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Part 9

[Or The One Where We See Some Domestic Bliss And A Misunderstanding]

It seemed exciting (for whatever reason) when Tony woke to see that he had, in fact, beat Loki to consciousness.

After all, Tony had always heard that you're supposed to fuck like rabbits on your wedding night, so what was with the sleepy times?

Although he had to admit, those vigorous rounds a few hours ago had left him aching all over, sore in the best ways.

In a good, Holy-Guacamole-Batman! kind of way, but still. Sore.

But Anthony Edward Stark had never, and would never, be a quitter.

When the going gets tough, keep on going, as they say.

So, of course, Tony decided to go on the offensive. This was a sport he was an expert in, you know.

The glow of the arc reactor was his only light as he maneuvered himself over his (gorgeous, no, stunning!) husband (holy shit yeah that word was still so foreign it might as well be over the boarder) and started licking and nipping enthusiastically at the god's perfect collarbones.

So he had a collarbone fetish. So what?

Loki finally came to life, a breathy laugh leaving his mouth as he maneuvered Tony's head towards him for a lingering, super sweet kiss that had Tony's erection ready to rumble in five point five seconds.

"Awake, I see," Loki said, licking over Tony's bottom lip and making Tony whine, "how wonderful."

"You know me. Insatiable," Tony teased, rolling his hips over Loki's and receiving a moan in reward, "And it's our wedding night. Now what kind of husband would I be if I didn't rock your world 'til the sun came up?"

"A poor one, I would think."

Tony pointed at himself, "Billionaire."

"So I've heard," Loki said, and if a tone could eye roll, this statement would have.

"Enough chitchat," Tony commanded, beginning to scoot down Loki's body, kissing his way down a pale chest and abdomen until his chin hit a certain appendage that he found himself easily being addicted to, "World rocking about to commence."

Loki's fingers tugged at Tony's hair, sending heat to the pit of Tony's stomach, "Sounds rather exciting."

Tony agreed.

He started with several teasing nips, just to get the god to shut up, which didn't work very well because the noises Loki were making were just as exciting.

So he started getting serious, employing every trick he could think of (from every trick he'd ever been with, haha) while Loki encouraged him with breathy sounds and tugging hands.

Before, it seemed, he grew impatient.

Tony would've been startled if it wasn't so Loki to grip Tony's head between his thighs then had the power to flip them over so that Loki was now comfortably straddling Tony's face, his ass on his chest, but it wasn't like Tony was complaining.

Because Loki was over him, his hips undulating in (seriously) the sexiest slow snake dance he'd ever seen.

"Your mouth is so talented," Loki said on a sigh as he started to fuck Tony's mouth faster, "even when it is silent."

Yup, Tony Stark, the genius without a gag reflex.

Tony rumbled in his throat in agreement, which made Loki hiss at the extra stimulation.

"As lovely as it would be to cum in your mouth," Loki drawled, reaching behind himself to grab at Tony's cock and tug, "I think I shall ride you to completion this time."

Tony's eyes rolled into the back of his head as Loki tugged more precum from him.

This marriage was going to kill him.

Loki removed himself from Tony's mouth, shimmying back and hovering over Tony's dripping cock, panic suddenly welling up in Tony so fast it made Loki pause.

"Loki, wait! Shit!" Tony scrambled, his voice hoarse from cock, "Don't we, I mean, you gotta…?"

Loki smirked, sinking onto Tony with a perfect, tight gliding that had Tony's eyes rolling again.

"My body is not human, Anthony, nor is it mortal," Loki said, his hands sliding over Tony's chest to support himself as he brought himself back up to thrust back down. Tony practically whimpered at the stimulation, "now shut up and fuck me."

And those seemed to be the magic words, because Tony was suddenly ravenous. Listening to Loki talk such filth was, you guessed it, another kink button.

Tony sat up, attacking Loki's mouth, "We're never leaving this bed."

"Promises promises," Loki groans as Tony rolls them and starts hammering at a god prostate.

And the bond. The bond definitely must've been working some mojo because it felt like every nerve ending in Tony's body was sensitive, stimulated.

Especially when Loki bit into the side of his neck, which made him yell and cum at the same time.

"Fucking…" Tony reached between them and started rubbing Loki for all he was worth, pissed that he had come before the god, "cum, Loki, come on!"

Loki was huffing, almost on the verge of laughter, as he collapsed back on the bed, a spent cock still inside him, his husband angrily working at a cock not ready to cum.

"Mm, maybe I don't want to," Loki sing-songed even as he gasped for breath.

"Fuck that," Tony snarled, leaning down and attacking a pert nipple.

And hi ho the cherry-o, Loki erupted like a super sexy volcano.

The scream was a nice touch, too. Made Tony's manhood ridiculously proud (and half hard again).

When they had regained their breath, Loki looked up at Tony, Tony's fingers running through Loki's damp hair.

"What?" Tony said, panicking internally. He didn't feel anything bad through the bond, all really good things actually, but Loki looked very…surprised.

"That…has never happened before," Loki said quite seriously, although Tony was still looking at his orgasm-heavy eyes and pink cheeks.

"What? Cumming from nipple play? Not a big deal, babe," Tony shrugged, leaning down to kiss over each of Loki's nipples, "And what cute nipples they are."

Loki almost choked on a whine.

Waiiiiiiit a minute.

Tony chuckled, "Oh man, this is too good."

"What? What is?" Loki asked, that villain brain wondering what Tony is going to make of his newfound weakness.

"Loki, you have any idea how hot that is? It's nothing to be embarrassed about," Tony said, running one of his fingers over the left nipple and following it with a kitten lick. Loki's body jolted so hard it nearly threw Tony off of him, "Damn, seriously. How did I not figure this out sooner? That's seriously melting my brain right now. When you're wearing, like, eighty pounds of leather and armor, and you've got these super sensitive nipples…"

Loki gasped and rolled his hips up, his cock already dripping again as it rubbed against Tony's abs.

It took Tony almost a full minute to realize he was, in fact, still inside Loki and, wow, would you look at that, hard as a cinderblock too.

And thrusting. Again.

Probably why Loki was thrusting back.


So Tony teased one nipple with his mouth until it was bruising gorgeously, so fixated on teasing Loki, hearing him, feeling him react, that it almost scared Tony when Loki came, covering his lower abdomen.

Tony started to thrust harder (he'd been lagging on the concentration) and swirled his tongue over the yet-to-be-abused nipple. Loki literally WHINED.

"Still one perfect button to push, baby."

The next time they woke up, Tony couldn't stop running his fingers over Loki's hickied chest.

"Does it hurt?"

"No, my own," Loki said, smirking at Tony's new fixation, "although I do believe purple is not my color."

"Really? I think it looks sexy on you," Tony commented, placing a kiss on his neck before rolling onto his belly (his ass was absolutely screaming, considering Loki had decided to go to town after the whole nipple fiasco) "Now rub my back. It hurts. I think I slipped a disc during that last marathon."

Loki chuckled, breathy and tired (and fucking hell but his lips were still pink and swollen from the super-special attention that lying mouth had paid Tony's cock and ass not too long ago) and began running his long fingers down Tony's spine, kneading the muscles at the base of his back and making Tony practically purr.

To think a few weeks ago the god would probably have rather ripped the mortal's spine out then massage it. Tony definitely felt like that was some food for thought.

"Hey, Lokes?"

"Yes, My Own."

"How do you…I mean, on Asgard…" Tony felt like a complete moron and wished he'd never started this conversation, "how do you date? Uh, I mean I guess the word you'd use is 'court'…? On Asgard, I mean. Like, if you wanted to…be in a relationship."

Loki placed a kiss on Tony's shoulder blade before tucking into his side. Tony rolled over to face him and he couldn't help but link one of their hands together, his fingers fidgeting over Loki's.

"Courting is…complicated."

"I think I can keep up."

"Among the people, you stake your claim by providing courting gifts to the intended. If others pursue your intended, there is usually a duel of some kind."

"Jeez, seriously?"

"It usually comes down to politics, but if politics fail, blood is just as well," Loki places a kiss on one of Tony's fingers, "Most families prefer political connections over wealth. Over a course of several months, they spend supervised time together and, if the suitor is still invested, they marry."

"So, what? If you were interested in some fair maiden, you walk up to her dad and drop a bag of gold and he lets you date her?"

"Such a way with words, My Own, but yes, that is essentially how it works."

"Doesn't sound so complicated to me."

"It is when five suitors want the same maiden, whether for her beauty or her bloodline. Nobles tend not to marry outside of other noble families."

"So no Cinderellas in your kingdom, huh?"

Loki's eyebrows draw together, and seriously it makes Tony lean forward and kiss the dip between them because it's just too damn adorable, "A fairytale. Basically a slave girl who ends up marrying a prince."

"No. There are no Cinderellas," Loki concedes, running one hand through Tony's hair, "however, my current situation might be viewed as such, although one could argue that you are a noble of Midgard. You certainly have the wealth and position to impress the court."

"It's 'cuz of the human thing, isn't it?"

"More or less, but I care not. Apparently neither does Thor now that he has his Hawk. We are bonded, My Own, and even the laws of Asgard could not separate us."

"But it wouldn't stop them from talking shit, would it?"

"No, but that is the way of the world, is it not?"

"Yeah, I guess."

They slipped into comfortable silence, almost nodding off before Tony yawned, "Lokes?"


"So, basically, throwing me out a window was your first step in wooing me?"

Loki grins, "Perhaps."

"Most people just go out for coffee."

"Don't be ridiculous, Tony. We are not most people."

"But what about the courting? Unless you were trying to give me the gift of freefalling…oh yeah! And the elf pajamas! So, oh my god, you WERE courting me, weren't you?"

Loki leaned over and kissed him, "Hush, Anthony. I do not know what inspired me to throw you from the window that day, but I am eternally grateful for it."

"You know, in a weird, twisted way, me too."

They had finally settled in, Loki ready for some rest, when Tony broke the silence yet again.

"Mm, Lo?"

"By the Nine, Anthony, yes?"

"So is the day you throwing me out the window our anniversary, or should we consider last night our anniversary? You know, since the whole ring thing? Or is it the day our bond started forming? Which, to be honest, I don't know when that happened. Or is it when you escaped Asgard and sexed me up in the pool? 'Cuz you know we had that whole sexual tension thing going on for a good while, so…"

Loki rolled over onto Tony, his face impossible to read as he stared down at his new husband, "Do you think it is possible for me to fuck you into unconsciousness?"


Loki smirked devilishly before doing just that.

3 days, 18 hours, and 16 minutes after the Sex Marathon Of The Ages.

Stark Tower, New York, in one of Many Kitchen Nooks.

Avengers Sunday Brunch.

"Anthony, I was playing with you. I do not expect you to go about changing your name."

"But you said…"

"Technically I do not have a last name; most gods do not. It is a title, Laufeyson, as in 'Laufey's son.' Thor is Odinson, 'Odin's son'. Therefore I do not even have a last name for you to take, My Own."

Tony's face lit up like a Christmas tree, "So you're taking mine. Yes! Knew you'd come around, Snowflake."

"If it matters so much to you, a silly name, then yes, I shall take it as mine."

"Oh my god, you are such a pushover when you're in love," Nat said from her place in the breakfast nook, "To think I was actually intimidated by you once upon a time."

Bruce just smirked into his cereal, mumbling something that sounded suspiciously like "whipped" as Thor demolished another box of Pop Tarts.

"So when's the wedding?" Clint asked.

"Watch it, Captain Smirk. Don't think you can deflect from you and Thunderbolt's lovey-dovey-ness by pointing out ours," Tony said with an eyebrow raise, "I think you're just jealous."

"And why's that, exactly?" Clint said with an eye roll.

Tony held up his ring hand, letting the stones catch the light, "Cuz my man put a ring on it."

"Let me see that," Natalia said, practically shooting over the table to see the precious stones (no matter how much Nat acted fierce, she was still a girl who liked glittery things).

"Wow," Bruce said, chewing, "just…wow."

Thor looked flustered (flustered is a good word, right? Since he was currently choking on his Pop Tart?)

"Swallow, big guy. Nobody here knows the Heimlich," Tony deadpanned, enjoying how pink Clint had become.

"So a Vegas shotgun wedding," Clint said, trying to recover, "Good for you."

"Hey Vegas is definitely my city, but it's not gonna be some shotgun wedding," Tony said, looking at Loki, "Right, babe? We're gonna go big or go home, right?"

Loki took a sip of his herbal tea (ugh) and looked at Thor with a smirk, "Of course, My Own. Our ceremony should be grand, should it not? I want the world to know you belong to me."

Tony would've melted at the words if it wasn't for the absolutely evil smile Loki was giving Thor now, as if goading him.

Ah. So Loki finally beat Thor at something, even if it was as something as stupid as the first to be married.

Jesus. Didn't matter if they were immortal aliens, men were still fucking men with their pissing contests.

And, well, if you wanted to get super technical, Clint and Thor had been bonded first.

But this was Earth, not only Earth, it was America. Rings spelled binding relationship more than magic.

"Oh yeah," Tony said offhandedly, trying to get the attention off Clint who was probably feeling like crap at the moment, "Brucey baby, be my best man?"

Bruce rolled his eyes, "Obviously. Who else would be dumb enough?"

"Who else indeed," Loki murmured, still butt hurt about the whole 'puny god' thing and even though Bruce was downright adorable in human form didn't mean Loki wasn't gonna hold a grudge against the Big Greenie Meanie.

But Tony had patiently explained to Loki that if they were going to be together, Loki was going to have to learn to play extra nice with his best friend because he wasn't going anywhere for the next fifty years or so.

Loki had simply nodded and said fifty years was nothing, that he could be patient when the opportunity called for it.

Which had depressed Tony slightly, thinking that he was going to outlive his friends.

But that was something he could deal with later. Right now, he was reveling in being truly happy in the first time in…well, his whole life.

"Pepper and I will be involved in the preparations," Natasha deadpanned, her face a mask of seriousness, her tone telling Tony he had absolutely no say in the matter if he wished to continue breathing.

"I don't even want to think about the shit storm that'll come with the media," Captain said, sighing resignedly, "but everybody deserves to be happy."

"Aw Cap, stop, I've got a tear glistening in my eye," Tony said as Loki took his hand under the table, rubbing his thumb in circles over his palm.

Yup. A few weeks ago planning a wedding would've had Tony fleeing the country.

Now, instead, it had him planning where to take his husband on a real honeymoon outside the country.

Maybe this was what it felt like to grow up?

Haha, fat chance in hell.


Clint sat perched on the edge of a skyscraper, trying not to feel like Batman as he brooded and stared out over the lights of the city.

Being up high, being able to see everything, had always felt freeing in a way nothing else ever had.

The wind, the dizzying height, it was soothing.

His com link beeped. He didn't feel like answering it, but it was probably Nat doing her 'I'm your best friend spill your guts you bastard' routine.

Sunday Morning Brunch hadn't exactly been the best day of the week, which it used to be. Clint loved his Sunday brunches. Strawberries over Belgian waffles and cheese quiche were his favorite cheat foods from his vigorous training and workout routines.

"Barton," he answered, stealing his nerves.

"Spill," is all she says.


"How about it's none of your business?"

"I'm your best friend and closest colleague," she responded, which made Clint both annoyed and incredibly fond.

"I'm fine, Nat."

"When people say they're fine…"

"I mean it," Clint said, trying to ignore the tightening in his gut that signaled The Bond. Being separated from Thor for even a short period of time made both partners anxious.

Stupid magic. Stupid bond.

"You're angry with Thor," she reasons, sounding like a psychiatrist. Clint can't get mad at her though: she's a professional interrogator, so it constantly bleeds into their personal lives. Happens to Clint too.

One reason why it took him so long to realize his feelings for a certain golden-haired god that had yet to fully commit to him in a tangible human way.

Clint shook his head. There was no way in hell he was going to get pissed off about a ring.

"I'm not mad at him."

"He's committed to you. He loves you."

"I know that. And I don't need a fucking ring to prove that."

"Thor's still learning our customs, our ways…"

"Yeah. And now he'll give me one 'cuz of his pissing contest with his little brother."


"He'd never have done it otherwise. He loves me, yeah, and we don't have to hide it anymore. But that doesn't mean Thor won't."

Nat was silent for a beat, and then, "…is that what you're afraid of? That he's ashamed to be in a relationship with you?"

"This conversation is over." He'd already said too much.


"There's a debriefing in 0200 hours for a mission in Columbia," Clint said sternly, "Ten days, give or take. Join me or don't."

He hung up on her before he could feel guilty.

His stomach overturned again.

He should feel guilty about how he was handling the situation, about how he was pushing Thor away.

It had been three days and he had been shut down since that stupid breakfast. He couldn't help it: all his years of training and controlling emotions had just taken over, made him compartmentalize.

And the bond made it almost impossible for him to escape those emotions.

And Thor, goddammit, could sense his emotions as easily as Clint wanted to ignore them.

Thor had tried talking to him several times: Thor was an upfront individual. He didn't let things fester, or at least he didn't try to.

They hadn't fucked since then, which was a miracle in itself since they'd been pretty uncontrollable even before the bond.

Didn't stop Thor from holding him while he slept, wanting to touch him, kiss him.

Thor was loyal to him. He knew that.

But his heart kept whispering that it just wasn't enough.

"You need to abort the mission," Nat practically hissed, "You look like death."

"This is nothing," Clint said, ignoring the worry in her eyes, "Remember Slovakia?"

"Yes, and that was unavoidable. This, however, is just stupidity," Nat replied, fighting the urge to punch her best friend in the face, "You need to go home. The bond's effects are too great."

It had been six days. Apparently six days of separation was extremely detrimental as Clint's skin was as white as paper, his eyes sunken from sleeplessness. His torso was a mess of black-and-blue, enemies laying hits that should have never happened if Clint was running at full power.

Clint pulled a clean t-shirt over his head, "I'm fine."

"You keep saying that," Nat said, her eyes narrowed, "but nobody believes it, not even you."

She finally left him to find her own resting place for the night. They were hunkered down in what used to be some kind of factory, a secure location for their current mission. He fell onto his black sleeping bag, knowing it was pointless to try and sleep, but at least his body could rest.

His whole body hurt, was so heavy. It was a fatigue he had felt many times over his career, but at the same time, was such a desperate hurt it made him want to cry.

Thunder rumbled in the distance. They were in the mountains. The weather had been bipolar for such a tropical country.

A few minutes later, the thunder crashed again, making Clint count like he was taught when he was little.

Less than three miles away.

Another rumble.




Instinct told him everything he needed to know before he felt himself stumbling up out of the room, down a flight of steel stairs, pushing open a rusty metal door to stare at Thor, who had already mangled half of a metal door that led to the docking area.

He was dripping wet, his face determined, pale as a ghost.

"Thor, what-"

Thor pushed him into the nearest wall, attacking his mouth, making him gasp.

Thor didn't stop until he had stolen all the air from his lungs, his hands grabbing all over Clint, feeling him everywhere.

"You stupid, stupid fool," Thor murmured, their foreheads touching.

"Hi to you too," Clint finally managed after a lungful, his fingers splaying over Thor's chest, "what are you doing here, big guy?"

"I've come to take you home, where you belong," Thor said, his King voice on, and Clint wouldn't admit what that voice did to his insides because he was supposed to be getting space, dammit, not crawling back into a love nest.

"I'm working," Clint said, waiting for Thor to take a step back, but he didn't. He was still crowded up against Clint, practically groin to groin, which was another thing Clint didn't need right now.

"I do not know what I have done to cause you to feel this way," Thor said, gripping Clint's face, "but I will not allow you to bring harm to yourself. You have weakened."

"So have you," Clint said defensively, "bonds go both ways, right? That's how this bond thing works, right?"

Instead of blowing up in anger or shattering a wall, Thor ran one hand along the side of Clint's jaw, staring at him, "I do not know what I have done to make you so angry. Please tell me, so that I can have you forgive me."

Fucking goddammit.

"You are my heart," Thor said, kissing him on the forehead, his cheeks, and finally his lips, "Please, My Only One, forgive me."

"Fuck, you idiot," Clint grabbed him by his hair, attacking his mouth with the ferocity of a lion. Thor responded in kind, grabbing Clint by the ass and hoisting him up the wall. Clint, not to be outdone, wrapped his legs around Thor, using his abdominal strength to grind against Thor, making him moan.

"I must have you," Thor rumbled, attacking Clint's neck.

"Then stop talking about it and do it," Clint said, biting Thor's ear.

Next thing he knew, he was on the wet cement floor, Thor above him, around him.

Didn't take them long to get mostly naked, their cocks smacking together as they ground against each other, biting at each other's mouths and licking in apology.

Thor prepped him quickly, too quickly, but Clint didn't care. They'd been apart too long, and the heaviness wasn't there anymore, and Clint felt like liquid sunshine had been poured directly into his veins as Thor destroyed his prostate.

Clint was loud. Definitely too loud. Nat was either glowering at her ceiling at the interruption to her beauty rest or smirking at it in approval.

"I love you," Thor said, nearly splitting Clint in half at his long, deep thrusts, "I will never forsake you, My Only One. You are mine and I am yours and whomever says differently shall face the wrath of Mjolnir and all I command."

Clint chose that particular moment to cum so hard he screamed.

Thor wasn't far behind.

When they could both breathe again, Clint closed his eyes, fighting sleep even though his body was practically screaming for it now that they had been reunited.

But no, he had something to do first.

He rolled over, grabbing at his discarded black cargo pants, opening one of the many pockets.

He slapped the trinket against Thor's (absolutely fucking ridiculous) chest, "Here."

Thor grabbed at the heavy silver ring with the etching of suns in it.

"Got tired of waiting for a ring from you, so I got you one instead. I can't give you dwarf gold and I'm not a billionaire, but I love you, and it pisses me off how jealous and possessive I get of you, so I don't care if we ever get married as long as everybody knows you're mine."

It was a ring he had found in one of the villages a few days ago. It had only cost about thirty bucks American, but it had spoken to Clint in a way that was both sappy and fulfilling.

"This is what has been bothering you," Thor said, pulling Clint into a kiss, "Clint, I have had a Midgardian ring ready for you for seventeen weeks."

Clint blinked, "What?"

"I went to Natasha for advice in Midgardian courtship. She explained many things to me, such as dating and the process of engagement, how many couples live together before marriage. I thought this was what made you happy, so I was not sure when to ask for you to marry me in the Midgardian tradition."

Thor put the cheap ring on: it made Clint's belly do a back flip.

"So…all this time you've had a ring for me."

Thor nodded, "Yes. Natasha went with me to many shops and insisted I 'splurge' on the platinum with blue diamonds," he leaned in, kissing Clint on the mouth, "I said yes because they remind me of your eyes, like starlight."

Clint was going to murder his best friend. He knew how to hide a body.

And Tony had been right. Shakespeare In the Park.

Well, Shakespeare must've gotten laid a lot, because Clint had the sudden urge to climb his mate like a monkey climbs a handsome, muscled banana tree.

So, of course, he did.

And if he was sore for days afterwards thanks to unforgiving cement floors and walls, nobody needed to know.

A/N: Welp I hope you enjoyed it. Wanted to try writing from Clint's perspective (to me he's such a cheeky lil bad ass shit, and I wanted to experiment with that kind of mind) so even if you don't rock ThunderHawk hope you still found it (relatively) part of the story. Maybe Thor will talk Loki into a double-brother wedding. "BROTHER! WE SHOULD WED TOGETHER, AS WE ARE BROTHERS!" xD