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. . .

"Temptations are as thick as the leaves of the forest, and no one could be out of reach of temptation unless he is dead." –Robert G. Ingersoll

. . .

The day went by slow and tiring for the two siblings. Night was almost here and the town of Augsburg is dreadfully quiet. Ever since a few weeks ago with the incidents with Muriel, the town has been a little… shaky.

Edward and Ben returned back to the small inn they are all staying at early. The four of them did not sleep the night before; instead, they stayed up the entire night hunting for witches. Finally, exhaustion caught up with the troll and the young kid so with a nod from Gretel and a roll to the eyes from Hansel, they headed home for the rest of the evening.

Without taking a break, Hansel and Gretel have been hunting and fighting witches nonstop. They haven't eaten, slept, or just take a moment to breathe at all. Everywhere they turned they found another witch lurking the area.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, the two siblings head back to Augsburg with mud and blood painted onto their skin. Blood is dripping down the side of Gretel's head and down her lip and blood is soaking through Hansel's clothes.

The last witch they fought ended up having Hansel fly up in the air and slam into a tree. He was flung around, punched, kicked, and sharp claws dug into his skin and tore at his body.

So, now Hansel and Gretel are sitting at a table in a bar in Augsburg, having a drink. Gretel grabs a napkin and wipes the blood that is dripping down her chin. Hansel watches her and without even looking at him, she could feel his eyes on her. She raises an eyebrow at him and shoots him a questioning look, "Yes?"

"Does it hurt?" Hansel finds himself asking, staring at the scratches and wounds on her face.

She smiles at him and after a moment, she shakes her head, "No. Not so much anyways. I'm fine. Really." She loves how he is so protective over her, but she doesn't like how he worries too much about her. She grins at him, placing her hand on top of his, and when she sees the doubt in his eyes, she flashes him a reassuring smile.

He sighs, but slowly nods his head, "Okay." He gulps down his drink and then slams it down on the table, groaning at his throbbing head, "I really hate those fucking witches."

Gretel chuckles and nods her head, taking a sip of her drink, "Tell me about it." She leans back in her chair and watches him massage his temple with one hand. She grins at him and shakes her head as he orders another drink, "You do realize if your head is killing you now, by tomorrow morning you will be dead."

He laughs and shrugs one shoulder, "I know, but it will be worth it."

"You said that last time and then when you woke up with a hangover the next day, you cried the rest of the day." Gretel says with a small laugh as she remembers her brother moaning and complaining as he lied on the wooden floor with a massive hangover and headache, complaining how he was 'dying'.

Hansel rolls his eyes, but a grin tugs at the corner of his lips, "I did not cry. I just... winced... a lot."

"Uh-huh, sure." Gretel says, remembering clearly how her brother was crying because his head was throbbing so badly. However, she does not press the subject any further while an older man walks over to them and hands her and her brother another drink.

Hansel leans back against the wooden chair while an annoyed look on his face. Gretel notices and instantly figures out what is bothering her older sibling.

The two of them are famous; they are the famous witch hunters and everyone knows them. However, many people do not like them and have no problem keeping that a secret.

Hansel listens as a group of men behind them whisper about him and his sister, saying how strange they are and how they are losing their 'game'. Hansel clenches his jaw as he listens to one man in partially he never liked. Alexander.

Alexander was always a wealthy, spoiled man who always thought he was better than everyone else was. His golden locks and piercing blue eyes always caught women's attention and he always flashed a charming smile, which made the women fall to their knees, gawking at him. He had muscles and a nice body, which also helped his appearance. He even tried to seduce Gretel once, but she glared at him and he received a death threat from Hansel.

All Hansel and Gretel want to do is enjoy a few drinks with each other after a rough day of fighting annoying witches. All they want to do is relax and ignore their aching bodies and enjoy the rest of the night. Seems like they could never do that; someone always has to make a comment and spread rumors about them. They don't even bother being quiet about it!

Hansel listens to Alexandra mumble to his friends something along the lines of how he and his sister are old news who get beat up by a witch during every encounter. He says how weak the two witch hunters are starting to become and how shortly they will probably end up dead along with their parents.

That pissed Hansel off and that was his breaking point.

The Witch Hunter jumps to his feet and turns to face Alexander's cocky grin. He glares at him and clenches his fists tightly against his sides. Alexandra narrows his eyes at Hansel as one eyebrow rises up.

Gretel stays seated as she throws her hands up in the air, knowing it would only take a matter of seconds before her brother lost his patience and his temper got the best of him. She rolls her eyes and folds her arms across her chest, watching the scene and praying the temptation of breaking Alexander's jaw won't get the best of him.

"Hansel." Gretel warns him in a stern voice, but he pays no attention to her, instead, his eyes are locked with Alexander's and that is where all his attention is focused.

"What did you just say?" Hansel growls at the man who is standing only a few feet away from him. His eyes have fire dancing inside of them and rage is building inside of him. His blood is boiling at that last comment he made about their parents. Honestly, who did this guy think he is?

Alexandra smirks at him and watches as Hansel takes a dangerous step forward and clenches his jaw. He shrugs one shoulder at the Witch Hunter, obviously not scared of him, "Oh, nothing important."

Hansel rolls his eyes and glares at him; his eyes almost like daggers. Instead of responding, he turns around to go sit back down, but instead, he hears Alexandra coldly reply, "Just telling my friends here how witch hunters are starting to become weak and a bit… rusty when they fight against a witch."

"Oh, you think so? Really?" Hansel sarcastically asks as his eyebrow goes up. Gretel could see this not ending well as she chews on her bottom lip and takes another sip of her drink.

"Yeah, I really do think so." Alexander shoots back. "I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up dead one of these days; a witch would kill them. Wouldn't you say?"

Hansel purses his lips and folds his arms across his chest, using all the strength in him to not bash Alexander's head into the wall behind him. "That's too bad you think that. You know what I think? I think witch hunters these days have small tempers and have no problem bashing someone's head in if they get pissed off."

That was Gretel's cue to jump to her feet and place a hand on her brother's shoulder, "Hansel, it's not worth it. He's not worth it." Some people are already not fond of them and are a bit... scared of them, so, this would not help them think any differently if Hansel starts attacking someone most women and even men idolize.

Not that Gretel cares what others think of them, but she would like to walk into a town without someone shooting them a dirty look or mumbling something under their breaths about them.

"Hey, maybe if you gave me a chance I could show you I'm worth your time-" Alexander begins to say with a smirk towards Gretel, but Hansel takes another dangerous step towards him, growling through clenched teeth, "You say another word to her and I swear I will-"

"Hansel," Gretel cuts him off instantly as she tightens her grip on his shoulder, hoping to calm him down, "I am not offended to what this fucking hillbilly says, so, neither should you. He is a worthless waste of time and we have better things to do then pick a fight with him."

"Ouch, that hurt." Alexander says with a sarcastic tone as he fakes a mocking frown. Gretel rolls her eyes at his respond, but she ignores him, answering him back with silence.

Hansel takes a long, deep breath before taking a step back and turning his back to Alexander. He shakes his head and even though anger is building up inside of him, one look at his sister's pleading face, he softens and nods at her. She smiles at him, but her smile quickly vanishes at Alexander's next words, fully knowing that's Hansel's sensitive part.

"Hey, it's not like he could win a fight against me anyways. I mean, he could barely protect his own sister! I saw the way she walked in here, with all that blood on her. It was her blood and you couldn't do anything to stop that. You let her get hurt, no? Also, I think I recall the fact that while you were hooking up with a witch, your sister was getting a beat down by the old sheriff. Besides, how could you protect her when you could barely protect yourself?! Always having to stop during fights to take your stupid injections because if you don't, you get dizzy and pass out... then most likely die."

Hansel spins around, but before he could land a punch on him, Gretel jumps in front of him and holds him back. Her eyes lock with her brother's and without saying a word, her eyes practically tell him to calm down. She stares at him and quietly says, "He's just baiting you; he's tempting you. Ignore the bastard."

Hansel stares at his sister for a few moments before slowly looking back up at Alexander's cocky grin that's resting on his face. Hansel then takes another step back and nods. He looks back up at Alexander and says in a deadly, quiet tone, "You're lucky she's here. Otherwise, your head would be stuck so far up your fucking ass." Gretel releases the breath she was holding and nods at him, a small smile resting on her lips, glad her brother sort of ignored the temptation and listened to her.

Hansel takes another sip of his drink before placing it back on the table and heading for the door. He pauses at the door, waiting for his sister to follow behind him.

However, as Gretel passes by Alexander, he makes another comment to his friends, "I guess he's too scared to fight with a real man. He's just a joke, just like their parents-"

Without even wasting a second after that comment came out of the man's mouth, Gretel whips out her gun that was in her boot and points it at him. She shoots the gun, firing it so close to Alexander that is cut part of his hair as it went right through it and hit the wall behind him and his friends.

Everyone in the bar stopped their chatting and became dead silent as they watch the Witch Hunter with wide eyes. There was so much tension in the room and even though the bar is packed with men and women who are drunk, you could hear a pin drop onto the floor. The tension and silence is so thick you could cut it with a sharp knife, but no one dared made a sound or even moved.

Gretel narrows her eyes at him and now points the gun an inch from his head as she calmly replies as her jaw clenches, saying something very familiar to what she said to the sheriff when he wanted to kill Mina, "Say another word about my family and I'm gonna blow your cocky brains all over these fucking hillbillies. Got that?"

He slowly nods his head, swallowing hard and then with that, Gretel was satisfied. She then spins around and walks up over to her brother, who has the biggest smirk on his face she has ever seen.

She rolls her eyes and walks out of the bar with her brother trailing behind her, chuckling and grinning at the scene he just witnessed.

It may have been tempting to do that himself or land a strong punch on the man's jaw, but it was also great to see his sister make the man almost piss in his pants and watch as his face went pale as sweat began to drip down his forehead.

Hansel smirks, it may be hard to go against temptation, but sometimes, it was worth it.

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