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"Counting the number of your shattered memories, as you recall them, what will you be singing? Once again I am drawing a fairy land,
in which you will slowly become lost... Ah..."
The singer's voice echoed down the hallway of Eren Jaeger's house, leading from the living room down to the brown haired boy's bedroom. The lovely voice was followed by two girl's voices, cheering happily.

"He's as perfect as ever!" Carla Jaeger, mother of Mikasa Ackerman and Eren Jaeger hooted as she watched the male singer dance on the stage along with the background dancers, his signature 'Wings of Freedom' enlarged behind them on a screen.

The black haired girl with steel, firm grey eyes beside the elder woman sat silently, looking at the TV screen with a glint in her eye as she watched the dancers move.

"I will cast a mystic spell and put a soiled dress on you. As you shed sweet tears, everything will turn into a lie." The raven haired singer continued his song, swaying back and forth and doing tricks that Carla knew she could never pull off at her current age.

"This again?" A tall man with spectacles walked in, rubbing the back of his head as he put down his jacket, back from work, "You two never get tired of that boy..."

"Oh?" Carla turned around to face her husband with a smile on her face, "Welcome back, dear! Come sit beside us, why don't you?"

Grisha chuckled, "I'd rather not. I'm slowly starting to understand why Eren hates the man so much..." The man was about to turn around, only to be pulled down by two pairs of arms. He held a shocked expression on his face as he was dragged to the couch by the two girls, Mikasa smiling whilst Carla giggled.

"You're watching with us," Mikasa seated herself on the leather couch, "father."

"Shut up!" A rather angry voice screamed from down the hallway. All heads turned to peer down at the hallway, seeing a rather familiar face peek back at them.

Eren's face was scrunched in annoyance and anger, his eyes going almost wild with rage, "Make him shut up! I don't like hearing him over and over again!" He screamed in clear distress.

"Eren!" Mikasa gave him a warning glare. She would never usually glare at her brother or do anything mean to him, but when it came to this singer in general... "You shut it!"

"Mikasa..." He whined, giving her his infamous puppy-eyes.

"No." Her grey eyes flashed, "Go back into your room."

"Mikasa, I'm not ten anymore!"

"Well then stop acting like one and suck it up!"

"Damn it!" Eren cursed before shutting his door, his hands flying to cover his ears in frustration as he heard the song continue. He despised him. Him being the oh-so famous! Corporal Rivaille. Mikasa would always talk about him with their mother, and sometimes even with just Eren alone. She would call him by his real name: Levi, and damn, Eren hated him. He'd honestly thought about why he hated him to begin with. He'd thought over why repeatedly. It was because of one thing: his songs- his face, they were everywhere, and this fact bothered Eren like a speck of black on a wall of pure white. He was annoyed by his songs and just the mentions of him would fire him up.

The sea-green eyed male tore his hands away from his ears and looked at the clock.

10:45 PM.

"Damn," the 19 year old cursed, "I need sleep."

He was thankful for his bedroom door for it kept the singer's voice away from his sanctuary. The teen walked over to his greyish blue bed and crawled into the plaid, white, grey and black covers, snuggling into his pillow. Right after his head hit his pillow, he closed his eyes, wrapping his arms and legs around the pillow beside him, "I feel... really...sleepy-."

He blinked, facing his timer.

He blinked again, his face contorted in amusement, though he was confused. "What!?" He shot up from his bed. It went from 10:45PM to 9:58 in the morning!? "Bullshit!" He swore, pushing his covers off him and rushing to his closet to rip out a pair of his jeans. He quickly rushed to his drawers and ripped his shirt off, pulling the first shirt he saw onto him, cussing as he struggled to get it on him. "I'm late for work!" He bit his lip. This was going to be his 3rd time in this month. Not very good for his reputation, considering how he was still new. Not to mention he worked in the most famous coffee shop in Japan, called simply 'Cafe Vanille', being late wasn't good for the shop's reputation either. Eren shot out of his room, running straight to the washroom. The house was empty already. It was expected though, everyone left to their jobs before 9AM. Eren would always have to start around 9:15. Hanji, his boss, was kind enough to let him work even though he was almost always late because he was a hard worker; always determined to make customers happy with what they needed, and what they wanted.

Lucky to him, the coffee place was only a few blocks down from where he lived.

Once Eren had finished brushing his teeth, he ran out of the washroom, grabbing his sling bag and socks. He shoved his socks on his feet, pulling out a pair of black converse before running out of the house.

The boy leaped off the stair case leading to his house and ran to the coffee shop, realizing that for some reason, today, there was more traffic than usual. The further he got away from his house, the more traffic there was, and where the traffic was, more piles of humans were. He blinked as he noticed a extremely large crowd surrounding the coffee shop.

The crowd consisted of mostly females, screaming mixtures of 'We love you's and such. Some even held posters high up, but Eren had no time to read them.

"Ain't nobody got time for that." Eren muttered under his breath as he shoved his way through the crowd of boys and girls. Some girls were growling at him like feral beasts, scaring him to no ends as he continued to make his way to the entrance of Cafe Vanille. "Why the hell are there so many people here!?" He inwardly grunted as he reached for the handles of the door.

Push. Pull.

With that, he was in the Cafe, the mob of fans outside screeching in anger before security people appeared and pushed them away from the door.

The inside of the cafe was silent, at least.

Eren let out a sigh, looking for people he knew. He then found Christa, serving a black haired man some cake and coffee. He rushed up to her immediately as she smiled at the man and turned away, almost crashing into five-feet seven Eren's chest.

"E-Eren!" Christa smiled up at him.

"What the hell is happening?" Eren pointed at the door, "Why are there so many people here?"

Christa looked at him, bewildered for a moment, "E-Eren," she slowly began, her voice soft, "please whisper, and do you not see the man behind me?" She said in a hushed voice, looking at the black haired man from the corner of her eyes.

"What man?" Eren shifted his eyes to look at the man.

Grey eyes glared hotly at him, the man's raven black hair combed to perfection swaying as he tilted his head to look at the tan skinned male. He wore a black leather jacket with a plain, white shirt beneath. The raven wore black skinny jeans to match his jacket and boots. "Indeed," the familiar, smooth voice spoke up, "what man."

Eren's eyes widened in realization.



Oh, fuck no.

His wide eyes were immediately replaced with irritation, hints of anger trailing inside them as he glared back at the singer.

Levi let an amused look show on his face as he rose an eyebrow at the glare.

Eren immediately turned his back to Christa and him after that, walking away to the staff room to get his apron out.

Christa turned around to look at the famous singer, "Sorry about this, mister Rivaille, he's just surprised to see someone in your stature around here..." She sheepishly smiled at him, "please excuse his actions."

"Hmm..." He hummed in response, taking the cup filled with hot, steaming coffee without using the handle and drinking from it in careful sips. The raven eyed the cake before picking up the fork and eating a piece of it.

Christa then turned around and walked away to treat other customers, which were, by the way, taking out their cameras and shooting pictures of the man.

Eren grunted as he slammed his locker closed, placing the lock onto it. He was swiveled around and shrieked as a familiar brunette appeared.

"Late again, Eren?" The girl with eyeglasses eyed him, bag in her hand. She smiled at him, "It's alright though, I came in late too."

"H-Hanji?" He squeaked in shock.

"Yep." She tossed a grin to Eren, "The traffic today was woo. The crowd outside was ugh too," she sighed, "I wonder why."

Eren blinked. He thought that Hanji, of all people, would know about the famous star in the humungous shop by now. "T-That... Corporal Rivaille guy is here."

Hanji dropped her bag in shock, her mouth dropping open along with the bag. "He's here?" She whispered, covering her mouth, "Oh my god, Levi is here! Oh my god, oh my god! It's been so long!" She squealed, eager to meet him.

Eren rose an eyebrow, "You know him?"

"Yes!" Her response was immediate, "We've been best friends since pre-school! I can't believe he's still alive!"

The tanned male twitched at her wordings, about to reply to her before she ran to her office in a hurry. He blinked twice. She was quick. Eren tied his apron and left the staff room, looking to see if there were any customers to serve. He walked around the place, asking nicely if everyone was doing fine, which they all replied with an 'Are you kidding me? Rivaille is here!', or with a simple yes. He lingered on around the cafe, the rich smell of pastry and coffee making him hungry. He smiled and closed his eyes before-


Eren abruptly stopped to look at the customer, his eye almost twitching in annoyance once he realized it was Rivaille. "Yes, sir?" He smiled at him falsely. He felt on the edge. He could just snap at any moment.

The raven glowered at him, "Your service here," he picked up the platter with cake on it and dropped it to the floor, "sucks."

As the strawberry shortcake fell to the floor, a chorus of gasps rang through out the room.

Eren continued to smile.

"And," Levi continued, "the coffee wasn't as good as expected. Not to mention that the cake was too sweet for my liking."

"Is that so?" Eren didn't let his rage show on his face or tone.

"Yeah." He bluntly replied, "This place sucks. How is this cafe rated five stars when the shit being served tastes like literal shit? Fuck this, I'm leaving," he sighed, getting out of his seat.


Within seconds, the raven-haired man was pinned to the wall beside him by tan arms. He looked up to find harsh green eyes glaring at him. Levi didn't even flinch.

"Look," Eren licked his dry lips as he began to whisper to the other, shorter male, the look in his eyes wild, "just because you're a fucking star of some sort doesn't mean you can talk shit without having to care. You're still human, you're not a fucking god of some sort. So, asshole, I don't know what kind of stick you have up your ass, but you need to suck it up, princess," he paused momentarily, looking at Levi's facial expression which was contorted in anger and shock, " because believe it or not, you may be a star out there, but in here, you're just a fucking customer," he leaned in closer to the male, "and we work hard for the so-called shit we make and this shop got five stars because they thought that we deserved shit like this for our hard work and service." Eren was now close to Levi's ear, a smirk on his face, "By the way, that'll be eight dollars and fifty cents."

Levi growled and roughly pushed the ferocious teen away from him, "Damn brat," he growled, "how dare you talk to me like that!"

Just as Eren was about to snap back at him, a woman's voice echoed from behind him.

"Levi~!" The voice sang before pushing past Eren.

The blur of brown leaped to jump onto the star.

Levi grunted and kicked the woman's face, "Shitty glasses," he greeted her, clenching his teeth.

"Ow!" Hanji blinked, her glasses flying off her face.

Before Eren could see anymore, he was pulled away by two strong arms. "H-Hey!" Eren growled as he tried to break free of the iron grip, "Let go of me!" He cried as he was dragged to the staff room.

With a rough shove, he fell to the floor, being stared down by the waiters and waitresses around him.

"Damn kid," Ymir smirked as she closed the door, "I didn't know you'd do that!"

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