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The following day the group decided to take a break and relax for a day, which is something they rarely do. Hansel wasn't that fond with the idea at first, but when his massive headache started to occur due to the hangover he has, he agreed.

Edward and Ben were more than thrilled that they finally get a day off from witch hunting. Gretel was happy that they could finally enjoy a day without being thrown into trees, clawed at by witches, and without having to be soaked in their blood and the witches' blood.

The day went by slow and peaceful for once in their lives. They hung out right outside the inn, chatting and telling old stories and memories. They all slept in later that they would usually and had a late breakfast and everything was good.

Hansel even offered to teach Ben some fighting moves so he wouldn't have to feel so scared when a witch takes his rifle away. Many times Ben would be shooting his rifle at a witch, but they would throw it out of his hands and back him against a tree, making him desperately wait for one of his companions to save him.

Gretel and Edward bonded some more and talked, sharing some old memories they both had. They shared the good times and even the bad.

Now, it was late at night with the moon high above in the night sky. The village became silent as the sun dropped below the horizon while the people returned back to their homes for the night. The sky is a pitch black with stars shining, lighting the black sky up a bit and the moon brightly glows.

Edward is peacefully sleeping behind the inn, next to the wagon of weapons the witch hunters have while Ben returns back to his own room in the small inn.

Hansel and Gretel were in their own room, ready for bed as well. Hansel already told them all that they would be up early in the morning to make up for today's break.

Hansel is already passed out on the wooden floor; his head lying on his jacket as he uses it for a pillow and Gretel placed a warm blanket on top of him, already feeling bad that her brother was sleeping on the hard floor while she slept on a bed.

Gretel is lying on the bed, staring up at the ceiling as she releases a quiet sigh. For some reason she cannot fall asleep and it is annoying her. She tried closing her eyes and tried to relax her mind, but so many thoughts are running through her head and sleep will not come. She hates how her brother could fall asleep so easily while she could stare at the ceiling for hours and not even feel close to being tired.

She huffs as she throws her hands on top of her face, frustrated. Sleep is so tempting right now, but it won't come. Finally, the Witch Hunter sits up on the bed and chews on her bottom lip, something she finds herself doing a lot recently.

She stands up slowly and very quietly, making sure she doesn't wake her brother up, as she tiptoes out of the room. She first, though, slips her black boots on and her usual outfit silently. As she goes to shut the door behind her, she hears him mumble something and watches him shift in his sleep. She holds her breath, praying her brother did not wake up, but thankfully, he is still sound asleep.

She releases the breath she was holding and quietly shuts the door behind her. She makes her way outside the inn and the cold air instantly slams against her skin. She shivers at the cold weather, but ignores it as she starts heading down the stone back and deeper into the village.

She has her arms folded across her chest as she walks, her head leaned back a little so she could gaze up at the sparkling stars. She smiles slightly; she always loved the stars in the sky. When it used to be just her and her brother and they camped out in the woods, they would both just lie down next to each other and stare at the stars. They would point up at the ones that made weird pictures and they would laugh.

She chuckles as she thinks back to an old memory of her and her brother staring up at the stars and he would claim he saw an alien eating a witch, of course, they were children at the time.

Gretel sighs as she keeps her eyes locked on the sky above, not even looking at where she is going. Her mind was so distracted and lost in thought that she didn't notice where she was walking until she ended up slamming into someone.

The Witch Hunter immediately falls to the ground, landing on her back. She groans at the pain when her head slams against the hard stone ground. Anger quickly runs through her, annoyed that the person couldn't step out of the way, but she knew it was her fault too; she didn't watch where she was going.

The person that she bumped into quickly starts speaking and by the tone of their voice, Gretel could tell it's a man… a very familiar man. "Hey, watch where you're going-" He stops himself and a chuckle escapes his lips, "Ah, look who we got here."

Gretel looks up to see the man she bumped into and she narrows her eyes when she sees Alexander towering over her. She clenches her jaw at him and then she watches as he offers her his hand, saying with a smirk, "Ah, let me help ya' up!"

Gretel glares at his hand, but ignores it. She stands up on her own and watches as he moves his hand right back to his side. His smirk stays planted onto his face and she is starting to feel uncomfortable.

"What's the matter, Pretty Lady, why ya' look so scared?" Alexander says, his words a bit slurred as he talks. He takes a step towards her, already invading her personal space. She glares at him with one of her death stares and takes a step back. She could tell by the way that he smells that he is drunk.

She rolls her eyes and puts a hand up, stopping him from taking another step towards her. "Back off." She says calmly, keeping her chin up, and keeping an expressionless look on her face.

The man looks her up and down, like she is a piece of meat and he is a hungry wolf. Hunger and desire twirls in his striking sapphire eyes and the cocky smirk rests on his face as he slowly licks his lips.

Gretel clenches her fists by her sides as he backs her up against a wall to an abandon building. She takes a deep, shaky breath as he stands only inches away from her body. She knows she is strong and not weak, but when a man such as Alexander is drunk and angry with her from the night before, she is not too sure how this situation will end up.

Alexander is a big, strong man; much bigger than she is. Now with him being drunk, he is unpredictable and dangerous and she is all alone.

Gretel stares at him in the eyes, watching as he looks her up and down and lick his dry lips. His face his only inches from hers and his breath smells of alcohol, making her cringe.

He is towering over her and she tries to step aside, but he places his hands against the wall on each side of her, trapping her. She glares up at him and his chest briefly touches her as he leans in, his forehead leaning against hers.

She goes to reach for her knife that she usually puts in her boot every morning due to Hansel's nagging, but she realizes then that she left all her weapons back at the inn.

He chuckles, knowing exactly what she was looking for, but knows she doesn't have it with her, "Ya' know, Gretel, you shouldn't be out here all alone without your weapons."

She rolls her eyes and clenches her teeth together, cursing herself for not grabbing some kind of weapon before she went trolling into the village at night. She instantly starts racking her brain for a plan to get herself out of this mess, but it's hard to think with his hot, disgusting breath breathing against her face.

He smiles widely as he watches her body flinch a little. He presses his body closer against hers and presses his lips against her ear as he whispers, "Not so tough now without your annoying brother around or without any weapons."

She rolls her eyes and snaps, "Please. I could take you easily without a weapon. I don't need someone to protect me."

He releases a roaring laugh at her comment, "Oh please. You're helpless." He trails a finger down her side and she flinches at his touch. "Oh, what's wrong? Cannot handle a real man?"

She narrows her eyes and spits out coldly, "You're drunk."

"No!" He suddenly shouts at her, making her flinch once more. His body is now shaking with anger and she is wondering what he plans on doing to her. "I'm angry! You think you would just be able to point a gun at me, threaten me in front of my friends and then get away with it? No. I don't think so, lady. You're gonna pay. I promise ya' that. First you're gonna pay and then your stupid, worthless brother."

Gretel growls at that comment and without even thinking, she slams her head against his head and head-butts him. He groans at the pain and stumbles back and Gretel takes that as her chance to get away.

She spins around and goes to run off, but he catches her arm and throws her roughly against the wall. She yelps as her head collides with the brick wall and a quiet groan escapes her lips.

"Nice try you little-" He starts off, but she quickly hits him right 'down there' and lands a strong punch against his jaw. He stumbles, but doesn't fall to the ground. Blood drips down the side of his mouth and his nose, but he continues to after her.

His hands close tightly around her upper arm and he uses his other hand to grab her by her hair. She yelps and goes to kick him, but he dodges it and slams her roughly to the ground, pinning himself on top of her to make sure she can't move.

"Get off me!" She yells, thrashing around, but he has her completely pinned to the stone ground. "Get… off!"

He places her forearm against her neck and presses down as hard as he can, cutting off her breathing. The air stops going to her lungs and she begins choking, but he just laughs. "Shut up, you bitch. You should have just kept your mouth shut last night at the bar. You and Hansel should learn your places."

She could feel her body shaking under him as she begins to lose her vision from the lost of air. She uses all her strength and the little bit of air to choke out, "Fuck you."

He only smirks down at her and then he removes his arm from her throat, watching her gasp for air and take deep breaths. He only chuckles and then in one quick move, he leans forward and slams his lips against hers.

Her eyes widen in surprise and she quickly starts trying to pull away, but he doesn't budge. He finally breaks the kiss and then looks her up and down again, making her sick the way he keeps looking at her like she is a prize.

When she sees him go to kiss her against, she moves her head away, making him miss her lips. He growls and grabs a lock of her hair and yanking on it. She cries out in pain and he says in a low, dangerous voice, "Move again, I dare you."

She stares up at him, trying to figure out what he is planning. She suddenly finds herself screaming her brother's name with desperation and fear in her voice, "Hansel! Hansel!" She knows he cannot hear her, he is all the way down the road and sleeping peacefully in the inn, having no idea she is not with him.

He laughs as he shakes his head, "I don't think he's gonna come for ya'. No one is. I recommend you listen to me though and shut up!" He then pulls out a knife and holds it against her throat, "Now, you're going to listen or you'll be soaking in your own blood."

She gulps and closes her eyes, not wanting to see the lust in the man's eyes as he stares down at her. Her body flinches and shakes under his touch as his body presses against hers. She clenches her jaw and prays that someone, anyone will come by and help her, save her.

He is so tempted to just do all the things he desires to do right away, but he wants to make this long and painful for her. She made a fool of him in front of all his friends and he wants to make her pay.

She swallows the rock in her throat and as she swallows, she could feel the cold, sharp knife pressed against her skin. She shivers at the touch and she could feel her eyes getting watery.

"Please…" Gretel finds herself begging, something she would never do, but at this point, she has no other option.

He only laughs and she could feel him tear her jacket away. She gasps, but keeps her eyes tightly shut, not wanting to even look at him.

She now only silently prays that someone saves her before this situation goes from bad, to worse… if it is even possible at this point.

. . .

Hansel shifts in his sleep. He moans a little as he begins to come to his senses and wake up from the dreams he was just having. He rubs his eyes and sits up slowly as he runs one hand through his dark hair. He usually wakes up in the middle of the night, something he always did. For some reason he just wakes up during the night and finds the urge to check on his sister. Him being an overprotective brother makes him doing it, but also he just wants to make sure she isn't having any nightmares and she's okay.

He looks over at the bed, but his eyebrows knit together in confusion when he doesn't see his sister lying there, sleeping. He stands up slowly and looks around the small room, not seeing her.

Panic starts to run through his body when he checks the bathroom and the other rooms and still doesn't find his sister.

Hansel grabs his leather jacket off the floor and puts it on as he slips his boots on as well. He remembers how his sister likes to look up at the stars so he is hoping she is just taking a stroll outside. But… why didn't she wake up? It's dangerous out there and surely she could take care of herself, but… still.

He rushes outside and the cold weather collides with him, making him shiver. He ignores it though and he quickly adjusts to the cold weather as he starts making his way down the road.

He turns his head, looking around and praying she is alright. Where could she be? He runs only realizes now that he left his weapons back at the inn, but he shrugs his shoulders, not thinking he would need them anyways.

Oh, was he wrong.

Hansel walks through the village and sees through the night with ease, since he had enough experience at walking through the pitch dark.

The Witch Hunter wanders around the village and everything is silent, until he hears a loud, piercing scream. His eyebrows knit together and he listens again. It's silent at first, but then he hears the scream once more and only then realizes the scream and realizes that their screaming his name.

Hansel's eyes widen as much as possible and he gasps, instantly running towards the scream. He runs through the night and through the shadows as he searches for the location of where the scream is coming from. Hansel knows all too well whose scream that belongs to…


. . .

"I said shut up!" Alexander growls as raises his fist and punches her hard. His fist collides with her jaw and she whimpers in pain. He has already kicked, punched, and screamed at her. The knife stays pressed to her neck as he rips her leather jacket off her.

She finally opens her eyes only to see darkness and pure evil in the man's eyes. He's a monster.

As Alexander leans down to press another sloppy kiss against her lips, he suddenly gets thrown off her. She just lies there, too much in shock to move.

Alexander lands on his back roughly, groaning at the pain as he slowly stands up. He looks up to see who just did that to him, but he only gets greeted with another punch, to his jaw.

He stumbles backwards until he is leaning against the brick wall of the old house. He wipes the blood from his nose and narrows his eyes to try to see through the darkness. As he squints his eyes, he suddenly sees who attacked him and he smirks.

"Ah, and here comes the protective older brother." Alexander says mockingly and he chuckles, "Just in time, I see."

Hansel narrows his eyes at the man in front of him and he doesn't waste a second before grabbing him by the collar of his shirt. "You just don't know when to give up, now do you?"

"Hey, we were just having a little… fun." Alexander says with a smirk tugging at his lips.

"Oh yeah? Well let me tell you something, you attacking my sister like that was a big mistake." Hansel growls as he lifts his hand up and then slams his fist down against Alexander's jaw once more.

Alexander groans and Hansel quickly glances over his shoulder and sees Gretel still lying on her back, her body shaking.

Hansel could feel the rage building inside of him and just the thought of Alexander touching his sister makes him sick and full of anger. He is so tempted to just kill the sick bastard in front of him; a slow and painful death.

Gretel slowly glances up to see her brother beating the life out of Alexander. Her entire body is shaking and she could barely catch her breath. She is still in a state of shock after everything that has just happened.

She watches as Hansel throws Alexander onto the floor and starts kicking him. Gretel knows her brother very well and she knows right now, he isn't thinking straight. She knows he is blinded by rage right now and his protective switch is on.

Gretel also knows her brother will end up killing him if she doesn't stop him. And as much as she is tempted to let her brother blow his fucking brains out, she won't be like him and she knows the difference from right and wrong.

Hansel lands punches and punches on Alexander as he tries to crawl away, but Hansel won't let him get far.

Gretel slowly gets onto her feet as limps over to where her brother is. She clenches her jaw and calmly calls out to her brother, "Hansel… Hansel, stop! Don't kill him; you're better than that!"

He goes to punch the man lying on the ground again, but Gretel catches his wrist and looks him in the eye. Despite the blood running down the side of her face, she forces a smile, "You're better than him. Hansel, please. We only kill witches."

"No," Hansel corrects, "we kill monsters. And he is a monster." She could see his body shaking with anger, but she places her hand gently on his shoulder and shakes her head, "Don't do it. Please. I know he is one, but you had to hold back this temptation; you have to hold yourself back. Please."

Hansel glances down at the man, practically pleading for his life. Hansel tears his eyes away from him and looks back at his sister, who is smiling slightly at him. He sighs and lands one hard kick to Alexander's ribs one last time before wrapping his sister into his arms.

He holds her tightly against him and at first, she flinches, but she quickly relaxes in his arms. She hugs him tightly and a hot tear runs down her cheek and it takes everything in Hansel to not just kill the man lying there, spitting out his own blood.

Damn was it hard to ignore something that is so tempting . . .

When they break apart from the hug, Hansel keeps one arm around her waist and he nods to her, "Ready to head back?"

She nods her head and leans her head on his shoulder as she uses his body for support to walk as they head back to the inn.

He keeps her close against him as he helps her walk back to the inn with her leaning most of her body against him as they walk. She was hurt pretty bad and when he notices her shirt ripped and jacket gone, he finds himself asking quietly, "Did he… did he do anything to you? I mean like-"

Gretel knows exactly what he means so she shakes her head and smiles a reassuring smile at him, "No. Didn't have the chance to, thanks to you."

He nods his head slowly and they continue to walk in silence. She closes her eyes as they walk, him guiding them where to go as they take slow steps.

He sighs, he doesn't know how he held in the need to kill the monster, Alexander, but he knows next time he sees that bastard he might lose his control and fall into temptation. Maybe he won't though, with Gretel by his side.

He will always be there for her and will always be there to protect her, no matter what. He would do anything for her. Hansel knows though one important thing, though:

She will always be there to keep him in line and he will do the same for her. And he knows temptation is something most people cannot control; they are drawn to it, but he knows with Gretel's help, he may be able to resist the urge to fall into it and do what is, hopefully, right.

But again, they have the rest of their lives to fight for one another and watch over each other.