

"I dreamt that I was you!"

Was all he said before a massive force hit the left side of the truck, sending it rolling off its wheels.