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"It seems that the star, pop singer 'Rivaille' has been spotted rushing into a hospital with- who's that? None other than his newly announced boyfriend, Eren Jaeger! A female who is named 'Mikasa' has also been spotted on the scene, rushing behind a middle-aged woman who has fainted, and is being carried into the hospital of Shiganshina on a stretcher by paramedics? What could have possibly happened? Find out more on Sina News!"

"Mom!" Mikasa cried, tears threatening to fall onto her mother's pallid face, her grey eyes filled with worry and distress as she continued to hop along with the rest to the ER. Nurses had quickly rushed over to them, seeing that some sort of horrible accident has happened. "Please, wake up!" Mikasa wailed helplessly as her eyesight turned blurry and hazy from the tears.

"Mother," Eren gasped out as he let tears fall free down onto one end of the stretcher, one hand grasping his mother's, while his other remained clammy, and shaking in Levi's own stronghold, "please, open your eyes!"

Once they neared the ER room, nurses, both male and female began to file in, circling the group after letting the carriers of the stretcher through their small group. They did not allow Levi, Mikasa, or Eren inside, and all of them seemed to chant the same words over and over again as the trio tried to push their way through, "You can't go in, they're going to have a doctor check on her!"

"Move!" The brunet with watery, sea green eyes cried, ignoring their pleading voices as he tried to pull the group apart by furiously ripping at one end while Mikasa ripped at the other, "Move out of the way!" He screamed, his voice cracking and hoarse from all his previous wails, "My mother.." he slowly trailed off, his voice dropping as low as a whisper as he felt arms and hands around him, pushing him back as he eyed his mother being taken away into the room with bright, white lights along with people dressed in clean uniforms. The clean smell of bleach filled his nostrils, as he grabbed at the image of his mother, reaching out to the body being reeled away from him as if his hand would magically latch onto the stretcher and pull it back, "We need to see our mother!"

Levi, realizing that it was far too late for anything, decided to pull both Mikasa and Eren back, seeing that there was no hope in their actions. Nothing would happen, no matter how hard they fought to see Carla, they wouldn't let them through. Pressing both the masses of weight onto himself, he found himself struggling to keep hold of them as both of the siblings struggled.

"Levi!" Mikasa huffed, "Let go! I need to-!"

"-You need to calm down, both of you!" Levi strictly snapped back, watching Carla's body disappear into white as the doors swung open, and fluttered closed.

"No!" Eren shrieked, "Mother! Mom! Mom!" He cawed repeatedly clawing at the arm which slung across his torso, not caring if it hurt Levi or not. What was more important to him right now was his mother, however, once Carla's body was no longer visible, he let his tears stream down his cheeks like waterfalls, and as Mikasa slowly stopped struggling, he let out a silenced sob,


At that word of a child's, Levi could have sworn his heart fell from his chest and slammed into the floor, breaking into several pieces.

Calming Mikasa down was hardly any trouble. Even though she has witnessed a fair share of Eren and Levi's pain, she seemed to understand that things like these happened, and although she was slightly jumpy, her eyes bug wide as she shivered in worry, Mikasa had a sense of responsibility and leadership in her, telling Eren to take deep breaths as an attempt to calm him down.

"Relax," Mikasa had said at one point during the afternoon as they sat down on benches, waiting for a signal from the doctors whether it was good or bad, "when I took her pulse last time, she was breathing and her pulse was.. okay," she tried to reassure, only sending him into a state of slight panic.

"Yeah, she could have been breathing then," Eren snapped back, crouched in a fetal position with Levi looking strong and pensive beside him, "but what is that to say about now? Maybe she isn't, and maybe.. that's why they're taking so long," Eren whispered, "because they don't know what to tell us, they don't know how to tell us that she's dead."

"Eren!" Mikasa scowled, her blazing grey eyes sharpening into bright iron as she clenched her fists, her body trembling as she furrowed her eyebrows, "Don't you dare say that!" She reprimanded the brunet, "How dare you jump into conclusions, telling us that our mother is dead when you know damn well she isn't!" Mikasa cried furiously, anger flooding her tone as she found herself unable to lower her voice, "You got most of your attitude from her, you know that? And do you know what you are? You're a damn fighter, Eren," Mikasa scowled, "and you know what that means? Mom wouldn't hand herself over to death so easily, not until she sees the world again, and not until she sees the moment when Levi actually becomes her son!"

"Miss," a male nurse by the counter began, "please, lower your voice, and keep your voice low in this facility."

Mikasa turned around upon hearing the voice, and as soon as his words registered in her brain, she took in one deep breath of air, "Right," she nodded understandingly before apologizing on her behalf, "sorry, I.. I think I need some air," and with this, she dismissed herself, leaving the two males alone on the bench.

Levi let out a huff of air, feeling Eren collapse onto his left side in hopes of comfort as he thought about the paparazzi hanging outside. He could already hear the body guards near the entrance of the building blocking off photographers, reporters and journalists of all kinds, telling them to go away because this was an important moment. Besides, if one of the paparazzi had managed to sneak in, Levi would have told them off. He was in no mood to deal with his 'popularity' business, not after all the shit he had gone through just in one morning. Levi inwardly took note of Eren's current fragile state as he felt Eren whimper into his neck, seeking for Levi's own form of solace through hugs. Levi usually was not one for these kind of things, but after remembering Eren's small cry- 'mommy', or so he had wailed before, he immediately pulled Eren into a warm hug.

"Mom will be okay, right?" Eren softly whispered to Levi as he embraced Levi back, bringing up his heavy, slightly muscled arms and wrapping them around Levi's torso, his arms making and 'x' shape on Levi's back. Levi hummed for a few moments, kissing Eren's cheeks before carefully responding to the male, afraid that if he had said one small word which Eren found wrong at this circumstance, he would break and crumble in his arms.

"Yes, mom will be okay, Eren," Levi whispered into his ear, his voice as soft as a voice so sultry, and so very seductive could get, "everything will be okay, nothing will be wrong. Accidents happen, Eren," he whispers once more time, "and I promise you that mom is okay," or so he told Eren, but deep inside, he knew that he couldn't control time and space, or anything above his power, really. He wasn't a hundred percent sure that Carla was okay, and at this point, Eren, Mikasa and himself could only hope and pray for their mother's well being. His promise was a lie, and so was his facade of strength. He was scared, too. Just like everyone else.

Lunch turned out to be a quiet, anticlimactic event. The three had decided to momentarily leave their placed in the hospital, sneaking out through a back door after being directed by a few staff members, grateful to help people out. Levi had borrowed Eren's cap to hide himself from the crowd, and although he attracted some attention, the level of gazes he earned from people didn't seem to rise. Going to the first fast-food place they saw and landing at a burger place, they took their burgers, fries and drinks and left after paying for them. Soon after finding a nice place to sit and eat outside, they chomped down on their food. Words were barely uttered during that time period, they seemed far too distant to talk to each other, even though they sat right next to one another. Their attention was paid elsewhere, not where they currently were.

Far off, their minds fleeting through air.

Coming back to the hospital was much more difficult than it seemed, having to sneak through crowds of females and males just outside, crowding up near the entrance without getting noticed by anybody. Surprisingly, it went better than expected. The three had managed to sneak through the backdoor yet again, and with their stomachs full, they sat on that same, empty bench yet again, waiting for an announcement telling them what their mother's current state was.

"Sir Rivaille," one of the attendants began as soon as she finished speculating the halls for any sick patients that weren't supposed to be out of their beds, her blonde hair bobbing as she nodded towards a coworker, telling that coworker that the halls were clear, "I'm sorry to ask, but can you please exit the hospital?" Her voice was small and apologetic, and once she saw the spark which had lit in both Eren's and Mikasa's eyes, she gulped, "G-Guests are having a hard time entering due to the fans blocking the entrance outside," she reasoned carefully, "and some injured patients, who are also trying to get in, cannot."

Levi paused for a moment, eying the woman with his arms crossed, his face straight. Silver eyes gleamed with disappointment at this, and for a moment, he felt some kind of regret bubble up in his stomach.

Eren and Mikasa turned to Levi, giving him looks using their eyes to get the message through him. With expectant and seemingly knowing gazes placed on him, Levi let out an annoyed sigh, his eyes fluttering shut as a silver of disappointment passed through them, "Alright," he nodded in defeat, "I'll leave."

"What!?" Was the inhuman shriek that left Eren's opened mouth, startling everyone slightly. His right hand flew towards Levi's left forearm, his grip firm, clutch unbreakable and strong, "You are not leaving," Eren hissed, the word 'leave' landing like venom on his tongue as he glared at his boyfriend with his slightly swollen sea greens, "no, you are not." Eren pursed his lips together, his thick eyebrows furrowing downwards as he glared at Levi, his eyes meeting Levi's bright, sharp steel ones.

"Not until the doctor comes here and tells us how mom is doing," Mikasa snarled at Levi, "no one is allowed to leave this bench, do you understand?" Mikasa's voice was definitely cringe worthy, her tone as sharp as a brandished dagger aimed at Levi's neck, ready to indulge into his meat if he had said one thing wrong.

Levi scowled, his glare switching from Eren to Mikasa as he ripped his arm away from Eren's vice-like grasp, "I have to go," he said with a stern, yet surprisingly soft tone as he stood up from his seat, pressing his weight down onto his legs. He turned around and returned his gaze back towards Eren and Mikasa, their eyes wide at Levi's defiance, "I don't want the accident to be made into a hot topic online, or on news," he admitted softly, his eyes silently pleading for Mikasa and Eren to understand, "plus, it would save you two the trouble of having to go through too many interviews, would it not?" Levi deeply implied that interviews indeed, would be set down for the couple, whether they liked it or not.

"I.." Mikasa began, the strength in her voice slowly fading out as she trailed off, her shoulders slowly slumping in defeat. It was true, what Levi said. If he left now, then maybe- just maybe- the media wouldn't make such a big deal about it, but if she thought about it, it was already too late. They had already seen Levi come into the hospital with them, and surely, after listening to people walk past them while they were going to grab a bite outside, the news has already been spread. Her head shot back up as she tried in vain to reason with Levi, "The media already know, it's too late-!"

"But," Levi interjected her, "my fans, and paparazzi outside still need to be dismissed. They're causing a disturbance within the hospital, as you might already know," Levi pursed his lips as soon as his eyes met Eren's own.

Eren took Levi's sign of faltering as a quick chance to further cause pity, his hands soaring to meet Levi's right hand. His rough, slightly calloused hands meeting Levi's soft, warm hands, and Eren squeezed at Levi's hand, "Levi," Eren whimpered softly, "please, stay with us," he pleaded the raven haired male, who seemed somewhat fazed by Eren's plea.

Levi paused for a moment, wanting to give in to Eren's plea, but he knew that he couldn't. The loud crowd outside was becoming a nuisance to the people who work in the hospital, because although they were an ordinary crowd, they seemed to be almost like protestants, just without the violence. To reassure Eren, he bent down slightly, leaning in towards Eren and Mikasa. He pulled his arms outwards and stretched them as he leaned in towards the couple, capturing the two in his strong arms before pulling them in.

Mikasa froze into the hug as soon as she felt Levi's arm around her shoulder, his hand on her back in a comforting way. Eren, on the other hand, was slightly shocked. Levi had his hand on the back of Eren's hair, pushing his head closer to Levi's own as Levi's strong arms pulled them in closer.

"I can't, you two," Levi whispered in a hushed voice, "you both know that, just stay here and stay strong, it'll all be okay," he then began to pat Mikasa on the back, his other hand running through Eren's locks of brown hair as he slowly closed his eyes, unable to remember the last he had hugged the three of them. It's been so long..

Eren slowly pulled his arms up, wrapping an arm around Mikasa and Levi before snuggling into Levi's neck. He felt Mikasa shake for a moment, the reason being unknown to both males, and during that moment, Eren felt some sort of relief, and to him, that small sense of relief was bliss. He finally had a brief moment to just melt into happiness, rather than just remaining in grief and suspense. As soon as he felt Mikasa's arms encircling his shoulders, he knew that everything would be okay.

No, they knew it would be okay.

And okay it was.

A few hours Levi left, the two Jaegers were crying together out of happiness once the doctor who had checked their mother announced to them that Carla would be okay. She was not dead, however her hands and back had suffered quite some bit of damage, her bones fracturing in some areas, she was very lucky to not have broken her spine. Although her brain was shaken, after a few weeks of rest, she would be back up and moving.

However, Mikasa and Eren could not see her due to her high fever, the doctor in Carla's place told the two her rather reassuring message:

"She told me that she would be up faster than a quick, and.." The doctor cleared his throat for a moment before continuing, "Miss Jaeger has also requested for Eren and Levi to stop splattering all over the bed sheets as they please for they are hard to rinse off..."

Eren Jaeger: wait wtf?
Eren Jaeger: LEVI JAEGER!?

Levi Jaeger: Yes, what about it?
Levi Jaeger: You best be happy that my recalled photo shoot has just ended :-l

Eren Jaeger: Can you stop with that emoji its just nasty pls
Eren Jaeger: I guess that means I'm the husband?

Levi Jaeger: Okay, I was getting tired of it anyways, and no, I will be the one to marry you.
Levi Jaeger: What is up with you, brat? Why are you acting so happy?

Eren Jaeger: cuz the doc said mom was fine 8)

Levi Jaeger: See? I told you.

Eren Jaeger: i guess you did. Wat about the news ppl tho?
Eren Jaeger: do they know or something?

Levi Jaeger: Ah, that little incident is already quite a big issue, Eren. It is already all over the news, although it is not as big of a topic as another...
Levi Jaeger: Hey, do you remember the Titans?

Eren Jaeger: happened now? how could I forget those assholes!?

Levi Jaeger: Calm down, brat. All I know so far is that they've murdered someone for the first time in several years. I don't think you want to know the details, but the murder happened in your neighborhood.

Eren Jaeger: WHAT!?
Eren Jaeger: Our neighborhood**

Levi Jaeger: Right. Anyway, they left a small message saying that they will murder continue killing day after day until 'that man who escaped' returns to them.

Eren Jaeger: What the fuck!? they rlly are fucked up in the head! why would they kill innocent people just for that one man's attention?

Levi Jaeger: Don't ask me, ask them. But what really caught me was their last sentence: we'll hurt your boy, your wife and your daughter. Now, if I remember correctly, Mikasa, a few days ago, mentioned your father hanging around 'the wrong kind of people', or something like that, yes?

Eren Jaeger: ..Levi are you by any chance relating those people to...Eren Jaeger: .. before dad left, he told us that the 'Titans' forced him to do something.

Levi Jaeger: Eren. I'm going home right now. Meet me at your house, I'm moving in. I'm going to pack my things up, and I'm going to settle in your bedroom. Is this fine with you?

Eren Jaeger: yes this is fine but why dont we move into your house?

Levi Jaeger: I considered the circumstances. If these murderers are related to our family, whatsoever, I believe it's safer to move into a small house with many people surrounding it. A mansion like mine is far too large to stay in, especially if we were assaulted. There are too many places to guard, and my home is secluded. Besides, I love our home, and I'm sure you do too.

Eren Jaeger: okay, i get it. what if the titans aren't related to us?

Levi Jaeger: I'm still moving in, either damn way.

Eren Jaeger: its settled then. go on, I'll tell Mikasa about whats happening. After signing a few things, I'll head home with Mikasa, okay?

Levi Jaeger: Alright. Stay safe, Eren. Don't do anything rash, and be extra cautious when stepping foot near our neighborhood.

Eren Jaeger: thank you for caring Levi~

Levi Jaeger: I love you too, brat, now go on. I'm going to my house, I'll meet you in a few.

Eren Jaeger: Bye!

One Day Prior

"Do you have everything?" A masked male begins, sitting on a chair as he eyes the somewhat brusque man before him, his fellow henchmen standing behind him in strict, orderly rows. They are all masked, and they stand stiffly, like statues, unmoving. For a moment, the long haired male wants to stop and eye the group of people standing behind the male. They are all familiar to him, yet they seem on the edge from his appearance today.

Not wanting to stall further, knowing that he didn't like such late replies, the brunet begins to talk, "Yes, I do." To prove this fact, he carefully takes out a metallic case from beside him, and shows the leader the case. He waits for a nod to open the box, and once he received one, he placed his fingers on the metal locks and unlocked it, swiftly opening the case and revealing the insides to the male.

The leader hums in satisfaction and questions the brunet, "Can this really turn humans into beasts?" He queries with a sly tone, a smirk hidden to the long haired brunet's eyes, "If this is a false alarm, you will be put to death. You understand that I take these things very seriously, yes?"

"I have not tested this yet," the green eyed male responds, "I have yet to do so."

"So," the man clad in a black suit leans forward in his seat, pressing his elbows onto his legs as he sits casually, icy, blue eyes aimed towards Grisha, "what is your choice? Do you plan to inject it into your son, hm?" Upon seeing the glint of revolt light in the males eyes, he twisted his head slightly, "Do you plan on betraying us, Grisha? Do you plan on leaving, because if you remember about that day a few years ago, it will happen again. Just like last time you attempted, except.. I'll play a more brutal card on you. As a punishment for trying to leave twice, I mean. Maybe I'll kill your son, gut your daughter, and rape your wife. That ought to teach you, right?"

Grisha's eyes were blazing with fire at this point at the mention of his family being involved. "You wouldn't dare," Grisha hissed before adding on, "I refuse to inject my son, or anyone who is in relation of my blood."

"Oh, come on, who do you expect me to inject then?" The masked man falls back into his seat, relaxing his muscles as he continued to eye Grisha, "My son? No, no, no! He helped you gain entrance to that Cafe for Pete's sake, he is a key to our goal. Therefore, Grisha," a smile is clear in his tone, "you have no choice. It's this, or death. Which do you embrace more?"

Grisha Jaeger hisses and immediately shakes his head, "I refuse!" He shouts once more, "They are my family," as soon as he says these things, fifty guns are aimed towards him, crossfire set directly onto his face and head area. He is not scared, and he speaks up once more, "If you shoot me, I will drop all the serums, and you will not be able to create them anymore. Your plan against the government will fail," Grisha hastily continues on, "-is this what you wish for? Kill me, and I will gladly drop these serums, and set fire to this base."

"Set fire?" The leader now seemed a bit intrigued.

"Oh, yes," Grisha points towards the oil pooling beneath him, "this is why I'm glad you have masks on. Can't smell so properly now, can you?"

The room is drowned into a pool of silence for a moment, and one of the leader's henchmen speak up.

"Sir," a woman's monotonous voice begins, "permission to shoot?"

The leader eyes remain on Grisha's strong posture, and he shakes his head, "No," he says with a disappointed tone, disagreeing to her words, "I would not want the smell of burning flesh to mar my senses," he smoothly replies as he scowls at Grisha, his icy blue eyes flaming as he grips onto his arm rests, "one minute, Grisha. Escape this disgusting building within one minute, and maybe I will reconsider killing you for another day."

And as soon as Grisha backs away, his green eyes never leaving the army before him, knowing that they could shower him with bullets at any second. A hand was pressed behind him, clutching onto the lighter which he knew could save his a majority of people's lives as he continued to amble backwards towards the doorway.

"But remember, we will hurt your family," the leader adds on smoothly as Grisha finds his way to the doorway and begins a run. With this, he lets out an annoyed sigh, and with high hopes of catching Grisha, he sends his army out with one flick of a finger. He was never a fair man. He had good predictions, and yes, he was cocky, but what he didn't expect was Grisha leading himself to a successful escape.

Never has he been so angered in his life.