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Merlin's guide as to why you shouldn't be Voldemort

A Harry Potter and Merlin Crossover


It was Samhain and Voldemort gazed upon the ruins of an ancient castle, still majestic after centuries of disuse. After many years of searching, (both in his body and without) Voldemort had finally found it.

As a boy, he had always been fascinated with myths and had eagerly read all the material to hand, often spending hours at the Hogwarts library. Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Godric Gryffindor, even the great Merlin and Morgana, Voldemort knew all there was to know.

Voldemort had always felt an affirmed towards Morgana as were they not in similar circumstances? He, an orphan with a father that was a muggle and who hated magic and was more powerful than anything imagined. And she, orphaned until betrayed by the knowledge that Uther Pendragon, hater of all things magical and who initiated the great purge, was her father. Voldemort had felt the connection as both wished to have magic reign the land once more.

Haven been recently restored to his body had changed his outlook upon his great cause. Voldemort realised, that in order to succeed in his ambition, he would need more powerful allies. And the potential ally Voldemort was thinking up was very powerful indeed. Perhaps the greatest dark magical being of all time (apart from himself of course).

Voldemort slowly walked to the raised dais, where high priestesses once stood and bowed his head and began to chant.

"Ic, séo héahsácerd, þe ácwele strengþe ealdan æwfæstnesse!"

The air started to cool instantly and as Voldemort continued unbeknownst to him, the earth let out a powerful tremor.

An agonising sound could be heard, echoing around the courtyard as a black hole appeared in the middle of the open space and gradually grew larger.

Still Voldemort chanted, as the dot grew bigger, to the size of a pillow, a window. All the while, Voldemort continued to speak, his breath crystallising in front of him as it grew steadily colder .The cacophony of noise was over whelming, the black abyss growing to the size of a dresser, the size of a door.

Finally Voldemort stopped chanting, as he waited with baited breath, as a figure could be seen, walking towards Voldemort. Closer and closer it came, until finally she stopped, face to face.

"Who has awoken me from my sleep? State your purpose and what you want of Me." the woman said angrily.

Voldemort replied "You are Morgana le Fay, the greatest dark witch to have ever lived in the old age. Now you have risen again, for the beginning of a new time. Voldemort extended his hand to the most powerful seer in existence. Join me, in my quest of magic and might!"

Morgana smirked, "I will."

Standing together on one of the most powerful Old religion relic, Voldemort and Morgana started to laugh. The sound of hate, evil rebounded among the ruins of the once powerful isle of the blessed.

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