. To Have and To Hold .
By 'Angel Magess.'

Yeah. General stupid disclaimers. FF4/Square. Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon/Takeuchi N.

- Prologue -


Mother Earth, Father Sky, Brother Wind, Sister Water, and Godmother Destiny all had their own reasons why they granted my partner, the rest of the Sailor Soldiers, and I submissions of the elements for duties other than battle itself. Battle only came when it was necessary to protect our king, queen, and, eventually, crown princess herself. Each part of the royal family of White Neo-Crystal Tokyo had their purpose in insuring a world of peace, and under my vow to the Godfather of the Sky, Uranus, I wouldn't let any enemy penetrate the core - ever again - that held peace together in our kingdom.

Let me handle this! -- WAADO SHAKINGU!

Maybe I was too overconfident in knowing that nothing could get past me. I used to joke with Queen Selenity how traces of dirt lined around the bottom of her gowns, making me 'wonder' if it was a new fashion statement going around. Soldier Neptune, my partner, would always horribly scold me afterward, and reassure our queen that whatever she wore was indeed fine. I think the queen knew this -- that I was joking, because her tears never lasted more than two seconds until Neptune blatantly reassured her all was allright.

Soldier Jupiter! Soldier Neptune! Direct your strongest spells into my sword on the count of three! Maybe we'll defeat this trap if we all work together. Okay? One-! Two-! Three! SPAACU SORDO BLASTAA!

Of course, Soldier Neptune was always the light in my eyes, and my only reason for accepting Godmother Destiny into my heart. Everything I did, I proudly did with the honor of knowing that her valor was always in my personal favor. Our bond towards one another was so strong that to this day, to this moment, I know that she would always wait for me forever, despite how many times I made her promise me that if something were to ever happen to me, she would eventually find someone else to always make her smile on a particularly cloudy day.

Whenever I think about the tragedy that happened just days before the dawning of Lady Princess Selenity's sixteenth birthday, I like to think that her love for me is still unconditional, sans the fact that I alone had brought dishonor to both Uranus and Endymion, sans the fact that Neo Crystal Tokyo would probably damn me forever. Soldier Neptune is still out there, thinking of me. This I know and believe because why am I still holding on now?

Good work, everyone. The king and queen will be pleased to know that today's training, like all the others past, have brought nothing but comittment to protecting our kingdom, and the Ginguishzio at all costs. Let's retire back to the palace. I think I smell Queen Selenity's food burning again..

She's out there alone, my Michiru. I promise to return to her, someday, somehow.

~ * ~ * ~*~ * ~