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Chapter Thirteen: Waking Up [Or the One Where Tony Says Sorry]

When Tony gains consciousness, the first thing he thinks is that he should be dead.

Had he hallucinated Loki destroying his arc reactor? Nah. That seemed like something Loki would totally do in one of his homicidal rages.

But what had been up with the whole kiss of death thing? Talk about dramatic.

"Why you gotta be so extra," Tony mumbled to himself, hissing in slight pain as he tried to sit up. His chest felt like it was bruised to hell and back, but other than that, he couldn't feel any other kind of pain. Where there should be a massive hole in his chest was nothing but smooth (tingly) skin. There was what was probably the beginnings of a migraine, but Tony could ignore it. You know, like the eight hundred and fifty three other issues he'd been ignoring since he was a kid.

Fuck you, therapy! You'll never catch Tony Stark!

Tony shifted again, sighing as he took stock of the room. It was his master suite in Stark Tower, so, well, points for them taking him to headquarters.

But why the fuck wasn't he in a hospital? Hooked up to machines to keep him alive?

He felt over his chest again, nearly jumping out of his skin when Jarvis started talking to him.

"Good evening, Sir. Glad to see that you are finally conscious."

"Same, buddy. Same," Tony sighed, still feeling over his chest: there was no visual signs of any damage, but that didn't mean much in the terms of Tony's Incredible Yet Highly Dangerous Life, "Uh, Jarv, how long have I been out?"

"Three days, sir. I've informed the others of your wakefulness and they should be arriving in~"

"Jesus fuck!" Tony wheezed, nearly falling out of the bed at the pop and shimmer in the room before Loki was leaning over him, gripping his face, "Fucking hell, I just got done having a heart attack and you wanna give me another one, Snowflake?"

Loki narrowed his eyes and practically hissed before crashing his lips against Tony's, savaging his mouth, barely letting him breathe before pulling away again, "You stupid, idiotic child!"

"Well fuck you too," Tony said, pushing Loki's chest to give him some space, but that wasn't happening, "you nearly fucking killed me, so, dunno what the hysterics are about. Would love some space right about now."

Loki's eyes flashed, his mouth set in a hard line as he stood up and abruptly blinked out of the room. Tony blinked a few times, just to make sure, "Jarv, have I suffered any blunt force head trauma? Or I got anything weird going up in my head wires from the blackout?"

"No, sir. All tests have proven…well, ineffective," Jarvis admitted, throwing up some brain and body scans on the master suite's windows for Tony to see, "Master Bruce has been studying your tests for the past few hours, trying to determine what physiological changes have been happening to you since the bonding."

"Wait wait wait," Tony got out of bed, digging around in a drawer for a robe or sweatpants or something, "First of all, the only reason he programmed you to say Master Bruce is cuz he has a hard on for Batman, and I'm not letting that fly in my own home. I bought the original batmobile, for the gods' sakes. Second of all, are you telling me SCIENCE can't explain what's happening to my body?"

"Master Bruce believes whatever magical properties are entailed with the bonding have not only severe mental changes but also physiological reactions. It is his hypothesis that your body was beginning to reject any and all, shall we say, mortal means of enhancement."

Then it clicked for Tony: the arc reactor. It hadn't just been the bond sickness, it had been his own goddamned arc reactor not being able to handle his changing body. Now that he had a magical soul bond or whatever the fuck it was, Midgardian tech wouldn't be enough to keep him running, "Are you saying that the soul bond has stopped the shrapnel?"

"No, sir. I'm saying it's eradicated it completely," Jarvis drawled, pulling up a full body scan and zooming in on Tony's lungs and heart, "No trace of shrapnel shards, sir."

"So, what? Magic just…POOFED IT AWAY?"

"Master Bruce's hypothesizes that prolonged use of the arc reactor was becoming detrimental to your body."

The door opened, making Tony nearly jump out of his skin again, blanching at his entire team walking in like they owned the place which, hello, no they didn't, he did!

"Tony, it's actually incredible. I would like permission to test your blood, see if it has new properties…"

"Hey, hello there, nice to see you alive, Tony. Aw, thanks best bud, you're looking hella fly today as well," Tony grumped, rubbing his hands over his face, "You're shitting me, right? What am I, an alien experiment now?"

"Well, yes. You and Barton, since he has a bond too."

Clint shrugged, "I'm almost forty and in the best health of my life and career. Bond blood magic actually starts to make sense."

"He got stabbed in the arm in Malaysia," Natasha continued, arms crossed over her chest, looking like she wanted to pout, "And it healed itself within an hour."

"Pretty sure if someone shot us in the head, we'd, ya know, kick the big bucket, but as far as little shit? We're like, immune," Clint sniffed, staring at Thor with a look of enlightenment, "I haven't even needed my allergy meds. Or caught a cold. Nothing."

"And you're just noticing all this shit NOW?" Tony said, rubbing over his face again. God, he was such a fuck up. Loki had realized what was wrong, what was poisoning Tony, his OWN GODDAMNED INVENTION that was supposed to save his life had been about to take it.

And Loki had destroyed it, rescued him, saved him.


"Fuck. I have a lot of groveling to do," Tony sighed, looking up at a relieved looking Captain America, "I'm assuming I can have a few days off to clear the air with a fiancé that probably wants to shove a snowball up my ass? And not in a fun way?"

Steve rolled his eyes, sighing, the disappointed dad sigh that usually sent everyone into a guilty spiral, "Take the week, at least. And according to Pepper, she's going to nail you down to the floor until you finish deciding the catering."

Oh yah. His fucking wedding.

"Okay, well, anyway, really cool to see you guys, but…"

"And, um," Steve looked a little sheepish, tapping his fingers together like a fucking five year old about to tell you he ate all the cookies, "Uh, Bucky's gonna stay here to recover as well. And, uh…well, I guess Loki can explain it to you?"

Tony put on his most suspicious look, if only to make Steve feel more uncomfortable, "Um, Steve? Care to elaborate? You're not usually Captain Cryptic."

Clint rolled his eyes, "Remember Loki's Weirdly Hot Alien Wolf Son?"

"Clint," Thor said exasperatedly, but then again, maybe he was jealous of his nephew. Ugh. Whatever. This was too much drama for Tony. He'd only been cognizant for five minutes, for fuck's sake.

"Yah? What about him?"

"He's here too. And, uh, I don't think he's leaving?" Steve finished, looking at Tony before holding up his hands, "But don't worry! Bucky is my responsibility, so I'll keep an eye on them. Just…uh…he kind of destroyed one level when he first got here, y ou know, adjusting to Midgard and all that."

"The oven timer went off and he wolfed out," Natasha finished, dead pan, "In all fairness, he's never been to Midgard, so I'm not surprised he has a hair trigger with unfamiliar sights or sounds."

"I'll…talk to Loki," Tony sighed, "Anyways, everybody out. I'm already exhausted and I just woke up."

All in all, Bucky was not a happy camper.

If someone asked him what kind of camper he was at the moment, he would tell you he's the camper that drags the other campers into the lake and drowns them.

He'd been shot, it wasn't supposed to be a big deal. But SHIELD and the Avengers were being the world's most Annoying Nannies and he didn't have time for this.

Especially with a giant, naked dude being his savior, he didn't need that on his plate, either.

He didn't like owing people. Ever. For anything, so this life debt had been fucking with him ever since he woke up in Stark's tower, hooked up to an IV that he ripped out almost immediately.

He'd been shot before. It wasn't even a bad one: Bruce had gotten the bullet out and he was healing just fine, thanks. Even Natasha agreed that the additional bed rest and babying was for nobody's benefit but Loki's.

"Look, until Tony wakes up, Loki's a little distracted and isn't going to control his son," Natasha told him when he woke up, "Fenrir saved your life, carried your unconscious, unhappy ass to the quinjet. He even started licking your blood, but once we figured out he wasn't trying to eat you, we let it slide."

Well. That certainly didn't clear anything up, "Loki's son?"

"Yeah. Fenrir. Giant wolf. Don't Wiki him," Natasha said drily, handing him a plate of food and a remote, "Here. Fill your stomach, watch some Netflix. And do your best not to freak out."

Bucky had simply nodded: he'd definitely been on worse missions.

Then again, none of his past missions had ever involved a goddamn alien wolf (god?) man.

Fenrir, whether he had been summoned out of Bucky's anxiety or had felt Natasha talking about him, materialized not long after.

He was holding a big, fluffy rabbit, and Bucky eyed him up and down, raising an eyebrow when he noticed.

"So they introduced you to the concept of pants."

Fenrir stared him down, that unnerving, head tilt thing that carnivores did in the wild. Like he was deciding where to attack first, and Bucky was no goddamn prey.

He snapped his fingers, getting the dude's attention, "Hey, I dunno who you are or what the fuck your business was in helping us, or saving me, but you're not going to stand there staring at me all day: that's some serial killer shit that I am not into."

"The Red Woman said she would cook for you," Fenrir said, his voice deep and fucking gorgeous and, no, Bucky did not need the complication of this alien being hot, no sir. He did not need an erection when he was on bed rest with a dude who preferred to run around in his birthday suit.

Thankfully, the way Fenrir was holding the rabbit stopped Bucky from evaluating the godlike (no pun intended) core and abs, "Where did you get a rabbit?"

Fenrir smirked, exposing sharp canines as he brought the rabbit to Bucky, "I hunt for you, but Red Woman said no. No kill. So I bring him to you, let you decide."

Bucky raised an eyebrow, running his hands over his face and sighing before even attempting to wrap his brain around all the sudden fucking weirdness, "Um, okay, Red Woman? Her name is Natasha. You can call her that, or Black Widow. And that still doesn't explain where you got the pet from."

"I found him."

"This is New York City."

"In the cave beneath us," Fenrir said, motioning to the floor, "The Green Monster, he lives there, yes? And has a lot of things in his cave. He did not notice."

Bucky didn't know whether he was more shocked that this alien warrior had felt the need to hunt for him or the fact that Bruce apparently kept live specimens in his lab. He was not that kind of scientist, and it wigged him out.

Unless Tony had done it as some kind of joke, or Banner was on a rampage trying to save all the woodland creatures from animal makeup testing.

"Um, nah, let's let him live, okay?" Bucky said, accepting the animal into his arms. The rabbit's heart was going a million miles a minute, clearly unhappy as Bucky tried to soothe it by petting him with his human hand, "Uh, thanks. I guess."

"You are welcome, little warrior."

"Bucky. My name is Bucky."

"Bucky," Fenrir repeated, his face contemplative, "Strong name for strong warrior. Your father's name?"

Bucky couldn't help it, he snorted and started laughing, "Nah. It's a nickname. My real name is James, James Barnes, but nobody calls me that."


Fuck. He kept forgetting that this guy was an alien, and Thor probably hadn't been that much better off back when he first got to Midgard, "Like…a name that is given to you after you're born. Your friends, your family, it becomes your new name."

"I do not have that," Fenrir said, eyebrows drawn together in concern. He moved to sit on the edge of Bucky's bed, coils of muscle distracting Bucky way, way too much. Fenrir patted at his own naked chest, drawing attention to his inked collarbones, "I am Fenrir, the sun swallower. I will be a warrior in the end days of Ragnarok."

"Oh," Bucky said eloquently, still stroking the rabbit to distract himself, "Uh, gee, that sounds tough."

Fenrir nodded, face going dark as he growled deep in his chest, tapping over his collarbone again, swiping a finger over some ink, "Odin bound me, afraid of me. One day, my father will break these bonds, and I will eat Odin. I will take his head and place it at my father's feet."

Well. That was certainly some heavy family drama, "Uh, so, your dad…Loki."

Fenrir nodded, arms resting on his knees as he sat cross-legged, back straight, the light from the window doing really nice things for his skin and cheekbones.

Goddammit, Bucky, absolutely not. NO. Never in a thousand hells, no! Stark was absolutely batshit crazy for boning a god, there was no way Bucky was going to fall into that trap too.

"He is a bastard, but he is my father," Fenrir said, eyeballing the rabbit like he would make a great snack, "He always protected me, stopped Odin from killing me when I was born. I owe him. So I come here, to help him with puny mortal lover."

Bucky couldn't help it: he laughed, throwing his head back and cackling at the look on tony's face if he had heard that, "Fuck, tell me you haven't talked to Tony like that."

Fenrir shrugged, "I have watched my father fall in love many times. This Anthony Stark has his attention for now, for how long, I do not know. But I came to Midgard with him as he is healing." Fenrir reached his hand forward, making Bucky move his head back, not sure what the wolf was intending, but all Fenrir did was push some of his hair back behind his ear, "I have always wondered what made Midgard so special to father. Now I know. You humans are weak, petty things, but not all of you. You are strong, a good warrior: you will make a good mate."

Bucky's eyes nearly bugged out of his head, "Say what now?"

Fenrir grinned, exposing his teeth again, "Do not worry Bucky, son of Barnes, I will protect you."

Bucky groaned in frustration, noticing the irony of him holding a still-shaky bunny.

'Cuz he'd certainly fallen down the goddamn rabbit hole on this one.

Tony went to the roof of the Avengers Tower, sighing as he walked around, enjoying the wind and (fresh-ish?) air of the city. His headache wasn't going away any time soon, but he needed to clear things up with Loki.

He'd been an asshole, they both had, technically, been bastards to each other, but.

Tony, for the first time ever, wanted to fix something that was wrong with a relationship. His mom was probably rolling in her grave from happiness that her stupid son was finally maturing in at least one aspect of his life.

"Alright, so," Tony spoke to the air, hands tightening on the railing of the roof as he tried to focus on the bond. Supposedly it helped, kinda like a communication system if one focused hard enough, according to Thor and Baldur.

Tony spent several minutes with his eyes closed, trying to focus on that golden thread he felt inside of himself, ignoring the weirdness in his healing chest and trying to send soothing vibes out to his other half.

"Come on, Snowflake. Come talk to me. I fucked up."

"You certainly did."

Tony nearly jumped out of his skin and spun around, seeing his zombie-like fiancé, "Jesus, Lokes. Have you slept at all?"

"No," Loki growled, stomping forward, looking down at Tony with a maliciousness Tony hadn't seen since their showdown with the window a million years ago, "I have not."

"Mm, well, you need a few naps," Tony said, pushing some stray hairs out of Loki's face and trying not to get upset when Loki pulled away from his touch, "Loki…"

"You did not let me explain," Loki hissed, wrapping a hand around Tony's throat and picking him up like he weighed as much as a bag of potato chips, "You left me, no doubt making wild assumptions…"

"Yah, no, okay shithead," Tony gasped, tugging at Loki's wrist as he flailed, "Is this the part where you throw me off the roof for real?"

Loki blinked then sighed, lowering Tony as if realizing he'd suspended him in the first place. Tony hugged him, pulling him tight against his chest, not caring that he was taller and Tony would bemoan that fact later, "Okay, yes, I was an asshole, but I was scared, okay? And then we find you and, wow, look at that, you're with your EX WIFE and I just…I lost it, okay? It's not easy being jealous, Jesus fuck. Now I know what it feels like, and why people kill over it, but I shouldn't have left without talking to you properly, and I regret it. Then you show up, rip my arc reactor out of my chest, I black out thinking I'm dead, then here I go waking up in my own damn tower and everybody crawling all over me telling me I'm a superhuman now."

"You've always been more than human, Stark."

"Yah but like, real powers this time, I guess?" Tony says sheepishly, pulling back slightly to look into Loki's eyes again, the bond thrumming and strong. Fuck, he felt so much better just touching Loki that it was laughable, "Not just my brain, or my machines, but like…okay, and this is where I have to admit I'm wrong, and I hate doing that, but…not just science. Magic, too. So. There's that to deal with too, I guess."

Tony sighed, slamming his head into Loki's chest, breathing in his familiar smell, volcanic and ozone-y, yum, "You fucked up, but then I fucked up harder, I guess? So. I'm sorry. Really. And I don't ever wanna go through that again. Please."

Loki tilted his chin up and kissed him, sweet and innocent before biting and cruel, and Tony didn't know which kiss was better, to be honest, but he wasn't about to stop him. So what if they were making out on the roof like a couple of teenagers? They'd earned it, dammit. He'd almost died. Again.

"Apology accepted," Loki finally murmured, running his hands over Tony's chest, "I've never Bonded before. I should have told you more about myself, about…my children."

"Um, yah. That might have helped the freak out, a little bit," Tony admitted, hands resting on Loki's hips, "Um, about that…"

Loki's eyes went pinched, like he was ready for Tony to disown him, and Tony kissed him to wipe that look off his face, "No no no, god, why are you such a Debbie Downer? I…assumed...okay maybe I didn't but, you're a god, and you've been around the block. It's dumb of me to not have considered there were…others. And kids never even…you know what? Fen is pretty damn cool. Maybe I can take him to the park, play some fetch. I know he'll probably never call me dad but hey, stepping stones, right?"

Loki blinked down at Tony, eyebrows drawn together, "You…wish to bond with my son?"

"Well, yah," Tony said with a shrug, "He's your son, which makes him family. And…I mean, it's not like I didn't think about having kids with you. Someday. If it was something you would want…"

Tony gasped as Loki tackled him and he felt himself falling, all the air leaving Tony's lungs as he felt them falling over the side of the tower, "Holy….!"

But then he felt the warp thingy that Loki could do, and he landed on a cushy bed. Tony's breathing was ragged as he looked up at his fiancé, eyes wide, "You're lucky. I was two seconds away from pissing my pants."

"You thought about having children with me?" Loki said lowly, voice awed, as he started to strip his shirt off, strong thighs bracketing Tony's hips, "Me? A villain, an enemy? An alien?"

"Well, yeah. I love you."

"And you want to bond with my son," Loki said, ripping at Tony's tshirt like it was tissue paper. Well fuck, that certainly got Tony's dick interested, even though his mind was still reeling, "I will introduce you to my children, then. I'll invite them to the wedding."

Tony didn't know when Loki had magicked their pants away but suddenly Loki was sinking down on him in one, smooth glide and Tony's eyes rolled into the back of his head, moaning so loud he prayed Loki had taken them to the Malibu house. He managed to look around before Loki started moving with true purpose and, yup, Malibu.

Okay. They could be as debauched as they wanted with no fear that Fenrir would come tearing through at any moment. God, how awkward was it going to be, having a stepson that was a super-hearing, super smelling mutant wolf.

And an alien. Well. Whatever. Tony could work with it.

Not that he wanted to think about step children while his fiancé was trying to fuck his brains out via his dick. So he tuned back in pretty quickly, pulling at Loki's hips and leaving scratch marks that would fade almost instantly but Tony didn't care. He moaned, realizing how long it'd been since they fucked. It felt like a lifetime.

"I'm going to fuck you all night," Loki promised into his ear, biting savagely at his neck, "I'm going to ride you until you swear you can't cum anymore, and then I'm going to fuck you until your voice gives out, and there's nothing you can do about it."

God dammit Jesus on a pepperoni pizza did he love this man.

"Can't argue with that," Tony managed to wheeze, cumming so hard his vision swam in gold.

Yah. There were definitely some perks to the whole soul bond thing.

Next chapter: A Wedding [or Total Drama Island]